• I hope syriza gets elected
    And Yannis becomes part of parliment.
    Only then can Greece move forward
    Into a brighter future.

  • Yanis,

    If you manage to do just one thing in politics please let it be that you manage to put a sock in Mr. Georgiadis’ mouth.

  • As you see this one arrived at 2.51am – he is burning the midnight oil! Not read it yet. Jill

  • Saw your interview on Papachellas/ SKAI last night. Very good show in a hostile environment with SKAI and Papachellas. You effectively demolished Lazarides and exposed the Greek elite, opening questioning for the first time EU/ Eurozone orthodoxy. I would agree that a SYRIZA victory with your proposals would clear the waters. The EU would have to decide whether they want to accept reforms or eventually dissolution. Lots of other countries in same boat. Strange that there is no one yet joining forces…

    • Let me also add that the Draghi threat to withdraw liquidity from Greek banks was a very dangerous and irresponsible statement, totally out of order for a central banker. If carried out, this would be effectively the end of the Eurozone because it would expose every Eurozone member to political and economic blackmail from Brussels and force strategically, every self respecting country to take back control of its currency with its own central bank. That ND and Lazarides cannot understand this, shows what dunces they are both in politics and economics…..

    • Europe has revealed itself to be quite capable of self destruction over the last 100 years.

  • I was happy until the last remark :”my heart is optimistic but my mind is pessimistic”.
    When people expect from you to lead the debate for restructuring the debt you dont utter such a remark.
    Unless we are going to fight it with our hearts.