A question of respect (or lack thereof)… – the Greek veto over Russia that never was

On the first day in our ministries, the power of the media to distort hit me again. The world’s press was full of reports on how the SYRIZA government’s first foreign policy ‘move’ was to veto fresh sanctions on Russia. Now, I am not qualified to speak on foreign affairs but, nonetheless, I must share this with you at a personal level. Our Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, briefed us that on his first day at the job he heard in the news bulletins that the EU had approved new sanctions on Russia unanimously. The problem was that he, and the new Greek government, were never asked! So, clearly, the issue was not whether our new government agrees or not with fresh sanctions on Russia. The issue is whether our view can be taken for granted without even being told of what it is! From my perspective, even though (let me state it again) I am certainly not qualified to speak on foreign affairs, this is all about a question of respect for our national sovereignty. Could journalists the world over try to draw this important distinction between protesting our being neglected from protesting the sanctions themselves? Or is this too complicated?


  • I fully endorse this argument, given that the EU has ended up primarily becoming a Franco-German alliance with a lot of satellite jurisdictions, rubber stamping what is on paper a democratic process, which in reality is nothing further from the truth. Small countries’ rights and the rule of law are being ignored, or downplayed, whilst the interests of the predominant politics are safely secured ie the implementation of realpolitik by those who have invented it. The press itself is hanging on the chancellor’s every word, taking for granted that the EU state institutions shall act in unison.
    So much for a United States of Europe..

    • Maybe Greece should leave the EU then and join the Eurasian Economic Union?

  • TIS great to hear that yanis your talents adn heart is ebing utliized. this morning somebody with the exact media frened accusationsthat Greece is siding with Russia and away fro the EU…please remain strong and resolute……….much respect to you Yanis

  • πρωχορατε σταθερα και σιγουρα ειστε η μονη ελπιδα ΚΙΑ ΟΧΙ ΕΠΥΔΟΤΗΣΗς ΧΩΡΙς ΠΑΡΑΓΩΓΗ

  • Apparently is very complicated because via Serbia and Greece is how Russia exerts control in the Balkans by delineating her sphere of influence.

    And perhaps the message here is that while Greece is in need of whatever assistance, Greece has traded her right to opine on such issues and she is taken for granted.

    Which further means that Greece has lost its sovereignty a long time ago or precisely when it entered the eurozone.

    We can complicate it further but that’s an appetizer just for starters.

  • Even though the statement itself did not have any Russiophillic implications, a look at mr. Kotzias’ work and stance on Europe shows clear post-colonial analyses of a German hegemony, and he has explicitly, in the past, advocated for closer ties with Russia. I think the media so far -especially the Greek and German ones- are strawmaning you guys pretty bad, but in this case I don’t think a great conceptual leap is required from the statement to a more general tendency of the new Foreign Ministry. Not that this is bad in any way; i just don’t think its as misrepresenting as you think. Although, the conceptual leap -was made- by people who hadn’t researched the background of the foreign ministry at all, so I guess you’re right to an extent.

    regardless, good luck yani. i think you’re the man best suited for the job – we’ll be watching closely and optimistically from abroad

  • On many levels, I find it ironic that Tsipras and his government (as well as my country Cyprus) seem to side with Putin on a matter that is occupation of a foreign country. By the way, the main ties of the Greek speaking world are based on a common religion! How paradoxical (and ironic)! Putin, OUT OF THE CRIMEA Now!

  • Καλά κάνετε και τα εξηγείτε κε Βαρουφάκη, παρόλο που δεν είναι ο τομέας ενασχόλησης σας, όπως σωστά είπατε…Ο κ.Κοτζιας χθες ευτυχως τουίταρε μια φράση που τα λέει όλα …”οι υαινες γαβγίζουν πεινασμένες μέσα στο σκοτάδι αλλά τα καραβάνια συνεχίζουν την πορεία τους”…Ο νοών, νοείτω…Καλή δύναμη στο δύσκολο έργο σας!

  • could this have been dealt with hours or a day before with the former government, as the EU also claims?

  • You have to state clarly that you don’t intend to impose another haircut to private bondholders! The stock exchange is collapsing!

  • I’m no expert in economics but what really bothered me is to hear many judgments of “gurus” who in recent years have helped to get to the current situation (along with innocent rating agencies, all absolutely non-partisan). They now speak of crazy plan of Greece (regarding stop privatizations, debt renegotiation and so on). As if the ONLY way out is to continue with cuts and austerity, what we use to call “horse care”, so powerful that in the end the horse dies. So, to paraphrase Dante Alighieri, “do not think of them, but look and go on”.

  • I’m no expert in economics but what really bothered me is to hear many judgments of gurus who in recent years have “helped” to get to the current situation (along with so innocent rating agencies, all absolutely non-partisan).
    They now speak of crazy plan of Greece (regarding stop privatizations, debt renegotiation and so on).
    As if the ONLY way out is to continue with cuts and austerity, what we use to call horse care,
    so powerful that in the end the horse dies.
    So, to paraphrase Dante Alighieri, “do not think of them, but look and go on”.

  • Is it too complicated for the SYRIZA government to expect this sort of reaction and avoid comments in the wrong direction? Welcome to politics.

  • Αναρωτιέμαι, αν σε ένα θέμα όπως αυτό υπάρχει διαστρέβλωση, τι θα γίνει όταν θα πρέπει να συγκρουστείτε (;) με κάποια συμφέροντα εντός Ελλάδας και αν θα μπορέσετε να το διαχειριστείτε.
    Καλή αρχή.

  • Congratulations on your new position!
    Did Nikos Kotzias explain why this decision was vetoed by Greece? If not I can fully understand how the media would come to their own conclusion.
    BTW, here’s what I would have done … A full press conference. Use this as an opportunity to assert and make very clear Greece’s position.
    How refreshing to have a finance minister blog as frequently as you do … Keep it up please!

    • Actually Greece, by what I have read in the often exaggerated media reports, was not circumvented. It was the media’s conclusion. The same more or less in Cyprus, where the Foreign Minister had a heavy schedule in meeting foreign high level delegations and pre arranged engagements in Nicosia and couldn’t attend. Besides the meeting in Brussels was preparatory and hastily ordained as a workshop. Cyprus attended the meeting by authorising the EU delegation to submit it;s position clearly. I do not support the new leftist dogmatic composition in Athens, in fact for me a left government is anathema for Greece with it’s history and contribution to humanity. Our forefathers would have discovered themselves the hogwash propagated by socialist and communist had any merit due. Now we have the 21st century, not 19 century, in 200 years we reached the moon and have machines that were unthinkable to any one before. Let us wait and see the new Greek F Minister what staff he is made off. But within the EU rules and regulations and broader policy. We as a Nation have a special affinity towards Russia because of Religion, Alphabet, and we mustn’t forget that our struggle for independence relied to a large extend to Tsarist official support and a powerful wealthy Greek Moscow based constituent.

  • As usually syriza people are too fuzzy.
    This decision was taken some days before yesterday, the first half day when syriza formed the new government.
    By being too irritable, you simply built up skepticism about the country.
    But you began with media and yourself (I found everybody very generous with you, actually) and then talked on behalf of Mr Kotzias.
    I have not noticed anyone picking up your long standing flirt with Greece’s bankruptcy.
    GAP had pre-decided to bring IMF in the country. I wish NOT you have per-decided to push the country in bankruptcy
    But complaining is the best way to show how spoil you are and how you mean the media neutrality…
    Good luck in helping Greece. Not in pushing our country to bankruptcy.

