Easter wishes to all

Happy Easter photo from US-Mex Border
Who said that Easter has no significance in our cynical age, even to atheists like myself? Suffering, the sacrifice of the innocents, persecution of prophets of truth – it is all going on with a vengeance. On this note, Happy Easter to all. (The photo above was taken by Danae Stratou on the US-Mexican border in 2006, as part of her work CUT-7 dividing lines. Each of the smaller crosses, making up the larger one, has a name on it – of one that perished in the attempt to cross the border in search of employment). 

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  • Thanks Yanis. I only experienced the Spirit of God when I stopped believing he was on the side of the authorities and powers and started seeing he is actually with the sufferers, and the innocents, and the prophets of truth. This is not palatable to those who in power and authority. Tragically the institutional church is just another authority and power. Really enjoy your work.

  • …Not to mention that a lot of of the people responsible for slowly turning our democracies into slave labour camps, with the sole purpose of increasing wealth for the wealthy, still see themselves as good christians, while they are actually devoted to their unconditionally blind faith in the omnipotence and eternal wisdom of the market – as befits the good religious zealots they are.

    Pardon my cynicism, but religious holidays and the speeches and sermons that go along with them never fail to expose the incredible amounts of hypocrisy and bigotry that undermine the core values of our societies.

  • I waited for the announcement:
    Christ informs us that until things greatly improve
    all resurrections have been indefinitely canceled.
    I expect word any minute, but it hasn’t yet come,
    nobody needs to tell me we really screwed up big time.
    It’s not always easy to tell if another person is on this same page.
    Sometimes you can tell just by sharing a glance
    whether they too believe resurrection has been canceled,
    it’s not exactly like looking in a mirror where you know there isn’t one, but you’re certain of that.

  • Cynical times indeed.
    After seven years of being on the cross it is still impossible to reply ‘Truly has risen’

    The photograph of Danae is very captivating to say the least. Thank you for sharing it. Are there any soft copies of her work available for purchase online ?