My endorsement of Alexis Tsipras' Candidacy for the Presidency of the European Commission – video

01/05/2014 by

Over the past year I have argued that Europe needs a jolt.

And that there can be no better jolt than the election to the Presidency of the European Commission of a pro-European young leader, from the suffering Periphery, who is  intent on keeping the Eurozone together by opposing (rather than acquiescing to) the European establishment’s failed, toxic policies. A leader who is keen neither for austerity nor for federal moves or cumbersome Treaty changes that will sap Europe of whatever energy it has left. Alexis Tsipras is such a leader and, for this reason, he has my support. The video above explains the reasons – some of which I have already written about in articles like those below:

Can Greece’s SYRIZA Change Europe’s Economy? – from the BOSTON REVIEW

Europe can only gain from a government led by Alexis Tsipras – from the New York Times

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