  • Dear Ministry,
    Dear Yanis,

    I am writing to you to support your action and propose our assistance in case you need.

    I belong to a very important firm (worlwide number 1 in its business) and I think we can provide to you the data cruncher you could need to help you in your future negotiation with Troika.

    Please tell me if this rings your bell

    and I will check internally how we could proceed.



    • Oh yes many experts can contribute to practical solutions, provided there is political will at the top. Comes to mind electronic systems for instance, which are lucking in the bloated, corrupt bureaucracy of Greece, the red tape resulting, laws are not enforced or ignored or referred to courts for interpretation, the instability of the political parties, the fluid tax regime of the Country, even the mentality of the Greek people in becoming champions of tax avoidance, or evasion, in order to prove how smart they are etc!. 200 years after independence it is a sorry State of Affairs for a Country with highest world acclaimed historical results world wide, benefiting humanity and it’s endeavours. Your suggestion is possibly viable, but the cost obviously should be borne by the State against tangible proof of success, under strict contractual T&C’s and in transparent competitive process. You will come up with political facilitators and consultants, agents etc all queuing up for financial benefit under the table all claiming the ‘inside track’ for successful business conclusion!. It also means that the new regime by Tsipras and leftist leaning and dogmatic politicians, move against entrenched interest not only of a wealthy oligarchy in Greece (they do not like to invest in real value added activities-exception could be the Ship owners) but also powerful unions and public state run companies (unproductive and monopolistic) staffed by ‘experts’ on paper qualifications, from foreign Universities, but having no real disposition to innovation, research, development manufacturing, without prior sanction by the politicians who appointed them in the first place and State finance availability. A large portion of companies have the State as their sole proprietor, the State is the investor, the State is tax evading, the State a Soviet Union contraption type with the results plain to see today. Naively I think you don’t know what you and your company, well meaning I hope, will come up with. I can carry on bleeping for ever but never mind.

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    Στις 7:55 π.μ. Πέμπτη, 29 Ιανουαρίου 2015, ο/η Yanis Varoufakis έγραψε:

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  • Hello,

    why should journalists do this? Just because it would be the right thing to do?

    Sadly not. It would hinder a punchy headline. It would let less people click/buy and less money would be earned. And safly it seems, pushing an agenda and earning money is all what counts in the so called journalism today.

    Sadly, less hate would be spread against these lazy communist greeks, esp. from German writers (disclaimer: I am a German citizen enraged by the way Greece was displayed by our media and politicians). Especially in Germany, it is quite easy to spread mistrust, if you put someone in the same corner as russia. Even today, so many years after the iron curtain has fallen.

    So it is good, that you keep speaking out. Maybe some people will someday understand, that the world is not the way, most media outlets paint it, but there are more facets and “the truth” is sometimes hidden under punchy headlines.

  • Dear Minister Varoufakis,

    Greece can generate billions of Euros of long-term and very low-cost domestic capital to fund Economic recovery. I am from India. My country and Greece have the right circumstances and wherewithal to do this. I have already proposed my concept of Quasi-Currency Special Bonds to the government of India.

    Deploying the generated funds in appropriate sectors through Targeted Lending programs will create jobs, increase State revenues and re-start growth. This method of raising capital will be practicable and useful whether Greece continues to remain within the Eurozone or not.

    Details have already been sent to PM Alexis Tsipras through his website http://www.alexistsipras.eu/ through four separate mails.

    Let me know if I need to send it again; if so please designate a suitable id.

    Best wishes for Greece, to the new government, PM Tsipras and to you personally.

    Jacob J. Mappilacherry
    Chartered Engineer & Corporate Strategy Consultant
    43/1495, St. Benedict Road,
    Ernakulam North, Cochin – 682018
    Ph: 91 98470 89868

    • Dear Minister Viroufakis,

      as an Economist, it will be comparatively easy for you to judge the feasibility of the quasi-currency Bonds that I have suggested in an earlier comment. Please let me know to which id; I shall send the related documents as attachments.

      Best wishes,

      Jacob J. Mappilacherry

  • Dear Yiani, nicely put… kindly recommend to Mr. Kotzias that he makes the above clarification as well and as loud and clear as you did . In my opinion it will be very difficult that you continue being the firefighter for too long….

  • To ‘διαμαρτύρομαι’ είναι προθετικό ρήμα, εισάγει μια προτασιακή στάση για ένα προτασιακό περιεχόμενο: γιατί διαμαρτύρεται κάποιος. Πριν διαμαρτυρηθεί κάποιος για την… διαμαρτυρία, ας πληροφορηθεί περί τίνος η διαμαρτυρία. Εν προκειμένω, η εθνική αξιοπρέπεια να ερωτώμεθα και να λαμβανόμαστε υπ’ όψιν!

  • Some times need destruction before construction; sometimes you need to knock-down before there is room for new! I wish you the very best of luck, Cheerio from Scotland!

  • Too complicated, obviously, for Mainstream media. Hopefully, you have Twitter, WordPress, and all the net of your left wing european supporters. Congratulations.

  • It seems common sense is a rare commodity nowadays, at least when interests are involved. Carry on giving us hope that something has changed!

  • Has Syriza already failed the first test.

    Upon taking office have all the new Ministers accepted payrises? Isn’t the salary of an MP (plus the tax free unverified expenses) enough? Especially considering the country the country is bankrupt. Then again, in the last parliamanet Syriza MPs didn’t provide any example on how Greek MPs should make the same sacrifices as the Greek people by themselves publishing receipts for their expenses, tax ceritificates and audited accounts of who they employ and how they fund their election costs?

    It seems the middle classes and self employed, who are responsible for the systemic corruption and cronyism within the Greek state, and have blocked all efforts, even five years later, into a proper tax collection system, have nothing to fear from Syriza?

  • “Could journalists the world over try to draw this important distinction between protesting our being neglected from protesting the sanctions themselves? Or is this too complicated?”

    I’m confused. This appeared in The Guardian today.

    Yesterday, energy minister Panagiotis Lafazanis veered off his brief, to declare that:

    “We are against the embargo that has been imposed against Russia. Greece has no interest in imposing sanctions on Russia.

    We have no differences with Russia and the Russian people.”

    Which is it?

  • Perhaps our ministries need to learn to make well explained statements. The passions of the heart and mind subside when faced with time and reality..

  • Οκ κε Βαρουφάκη μήπως όμως έτσι το δώσατε εσείς άρα έτσι το αναπαράγουν τα ΜΜΕ, έστω με κάποια υπερβολή;

  • As I understand, it is common practice among all countries in EU regarding these kind of issues, that not everyone is being asked individually, but that everyone not in line with e.g. the new sanctions must speak up themselves. Sorry, but it seems even more disturbing that you as part of the government don’t know that.

  • Hello Yanis,
    I just read this summary of the story: https://euobserver.com/foreign/127393. Unfortunately, all the facts listed seem to show that the Greek veto is not just about national sovereignty. I am really sad to see this because I like your work and I had big hopes for Syriza. I still have, but with a lot of doubts as well.
    I am from Hungary, where it is more and more visible how the Russian intelligence and money is infiltrating political life. The government party and the party on the extreme right is clearly under the influence of Putin. This is a threat to national souvereignty just as much as the troika is.

  • Bravo Jannis !!! you are very, very right in this matter and in all your blogs,that I am reading for months
    you are expressing the thoughts of many people in Greece and other countries.
    I voted for Syriza and as I am an elderly woman with an excellent memory…..
    I wish with all my heart ,
    that this democratically elected Governement of Greece
    will not been treated by bad dynamics in and out of Greece
    as the democratic governement Allende in Chile in the years of 1974 was treated,
    that had given so much hope to people those days .
    Yesterday s inauguration of the new cabinett was touching my haert,
    I was seeing faces of human beengs ..
    not the masks of cynical hybris of the polititians who for decades used so tell lies, and lies…and lies.. to Greec people
    Courage Jannis !!!

  • bonjour, comment expliquez vous que la bourse d’Athènes puisse chuter aussi radicalement à la première déclaration officielle de votre premier ministre, ensuite quelles dispositions économiques allez vous prendre immédiatement pour l’ensemble de la société grecque..merci

  • Well, it isn’t an easy task to speak about journalists around the world.

    But if just a few-or more- journalists DON’T want “to draw this important distinction” they never will.

    May they want the “viral go on”. Something like the “show must go on”..

  • as a dutchman i agree with you, everybody must have the same change to give his opinion in this case. anyway sanctions usually work contradictive anyway. and yes it is not your job to do say anything, but it also has a financial side; sanctions cost you money.

  • Dear Mr Varoufakis, dear Yanis, first of all congrats with the elections ! (if Samaras would have been a gentleman (300K+ 18 years old youth not on the voters lists) Syriza would have had absolute majority. The big challenge for you and your party is that you’ll have to deal with people in a world full of mendacious hypocrits and lobbyists who solely work for big companies (mainly American). From the bottom of my hart i wish you all the best on your challenging journey but remember: homo homini lupus !

  • This is not at all complicated! αγαπητέ και αξιότιμε υπουργέ, κύριε Βαρουφάκη, καλώς ήλθατε στην κοινή, κοινωνική ζωή μας
    This , is thank God, common sense… to start with. This kind of straight forward, crystal clear and not twisted thought is what is absolutely imperative for our much suffering -για να μην πώ τάλας -.people.
    Please do continue to speak as you do, sincerely,clearly and warmly as a human person -not an inhuman political robot as most esp. right wing politicians had the nerve to speak to us for such a long time -the language of truth! we are all thirsty to listen to this language, and as active citizens bowing only to Truth and to our, God given gift, Conscience, we whole heartedly support you and pray for you- please keep on unwaveringly, steadfast and undaunted of all the foreign and Greek ‘vultures’ shouting at you or slandering against you and circling around the almost dead corpse of our Greek society and state..
    please go on, in good faith and good heart and hard work and cooperate in order to restart life itself in this beloved country of ours, which we…forgot to respect and nourish and take good care of. Ο Θεός να ευλογεί το έργο σας προσωπικά, και όλης της νέας κυβέρνησης και ευχόμαστε να μην ενδώσετε στις – αναμενόμενο ήταν – ασφυκτικές όσο και απαράδεκτες πιέσεις από τα Διευθυντήρια της Ευρωπαϊκής Ενώσεως αλλά και globally speaking.


    Χαίρετε αγαπητέ (και πολιτισμένε!) συμπολίτη μας κύριε Βαρουφάκη, χαιρετίσματα στην εξουσία του mr. Σούλτς and co.

  • I think making such a subtle distinction may be asking a bit much of our colleagues in the media. You’ll be asking them to only report stuff they believe to be true next!

  • Well, is it really that you were “never asked”? Because the President of the Council, and even Prime Minister Tsipras, gave a completely different account. I.e. that there was a “tour des capitales”, as is custom, before issuing the announcement. Simply, the Greek excuse was that the Foreign Minister had not been sworn in yet. Hmmm, but the Prime Minister was sworn in and he had been informed by the president of the Council himself. How interesting, Minister, that you dislike other people distorting what you say. If only you could reserve an undistorted treatment to reality (and probably stay silent on matters “you are not qualified to speak on”?) Your new position comes with responsibilities, in case you have not yet realized…

    • This is a rational not backed up by the facts. If EU had really taken Greece’s consensus, then the first thingthat would have done would be to publicly announced that communication. It DID not because there has been NONE

  • Αγαπητέ Γιάννη, όσοι από εμάς έχουμε ανοιχτό μυαλό γνωρίζουμε και αναμένουμε τις επιθέσεις και τις παραμορφώσεις των προθέσεων. Είμαι 56 ετών, δεν ψήφισα ποτέ πριν προς τα αριστερά και παρακολουθώ μέρα με τη μέρα τα βήματα της νέας κυβέρνησης. Τα λάθη εκ προθέσεως ή όχι θα καθορίσουν την στάση μου απέναντι στη νέα κυβέρνηση κι όχι οι κακόβουλες διαδώσεις. Προς το παρών βλέπω σταθερά και αποφασιστικά πρώτα βήματα και αυτό με χαροποιεί. Σου εύχομαι καλή επιτυχία προς όφελος όλων των Ελλήνων 🙂

  • Erm – let’s see now.

    Could it be that it’s not a matter of complication? Rather one of a political agenda?

    Every heard of the Atlantik Brücke, German Marshall Fund of the United States, etc. etc.? Surprising number of editors and senior journalists are members of such agenda-setting organisations.

  • Yasou re! Nice point. Consider though that due to your blogging (and I like it!) you are being fed false information by your colleague so that you can make the above blog post! Game theory…hehehe. Other news reports say that according to “unnamed sources” (ha!) some lower-level people were asked their thoughts on the EU sanctions communique, and they wanted to change reference to Russia. Some in Hungary also wanted to change the communique, according to these unnamed sources. Much ado about nothing though…blog on dude!

  • Your clarification is essential Yanis because the media distorts so often in just this way. Good luck.

  • Very nicely writen Yianni (with no I and one or two n’s). Today I am proud to be Hellene. This is a matter of DEMOCRACY and basic respect. The Union is a Union only if decisions are taken after a democratic placement of views and opinions. If we where not asked then we have every right to oppose. I can’t wait to see technology as a mean of absolute democracy and serious matters being communicated to people and giving them the time to read, vote express their opinion and shape a new policy. Subject matter experts (Teachers, acountants, lawyers…) and others should express their views in an open communication system with the government. These should be collected filtered, valued and the used to shape new policy of all shorts, Education, Tax System, local governance etc. Once again thanks and streangth to you all, stand up and fight for a new Hellada, an Hellada of opportunity and

  • Hi Yanis,
    I do not whether Greek government will alter its position today or if it will impose a veto to the sunctions
    What is crucial to understand apart from what you have correctly pinpoint in your article, is that EU should at last impose same values and reactions in all circumstances.

    In Ukraine Russia has invaded an independent state with the excuse/justification of protecting Russian minority from the NAZI government of Ukraine.But Russia did not stay there. It made Crimea part of the Russian Federation. We therefore have invasion and occupation of foreign soil.

    Does that ring a bell to you?To me it does. Cyprus, a member state of the EU, faced and still faces the same situation. I am not referring only to the incidents of 1974 but i am referring to the presence of Turkish warships accompanying Barbaros ship within the Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) of Cyprus democracy, an EU member state.

    What was EU reaction. Only some mild exhortations to Turkish government. What did Turkey do? It still remains in Cyprus EEZ ignoring ostentatiously EU and its member states. I wonder if Turkey has hypothetically neighboring with Germany and invated part of Germany, what would be EUs reaction? Naive huh?

