Why is Europe not ‘coming together’ in the aftermath of the euro crisis? – audio

Europa abductionThis talk was delivered to the PhD Colloquium of the LBJ School of Public Affairs, on 6th November 2014. It was based on this article and is part of my research for my next book EUROPE UNHINGED: The next phase of the global crisis.


  • Thanks for making this audio on “Why Europe is not coming together?….” available. I wish there was a way that your whole thesis could be reduced to 3-4 paragraphs and printed in NY Times editiorial pages but I see that a lot of important points would have to be crammed together and lose their importance. One could hope with this historical background and facing economic stagnation year after year that Europeans would rise up and demand a better solution than having European banks propped up with more ECB loans. And most importantly this audio talk might get Europeans to face up to the fact that they are giving up their democratic rights and better economical life to ECB bureaucrats.

  • Why Europe is not coming together?

    Answer: Because there never was any Europe to begin with. What you call “Europe’ is a German invention to maximize German exports. “Coming together” means imposing controls on runaway German exports which is not allowed by design.

    So what “Europe” are you referring to and “what coming together”? Unless of course we are talking about a pan-European self-pleasuring exercise of sorts. In such case let’s provide the mood for the coordinated effort to end up on target as well: