Debating Bitcoin on ABC Late Night Live, with Phillip Adams and Andreas Antonopoulos

Bitcoin Image - Vires in NumerisIn this lively debate, on ABC Radio National’s excellent Late Night Live (with Phillip Adams in the chair), we discuss what makes Bitcoin a fascinating technology, whether it is a genuine currency, its parallels with the Gold Standard and what I have called previously the dangerous fantasy of apolitical money.

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  • I assume all kind of people who nevery had a fraction of a bitcoin will comment on this one. I would be interested in how many people here own any, own more than 10.000 EUR equivalent.

    • In any case, I don not think that the ones who own money are any better informed than those who don’t. For instance, take this man who claims to have invested millions in the technology of Bitcoin, although he holds a minimum number of Bitcoins in his possession…

    • No they are not better or worse. It would be just interesting to see if people who think about currencies also have used BTC.

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