    Thus Mr Schulz and others willing, this is a political issue. It is an issue of solidarity that you show selectively express from the elit of EU according to their interests. Dont be therefore so shocked mr Schult. Impose hard commercial sanctions to Turkey for violating international law, and sovereignty of an EU state, even today and then we can talk about mutual respect, solidarity and other funny things you want us to believe.

    thank you

    Petros Petrakis

  • Dear Yanis,

    It will take some time for everyone to realise what has just happened, especially for the “systemic” media that have been co-governing this country for some time now. They will try to do anything to annihilate the hope that seems to be arising for Greeks, within and outside Greece. Of course, you are right that our vote should have not been taken for granted.

    Greetings from Scotland,

  • I was surprised to read about this EU decision – and I had already asked myself how it was possible without you being in Brussels – this explains a lot ! Thanks and keep up the good work. Regards.

  • Dear Professor,
    Thank you for sharing yr thoughts with us on a “personal level”. One might agreed with yr point that EU did not handle the matter with the outmost courtesy, although Donald Tusk sated that a rep of the new Government was consulted, but what I would have like to hear from you and yr colleagues in Government, is where Greece stands as a matter of principle vs Russia.
    This is something you have, unsuccessfully I might add, avoid to address.
    Good luck in yr new post

  • Dear Mr. Varoufakis:
    Sadly not a surprise………..such distortions and liberties have been taken by business financial “journalists”. I have watched with disgust as CNBC and Bloomberg have twisted the reality for weeks/months/years. For example, Ms. Caruso-Cabrera prior to your interview this week descibed you as radical marxist…?!?!

    Just yesterday, we had the RT Boom Bust program announcer Ms Ade suggest that economic challenges in Greece in part arise from a cultural adversion to paying taxes. What a disgusting ethnic slur by someone who pretended to be understanding and objective about of the matter. Again quite disgusting!

    Well anyway, good luck and best wishes.


  • Even Cyprus officials complained that they were informed too late. One day later, the media still sells the same propaganda

  • Σωστή η πράξη του Γιάννη Βαρουφάκη να απαντήσει μέσω του blog του. Τα Ελληνικά μέσα έχουν μετατραπεί σε απλούς κονδυλοφόρους των αφεντικών τους και των συμφερόντων τους. Η απ’ευθείας ενημέρωση θα τους κάνει να καταλάβουν τι επιθυμεί ο κόσμος και έτσι αν θέλουν να κρατήσουν τα μέσα τους θα χρειαστεί να αναπροσαρμόσουν μερικά πράγματα. Το κακό έχει παραγίνει. Μεγάλο μέρος από εμάς αναγκαζόμαστε να παρακολουθούμε ξένα μέσα για να καταλάβουμε τι γίνετε στην Ελλάδα.

  • There’s a process to be followed, Yanni, and as with any federation, a common position and solidarity to be shown on important issues, like this.
    Good luck, btw, from Chicago!

  • Well, it was about time somebody( qualified or not) made it clear. I supose it is all about using the correct words.

  • you are minister. You don’t have any other job to do and you write about foreign policy?
    Wouldn’t be better to think how the Greek State can regain the 7bn euro that lost from the stock exchange during the last 3 days?

  • It’s great that you have chosen to continue blogging as we now get the opportunity to understand what is actually going on. On things like Russia the UK media have offered their own interpretation without providing any of the actual facts. I look forward to reading about your financial plans for turning around the economy and showing a sensible alternative to austerity.

  • It’s great that you have chosen to continue blogging as we now get the opportunity to understand what is actually going on. On things like Russia the UK media have offered their own interpretation without providing any of the actual facts. I look forward to reading about your financial plans for turning around the economy and showing a sensible alternative to austerity.

  • They clearly cant! The Journalists are trusty dogs that wont bite the hand that feeds them!

  • I personally think that this is a great opportunity for us to show that we are a sovereign country. As we all observed these past 5 years , respect over greece’s sovereign rights has been trampled by our european partners in the name of the weak economic position by which the country is suffering of…I firmly support your idea of at least trying to reboot the relations between the members of the european union…You see , the economic powers of the north of europe, took the global financial crisis of 2008 as an opportunity to establish new relations between european members. This situation must change quickly because it will soon lead to fragmentation of european unity…Maybe our friends in the north should remind themselves the reasons that led to the initiation of the european project.
    I’ll be looking forward for new posts!
    Greetings from a greek in Italy!

  • 29/01/2015
    κε Υπουργέ, κε Γαρουφάκη,

    σας διαβάζω με προσοχή, ιδιαίτερα για τις ρηξικέλευθες προτάσεις και ουσιαστικές προτάσεις σας.
    Συγχαρητήρια για την εκλογή σας και καλή δύναμη στο Υπουργείο.

    Λέγομαι Νίκος Φιλίππου, είμαι Πρόεδρος της Εταιρείας Φιλίππου ΑΕ, βιομηχανία structural clay products στην Θεσσαλονίκη, που διέκοψε την βιομηχανική παραγωγή λίγο προ της κρίσης και ασχολείται με την υλοποίηση νέας επένδυσης ~ 250 Μ€ σε mall or expo/logistics center στην δυτική και χειμαζόμενη Θεσσαλονίκη, για την δημιουργία ~ 2500 θέσεων εργασίας.

    Έχω σπουδάσει MBA at USIU in San Diego, Ca in international and comparative economic growth. Ανάμεσα από πολλές δραστηριότητες είμαι Πρόεδρος των Αποφοίτων Αμερικανικών Πανεπιστημίων Β. Ελλάδος και του think-tank ΝΕΟ ΡΕΥΜΑ- ΝΕΟ ΟΡΑΜΑ.

    Σας επισυνάπτω, τις πρόσφατες προτάσεις του think-tank (αποτελείται απο ~40 επιχειρηματίες της παραγωγής και των επενδύσεων μόνο), προ των εκλογών για να είναι ανύποπτες, όπου θα δείτε ότι κινούνται στην κατεύθυνση των λογικών και προτεραιοτήτων που θέτετε. Περιέχουν σε συνοπτική μορφή και συγκεκριμένες προτάσεις για να βγεί ο τόπος από την ύφεση. Φυσικά, οι απόψεις αυτές είναι επεξεργασμένες και σε αναλυτική μορφή παρεμβάσεων και διορθώσεων στην υπάρχουσα νομοθεσία.

    Στην διάθεση σας για κάθε συνεργασία και συνδρομή για το καλό του τόπου.

    με εκτίμηση,

    Νίκος Σπ. Φιλίππου
    6944/867143, [email protected], neoreumaneoorama.blogspot.com , site http://www.ngalumni.gr


    Πέμπτη, 15 Ιανουαρίου 2015

    ΝΕΟ ΡΕΥΜΑ – ΝΕΟ ΟΡΑΜΑ Κίνηση για την επιχειρηματική εκπροσώπηση – think tank


    Αγωνίες think tank επιχειρήσεων για την κοινωνία και την οικονομία. Πλήρεις εφαρμοστικές προτάσεις για να ξεπεραστούν τα αίτια των προβλημάτων, τα αδιέξοδα και οι αγκυλώσεις, με στόχο το ΑΕΠ, τις νέες θέσεις εργασίας, την αναστροφή του bank run και τις επενδύσεις.

