The Global and European Crisis revisited: An audio from the launch of the Global Minotaur in Finland

12/09/2014 by

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.03.50 PMOn 25th August, I had the honour of presenting the Finnish edition of The Global Minotaur to a splendid, and welcoming, audience at the University of Tampere. In this post you can listen to an interesting exchange on the state of the global and European economy, why Finns (along with citizens of other European ‘surplus’ member-states – but even more so than most others) ought to be very, very angry with their politicians (over the bailouts and overall handling of the Euro Crisis), on China’s future role etc. 

After a fifteen minute introduction by yours truly, Teppo Eskelinen acted as discussant, offering valuable comments and posing some crucial questions. In response, I replied with an emphasis on: (a) Why did I choose the Minotaur metaphor in order to narrate the second post-war era of global capitalism, during which the US was actively recycling global surpluses; (b) Can China play such a role in the near future?; and (c) Why should the Finns be very, very angry about the bailouts of the Eurozone Periphery, and the overall EU approach to the Eurozone crisis. You can hear these exchanges in separate audio files below:

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