Support the Stansted 15: When solidarity becomes a terrorist-related offence liberty and democracy die

, 22/03/2018

Last March, 15 activists chained themselves around an aircraft that was being used by British authorities to deport asylum seekers from Stansted Airport, many of whom had legitimate reasons to fear for their lives if returned to countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. While at first the Stansted 15 were charged with aggravated trespass, the charges were soon […]

EU, Brexit, Greece, the Left’s relationship with the State & Ireland: Long interview with Ben Lowry

, 25/02/2017

  For the first part of the interview on News Letter’s site click here. For the second part here. Or…

CATHARSIS DENIED: The tragedy of 9/11 ten years on

, 28/08/2011

The death of innocents haunts the living until each death is individuated, every last moment is narrated, all personal stories are woven into some unified, cathartic account. During the past ten years, much of the haunting has been lifted by superb reconstructions of the last phone calls, the self-denying rescue efforts, the struggle to escape […]

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