    Προς τους Πολιτειακούς Αρχηγούς


    Το think – tank Νέο Ρεύμα – Νέο Όραμα, αποτελείται από επιχειρηματίες της παραγωγής και των επενδύσεων. Θεωρεί εφικτό να εντοπιστούν τα κοινά σημεία της εκλογικής περιόδου, οι διαπιστώσεις και οι απαραίτητες αλλαγές που πρέπει να γίνουν στην κοινωνία και στην οικονομία, για να ξεφύγει η χώρα και ο λαός της, από την ύφεση και τις δυσκολίες.

    Όλοι οι πολιτειακοί σχηματισμοί και η κοινωνία, θέλουν να αλλάξει το οικονομικό μοντέλο της χώρας, από την κατανάλωση με δανεικά, σε μια πιο παραγωγική χώρα, με εισοδήματα και νέες θέσεις εργασίας. Έγινε σημαία όλων, ο δραστικός περιορισμός των δαπανών του κράτους, η ανάγκη για επενδύσεις, η αναστροφή για χρηματοδότηση χωρίς δανεικά με αναστροφή του φαινομένου της φυγής κεφαλαίων, την αποτελεσματικότητα και εξυγίανση του φορολογικού συστήματος, τις συνταγματικές αλλαγές για την λειτουργία του κράτους και φυσικά, τις απαραίτητες διορθώσεις στις διεθνείς συμφωνίες και συμβάσεις της χώρας και ειδικά στα σημεία που πρέπει να αποφύγουν την περαιτέρω βύθιση της κοινωνίας, την ανάπτυξη, την δημιουργία νέων θέσεων εργασίας και προοπτικών. Φυσικά, η κοινωνία αναγνωρίζει ότι σωστά διορθώθηκαν οι ελλειμματικοί προϋπολογισμοί του δημοσίου και μερικώς το αρνητικό έλλειμμα στο ισοζύγιο τρεχουσών συναλλαγών.

    Εκτιμούμε ότι εάν δημιουργηθεί η πεποίθηση ότι σε άμεσο χρονικό διάστημα θα υπάρξουν προοπτικές, η κοινωνία θα αντιδράσει θετικά.

    Κεντρική συνιστώσα των διαπιστώσεων είναι ότι, η πατρίδα δεν θέλει μόνο λιτότητα και εσωτερική υποτίμηση για μεγάλο χρονικό διάστημα, αλλά κυρίως θέλει νέο ΑΕΠ, ανάπτυξη και θέσεις εργασίας, που μπορούν να προέλθουν μόνο από νέες επενδύσεις, που και αυτές με τη σειρά τους μπορούν να πραγματοποιηθούν μόνο σε υγιές και ελκυστικό επιχειρηματικό περιβάλλον.

    Το Νέο Ρεύμα – Νέο Όραμα, σταθερά, επίμονα και από χρόνια προτείνει, με κεντρική σημαία το «επειγόντως ανάπτυξη χωρίς δανεικά» και νέες ελληνικές και ξένες επενδύσεις, τις παρακάτω προτάσεις, φυσικά εντός Ευρωζώνης και Ε.Ε., με υιοθέτηση των θετικών στοιχείων των συμφωνιών και ουσιαστική τροποποίηση αυτών που δεν παράγουν αποτέλεσμα ή προκαλούν αγκυλώσεις.

    Ρευστότητα: Αναστροφή της φυγής κεφαλαίων. Ίσως σήμερα είναι το μεγαλύτερο πρόβλημα της χώρας. Θα πρέπει να αποτραπεί με νομοθετική διόρθωση, η τρομοκράτηση της συσσωρευμένης αποταμίευσης, που έχει δημιουργήσει εκρηκτικό πρόβλημα ρευστότητας στις τράπεζες και στο σύνολο της χώρας και των επιχειρήσεων, ύψους ~ 80 δις €, από το 2010. Χρειάζεται διόρθωση του άκρατου πόθεν έσχες, αναστροφή υπερφορολόγησης γονικών παροχών ακινήτων και άλλων αποταμιευτικών αξιών, διόρθωση των άκρατων κατασχέσεων, κ.α., που όχι μόνο δεν φέρνουν έσοδα, αλλά διώχνουν και τις καταθέσεις από τις τράπεζες.

    Επενδύσεις: Παρά τα θετικά βήματα, υπάρχει ατονία και απραγία στην πραγματική και ουσιαστική προσέλκυση και υλοποίηση, τόσο των ξένων, όσο και των ελληνικών επενδύσεων, που μόνο αυτές μπορούν να φέρουν κεφάλαια και να δημιουργήσουν ΑΕΠ και νέες θέσεις εργασίας. Είναι γνωστά τα μέτρα που πρέπει να υλοποιηθούν για να υπάρξουν αποτελέσματα στις επενδύσεις. Κύρια σημεία είναι: ένας Υπουργός Επενδύσεων παρά τω Πρωθυπουργώ που να συντονίζει την Επιτροπή Στρατηγικών Επενδύσεων, το facilitation unit και αδειοδοτική απεμπλοκή επενδύσεων με δικαίωμα υπογραφής και ανατρεπτικά αποτελέσματα σε προθεσμία 60 ημερών και τις διαδικασίες του ΣτΕ προτείνεται υλοποίηση του εφαρμοστικού νόμου του μεσοπροθέσμου σχεδίου για αδειοδότηση επενδύσεων σε ανατρεπτικές προθεσμίες 4 μηνών, υπαγωγή όλων των διαδικασιών επενδύσεων στο νόμο fast track, αυτοματισμός στην έγκριση αφορολογήτων κινήτρων στον ΝΕΝ και άμεση ενεργοποίηση της υπάρχουσας και ψηφισθείσας Επιχειρηματικής Μονάδας Ανάπτυξης στη Βόρεια Ελλάδα και φυσικά υλοποίηση του ΕΣΠΑ στις μονάδες συνεχούς παραγωγής ΑΕΠ με μόχλευση 10 φορές, αντί σε δαπάνες ακινητοποιήσεων με μόχλευση 1.

