Taking stock of the Euro Crisis: Interviewed by Doug Henwood for BEHIND THE NEWS

EURO CRISIS IMAGEDiscussing the state of play in Europe, circa November 2014, with Doug Henwood on KPFA’s Behind the News


    • Iam so happy that Jean-Claude Juncker will save the Day!…Somebody should photoshop Mr Junker in a Superman or Captain EU outfit!

  • Dear Yanni,

    I just watched a very candid speech given yesterday by Draghi in U.of Helsinki. In the Q&A, Olli Rehn (and then again another guy) asked if ECB was going to “help” the EIB in implementing Juncker’s investment plan. His response was a (diplomatic) “no”! Sorry…

    text: http://www.ecb.europa.eu/press/key/date/2014/html/sp141127_1.en.html
    video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JxMhLR9Kr4 (including Q&A)

    Btw, most of the talk was at a very high level a blueprint for EZ governance, from the proverbial “horse’s mouth”. It sent a chill down my spine… As a questioner (didn’t catch his name) remarked, “this is a return to the 19th century”. It seems to me no amount of breakup pain is big enough to justify committing our lives to this sort of a currency union… Are you sure your heart is on the right side?