    Φορολογικό σύστημα: Απλοποίηση και διεύρυνση της φορολογικής βάσης, με έμφαση κυρίως στα τεκμαρτά εισοδήματα. Ενίσχυση των μηχανισμών αποφυγής φοροκλοπής ΦΠΑ. Άμεση απαλλαγή από την επιλεκτική ασάφεια και την «συναλλαγή». Φορολόγηση ακινήτων και περιουσίας, στα πρότυπα Ε.Ε. Αναδρομική εκκαθάριση όλων των καρτελών ελεγμένων χρήσεων από τα καταχρηστικά πρόστιμα και προσαυξήσεις, σε 0.7% / μήνα με ανώτατο 10%, κατά τα πρότυπα Ε.Ε. Κατάργηση στις εκκρεμείς υποθέσεις των εξωλογιστικών προσδιορισμών, των καταχρηστικών χρεώσεων 36% ή 60% / χρόνο και τον αυθαίρετο πολλαπλασιασμό οφειλών 10-30 φορές, αναδρομικά κατά τα πρότυπα Ε.Ε. Διεύρυνση των “περαιώσεων”, σε κυλιόμενες δυνατότητες με κόστος 1%, ως πρόταση ΕΒΕΑ, που αφορά ~ 550.000 και 160.000 εκκρεμείς και δικαστικές υποθέσεις. Η «φούσκα» των φορολογικών χρεώσεων προκαλεί εσφαλμένες εντυπώσεις, ότι η Πολιτεία έχει λαμβάνειν από την εσωτερική αγορά, ενώ δε συμβαίνει στην πραγματικότητα και για αυτό δεν μπορεί να υλοποιηθεί. Φαινόμενες ιλιγγιώδεις φορολογικές απαιτήσεις 73 δις €, από τις 42 δις € που ήταν το 2012, με προβλεπόμενη δυνατότητα είσπραξης ~ 8-10 δις €. Ως εκ τούτου, οι προσδοκίες φορολογικών εσόδων δεν επιτυγχάνονται και επιβάλλονται ακόμη πιο αυστηρά οριζόντια φορολογικά μέτρα. Προτείνονται να εφαρμοστούν διαφορετικά μέτρα για τους ολοκληρωτικά «φοροαποφεύγοντες», σε σχέση με τις επιχειρήσεις που από πιστωτικό στραγγαλισμό έχουν αδυναμία πληρωμής, ενώ οι δηλώσεις τους είναι ειλικρινείς. Για τη διευκόλυνση είσπραξης φορολογικών υποχρεώσεων, προτείνεται ο έλεγχος των διαθεσίμων κάθε εταιρίας, για την άσκηση ανάλογης πίεσης. Σε αντίθετη περίπτωση, υπάρχει κίνδυνος για κάθε «ισχυρή πίεση», με πρόφαση την είσπραξη εσόδων, να δημιουργείται ακριβώς το αντίθετο αποτέλεσμα και αντί οι επιχειρήσεις να δημιουργούν επενδύσεις και δουλειές, να τρομοκρατούνται και να κλείνουν, με χιλιάδες άνεργους στο δρόμο.

    Διόρθωση στρεβλώσεων επιχειρηματικότητας: Προτεραιοποίηση χρηματοδοτήσεων στις εξαγωγικές επιχειρήσεις και στις επενδύσεις. Νομική ορθολογικοποίηση της στρέβλωσης τιμών της αγοράς από συμφέροντα που έχουν δεσπόζουσα θέση, με υποχρεωτικές τις καθαρές τιμές στα τιμολόγια και περιορισμένων ημερών πίστωσης (30-45). Πάταξη του
    παρεμπορίου. Προσαρμογή της εργατικής νομοθεσίας στα πλαίσια της Ε.Ε., για την ευελιξία, την ασφάλεια και την διευκόλυνση προσλήψεων και απαλλαγών.

    Επιδίωξη πολιτικής συναίνεσης: Η Πολιτεία να απομονώσει τα κρίσιμα προβλήματα που μας βυθίζουν στην ύφεση και να επιζητήσει την πολιτική συναίνεση, έστω και μόνο σε αυτά τα σημεία, όπως: η προσέλκυση επενδύσεων, η επανόρθωση της φυγής κεφαλαίων και η άμεση πάταξη της γνωστής γραφειοκρατίας, των καθυστερήσεων και της διαφθοράς νομοθετικά. Προτείνεται η αναθεώρηση του συντάγματος, η Προεδρική Δημοκρατία, το ιδιώνυμο των πολιτικών αδικημάτων, η μείωση του αριθμού της πολιτικής εκπροσώπησης, το ασυμβίβαστο βουλευτή – υπουργού, η καθιέρωση μικρού υπουργικού συμβουλίου, και η καθιέρωση στο σύνταγμα όπως στις ΗΠΑ και στις ευρωπαϊκές χώρες το δημοσιονομικό έλλειμμα να μη ξεπερνάει το 3%. Να καθιερωθούν μόνιμος Υπουργός προσέλκυσης και υλοποίησης επενδύσεων, παρά τω Πρωθυπουργώ, καθώς και μόνιμοι Υπουργοί ή Υφυπουργοί, σε θέματα διοίκησης, προϋπολογισμού και φορολογικών εσόδων.

    Αλλαγές στις μεταμνημονιακές μεταρυθμίσεις : Απεγκλωβισμός από τον περιορισμό ιδιωτικών επενδύσεων και από τα κίνητρα για επαναπατρισμό κεφαλαίων. Να δοθεί δυνατότητα συναλλαγών και σε άλλα διεθνή νομίσματα, να προβλεφθεί ουσιαστικός εκσυγχρονισμός του φορολογικού συστήματος χωρίς «στραγγαλισμούς», να δοθεί απόλυτη και επείγουσα προτεραιοποίηση στην πραγματική διευκόλυνση της ανάπτυξης νέου και υγιούς ΑΕΠ, δια των επενδύσεων και της δημιουργίας νέων θέσεων εργασίας.

    Εξωτερική πολιτική: Κρίσιμα θέματα είναι η ΑΟΖ και οι επίμαχες σχέσεις μας με τις γειτονικές χώρες. Φυσικά, η επιχειρηματική κοινότητα επιθυμεί την καθαρή θέση για τα εθνικά θέματα και την διατήρηση της συνοχής, της ομαλότητας στη περιοχή και της απρόσκοπτης λειτουργίας των οικονομικών δραστηριοτήτων.

    Οικονομικά συμφέροντα και επιρροές: Είναι δημόσια και φανερά τα γεγονότα, πως η αδράνεια και οι κάθε συμφερόντων οικονομικές επιρροές, λειτουργούν προς όφελος της υποτιμητικής κερδοσκοπίας. Αυτά εκδηλώνονται, είτε με παραλείψεις, είτε με προτάσεις ασαφείς, που καταλήγουν να είναι αναποτελεσματικές, έτσι ώστε να επηρεάζεται αρνητικά, η κίνηση κεφαλαίων, η ανταγωνιστικότητα, οι επενδύσεις και η ανάπτυξη. Η ασάφεια και η αδράνεια, «περιγράφει» συμφέροντα, που προτιμούν να υπερπηδούν την διαβάθμιση της πυραμίδας του Maslow – sense of belonging, από το να εργάζονται για τα συμφέροντα του τόπου και της ανάπτυξης του ΑΕΠ δια των ιδίων των επιχειρήσεων.

    Να δοθεί τέλος στον «στραγγαλισμό και την καταπίεση» της παραγωγικής δραστηριότητας, με έμφαση τις επενδύσεις, τις νέες θέσεις εργασίας, το νέο ΑΕΠ, τις εξαγωγές.

    Η ουσιαστική ελπίδα για ορατά αποτελέσματα, μπορούν να πείσουν τον λαό και τους συνεταίρους μας στην διεθνή κοινότητα, ότι μπορούμε να δημιουργήσουμε προοπτικές, για θετική διάρθρωση της κοινωνίας και της οικονομίας της χώρας.

    με μεγάλη τιμή,

    Νίκος Σπ. Φιλίππου

    2310/763925, 6944/867143, [email protected] , neoreumaneoorama.blogspot.com

    Αναρτήθηκε από kentriPotideas στις Πέμπτη, Ιανουαρίου 15, 2015

  • Hi Again, Yanis,
    Your clarity is like a breath of fresh air in a world of confusion. Everything has become so complex that few can see through the maze and understand what’s really happening. I hope you are allowed to use the same clarity to change the banking system -at least within Greece – and return it to fitness for purpose. As it currently stands throughout the world, privately owned commercial banks only lend. As they own 95% of the world’s existing money supply, that means most have to deal with banks to obtain finance and that is issued only as debt. Their ownership of depositor’s funds entrusted to them for safekeeping is the question I raise. Why should title to my hard earned money transfer to the bank the instant I put it into a current account? I believe that to be an error in law and it needs to be addressed. Title to anyone’s hard earned money should remain with the depositor in any account where it is placed for storage and distribution -ie., payment of bills using banks payment systems. The banker should be held to a fiduciary level of responsibility for the funds so entrusted to them. It is different for a savings account where I would be asking them to invest funds on my behalf or where I choose to invest in their management capabilities. But, that is not what depositors normally do with their family or business budgets. The funding for their budgets is normally placed into their current or cheque account for storage and distribution. Please look into that aspect of banking with your clarity!!!


  • Ξεκίνησα να σε ακούω – διαβάζω(sorry για τον ενικό αλλά είσαι νέος άνθρωπος όπως και εγώ) λίγο πιο συστηματικά πριν λίγες μέρες. Βασικά ακόμα συστημικό θα με χαρακτήριζα, αλλά δεν μπορώ να διαφωνίσω πουθενά για την ώρα μαζί σου. Συνέχισε έτσι με τη χρήση της απλή κοινής λογικής πρώτα από όλα και θα κερδίσεις κι άλλους σαν κι μένα πιστεύω. Καλή Δύναμη , καλή δουλειά και μην ξεχνάτε και τη μεσαία τάξη που τόσα έχει τραβήξει στην Ελλάδα τα τελευταία χρόνια. Βέβαια καλά κάνετε και βοηθάτε πρώτα τους πιο αδύναμους.

    Με Εκτίμηση,

    Δημήτρης Πατουχέας (ένας πολυεθνικάριος)

  • Mr. Varoufakis, you need to come out faster with these corrections. Now its too late to start fixing the damage, what a big media corporations have already done to your reputation. First impression is everything and now people have created a picture of you guys as a pro-Russian communist (pathos) already. This is a pure propaganda and a form of information war, but you cant do much about it any longer.

    Next time tell immediately what you guys really said and our army can strike against the main street media on forums and stop this denigration.

    And answer to your last question is no, because they are not telling the truth, they are telling what is good for their agenda. That’s also the “small” difference between propaganda and news. This is a bit like 1984, so don’t expect media to make you any favorites. Volunteers must clear the road for you guys.

    I don’t know any other participant from your government, who writes in English, so it must be you or some of your assistants, who will give us this information. Otherwise they might success to turn world against Syriza.

    You must understand that, it is not how things are really, but how you make them look like. People don’t really know how things are, because they are being mind fu#¤ed all days long. They will make all decisions based on these “facts” what media gives for them. It’s mind control.

    Most journalist are not purposely telling propaganda, but nobody has told them the truth, so they don’t really know whats going on. In this fast food, fast news etc. world people don’t have time to investigate, only copy-paste.

    Divide and rule mate, they are turning us against each other. They make us fight against each other by installing demons in our minds. That’s not reality. You are me and I’m you, but they creating this atmosphere We (good) vs. You (evil). That’s only in our heads.

    This separation will only come to an end, when we start to live and confront each other in the reality, not in our heads.

    We need to hear the real facts straight from the horse’s mouth, so please help us to tell, what’s really going on in Greece.

    – 4Unity 😉

  • Well, i taught all EU decisions ware made with consensus, like the decision on letting Republic of Macedonia begin the accession negotiations with the EU. Double standards maybe … ?!

  • Good morning Yanis. I am not a specialist in foreign affairs either. However, I can say one thing. Drama sells and because it does everybody tries to do that. On the hand, I also believe that as a country we have already too many fronts open, so lets try to concentrate on those, before opening others.

  • that actually makes a little sense…. EU should have confirmed Greece’s “new view” before printing it

  • Yanis – I doubt the “misinterpretation” was a indeed a mistake. The media have become propaganda tools and the powers-that-be are not happy with Greece. The report just “coincidentally” characterizes Greece as “out of step” if not downright “Communistic”! What a coincidence. To be honest, however, my main disappointment was that the report wasn´t true! That Russia should be “punished” for doing exactly what the West is doing in the Ukraine (i.e. supporting one side – the coup participants who threw out a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED president – against the other) is absurd and hypocrisy of the first order!

  • Yannis good morning! I am not a specialist in foreign affairs either. However I can tell you one thing. Drama sells and therefore people try to do that, at any possible instance. On the hand, I also believe that we have already too many fronts open, lets try not to open more as a country. Have a nice day.

  • I think you have absolut right on this one, but really dont understand why SYRIZA wants to stop immediately all privatizations… How is growth supposed to happen when investros hear these news just one day after elections…and alll these new recruitments in public sector, who is going to pay for it? And 13th pension?? Hardly any european country has a 13 pension!! I didnt hear anything about the necessary reforms that should happen…. And why cancel privatization of airports?? this is totally absurd as most greek airports are in a terrible condition and privatization would surely improve this situation..correct me if i am wrong

  • Congratulations for the appointment. I hope you do well and the country is saved.
    Some views that you might find useful
    It is not just the political system that must change; it is also the Greek mindset.
    A huge boost to the economy would be to encourage and support agriculture. Help us to produce our own food.
    Ask the American Farm School, if they are willing, to establish farm schools throughout the country
    Organise in a modern and effective way the “rubbish problem. The problem is horrendous; in some parts of the country we might have a cholera epidemic soon.
    Organise public transport to the best of your ability.
    I believe all the above could help to energise our economy tremendously, and provide employment for many

  • Good morning from an overcast Lisbon,

    Just a line to offer moral support for your future endeavours. I wish you (you and the new government) and the Greek people all the luck in the world. Politics just got a little more hopeful!


  • Getting the media to tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth, is probably beyond even your extensive abilities.

  • OK we understand that the new government was never asked.

    The big question is this: Is the new government for or against the new sanctions on Russia?

  • As I understand it, the greek government resigned in december leaving Greece without representation in the Council of the European Union. It is likely that the particular decision on sanctions was approved unanimously in that time frame, before Nikos Kotzias first day on the job.

    This is not a question of greek national sovereignty.

  • ” Could journalists the world over try to draw this important distinction between protesting our being neglected from protesting the sanctions themselves? Or is this too complicated?”
    Well, they could, but they won’t. For you see, distinguishing true facts from facts-as-they-want-them-to-be isn’t included in their job description.

  • dear Mr. Yanis Varoufakis;
    as a real long time visitor in Grece ( almost every year since 1964) I saw today in TV ARTE a very interesting combined interview held by the greek historican Nicolas Bloudanis speaking with almost all greek politcian parties about the reasons of the plight in Greece; and almost all ( only greek )persons declared that it was a result of a 45 years system of fakelaki and rusfeti; buying always with loan money; very interesting the words of Georgette Lalis, vizesecretary of the Task Force against coruption, as she said it is almost a sport not to pay taxes in Greece what I can confirm over my visits in the last 50 years now;
    I think you yourself know that a lot of the rich people ( doctors and advocats, almost living in villas in Nea Kifisia) don`t pay any taxes for the state and you know with these unpaid round about 11 Milliards of Euro you could help the poorer people a lot;

    and BTW what happened with the list of round about 800 names( never paying taxes although they had milliards of Euro) published january 21st 2012 by minist Venizelos; to my knowledge each of These persons had more an 1 Million Euros debts on taxes

    BTW what happened with the minimum of 60 milliards of Euro brought into Switzerland after 2010, although for these Euros must taxes be paid ??

    If you start with these facts then you will be an honorable finance Minister, otherwise you are working just like all your predecessors in the same ministery, producing only jobs for their families-followers and protecting the rich People like themselves
    with best regards and a hopefull better future for the country I love

    Bernhard Schweitzer
    [email protected]

  • Watch the media now conclude you’re going to use this as bargaining chip in your debt negotiations.

    Best, Vlad

  • Did You check whether or not Greece was informed about the European Councils agenda?
    Maybe Greece was absolutely proper informed… anything else would rather surprise me. If or if not the Greek Government was aware of this agenda… would in the case of proper information then be a clearly national question. The blame could go to Mr. Kotzias predecessor. Or to the members of staff of Mr. Kotzias for not informing him on time. If Greece – not the actual Government – was informed, then it seems to have been a lawful decision. Please check with Articles 31 and 239 (4) of the European Treaty. If Greece in fact was not informed under the valid proceedings, then You have a big point. If it was just an unfamiliarity with mechanisms and established proceedings of the European Council, then Greek Governments reaction would be maybe somewhat exaggerated.

    • EU informed the old government. Fantastic! If EU has informed GreeK government then the FIRST thing to do was to publicly communicate the communication and agreement of the new government supposed to have with such decitions. It is profound of who is telling lies.

  • It’s a good thing that the government you participate in revived the press daily briefing. That should be able to correct (at least to some extent) media distortions.

  • Well spoken. But one could easily imagine that the former Greek government had been asked? And EU may expect some kind of continuance. So what is the bottom line apart from using the press as a scape-goat? Does the new Greek government support the sanctions or do you veto it? Transparency is a good thing also when politicians do double-talk as part of their power-play.

  • EU “democracy” in a nutshell. Maybe “unanimously” meant that the Troika approved it. This is scandalous. Greece should have vetoed it just to make a point.

  • Welcome to pure Democratic Europe, Dear Yannis (sorry, I will insist calling you Yannis and not Yanis).

    On a personal note: On Monday, the day after the election, I hanged on my door out of my office (p.s. in a Parisian University of Maths and Economics that you know very well) the front cover of Liberation edition showing Tsipras (Grece: Les temps des Syriza), together with a note that hopefully this misanthropic austerity (that forces me to be out of my country so that some Parisian university takes “advantage” of me when Greek state invested a lot to educate me and to make me what I become today), is over.

    After I did that, i received 2 official complaints from the university officials (universities are not places for political debates, and that I shouldnt “provocate”-their words- people) and the next day it was removed from the door.

    I am so happy that French people show their true respect on the freedom of opinion and speech, which so passionately defended just two weeks ago on the occasion of Charlie…

  • It never stops to amaze me how quickly the media (both foreign & Greek) rush to create gloom and doom scenarios, again without consulting anyone.
    It frightens me when EU officials do the same. Of course the name of the game is “diplomacy” and it has nothing to do with Truth or Fairness.
    Unfortunately it seems, opinions cost nothing but have great impact when they are “marketed” so massively.
    Tread lightly & kalo kouragio.

  • Yiani, it is not complicated at all. The new Greek government gave the first clear important message that EU has to follow the proper process in releasing its statements. Respect of the national sovereignty of the European member states and the dignity of their people is the foundational principle for keeping the group together under these circumstances of systemic economic crisis. Greek government acted correctly.

  • Γιανη! Συγγνώμη για τον ενικό, απλα θέλω να σε θεωρώ ένα άνθρωπο δικό μας απλό και προσιτό. Χαίρομαι που είστε οι νέοι αντιπρόσωποι μας, και οι φωνή όλον εμάς που τοσα χρόνια παιδευόμαστε να επιβιώσου με. Θελω να ξέρεις ότι εγώ και πιστεύω πολλοί Έλληνες σαν εμένα ξεκίνησα με επιτέλους να ελπίζουμε και να χαμογελαμε.. Είμαι 40 χρόνον πασχον μεσογειακής αναιμίας, άνεργος αλλα με όρεξη και θέληση για δουλειά. Δώστε μου την ευκαιρία να ζω με αξιοπρέπεια.

  • Hello Yanis,
    I read this article: https://euobserver.com/foreign/127393
    From the facts written in it, unfortunately it does not seem that it was only a question of national sovereignty.
    I like your work a lot and I had great hopes for Syriza. I still have, but mixed with a lot of doubts.
    I am from Hungary, where Russian intelligence and money is very present, though we don’t know in what forms exactly – we can only see the signs. The party in the government and also the extreme right Jobbik seems to follow the interests of Putin.
    This puts the national sovereignty in danger just as much as the troika.

  • Romanian here.

    Be fair now, these types of declarations need to be given at a certain time to have the desired effect. Since your country is a member of the EU and even EuroZone it is assumed you would join the rest of us in condemning and sanctioning a 19th century leader who’s pastime is drawing new borders on European maps with his little pencil.

    Not to mention you only just had elections on Sunday. A continuation of foreign policy is ASSUMED. If that changes, please be explicit about it. Or do you want the whole of the EU to put it’s foreign policy on hold while Greek ministers get comfortable in their new offices?

    Regardless, I and many other Europeans will be watching your country very carefully. If you play-ball with Russia and turn against the EU, I am taking all my summer vacations / holidays to Croatia.

    • Are you threaten us that you won’t visit our country in summer if we don’t follow your suggestions? that would be a disaster! Get serious my friend!

      P.S.: If you go to Croatia don’t forget to visit Dubrovnik, it’s a beautiful place. Croatia unfortunately doesn’t have our islands, though it is a very good destination for vacation!

  • Dear Yansiv,

    Sad to say but I am not surprised in the least. I worked in Texas government for twenty five years and was a lobbyist for a teachers group before that. I was absolutely amazed at how much journalist got wrong and never bothered to correct. Many will just repeat what has already been said. You are smart to establish what the actual facts are and comment on the facts. In a way you have to do the journalist job for them. If you don’t the incorrect story will be what people remember and to them it becomes the truth. Good luck, we are pulling for you.

    Craig Underwood

  • What you are saying seems completely absurd. How is it even possible for EU to take that sort of decision without the consent of all member states? At least I thought everybody’s approval was needed. Presumably I got that wrong. There you see, one learns something new everyday.

    I wish you God luck on your new job and sincerely hope that you can help, not only Greece, but also the whole euro area out of its economic mess. Otherwise I am afraid, that also we, in Finland, soon will find our self I a situation comparable to Greece’s present one. Of course, this is not a one mans job, but I really think your contribution is needed.

    Greetings from Helsinki


  • Sounds that you came out of your remit to defend EU. I know you have to talk to them and get favors for Greece debt; but honestly, this is giving wrong signals to Greeks who are pissed-off with EU leaders and bankers. Don’t let yourself weak.

    Secondly, if you are committed to attack oligarchy, can you show your support to halt privatizations and also support increase of minimum wage – even it is out of your remit.

    Let the people know that you stand by ordinary Greeks rather than with rich European bankers.

  • Regarding truth:
    Many headlines (here in Germany) put Greece in a corner with Russia now as “Putin’s Trojan Horse”, “Picking a fight with the EU” and so on.

    And Respect:
    Mr. Martin Schulz (President European Parliament) beeing quoted by hate-mongering BILD and then put into many headlines: “Ich werde sicherlich Tacheles mit ihm reden” translates to: ” I surely will talk turkey with him (Tsipras)”.
    Like you would to an ill-manered kid. Respect obviously is lacking.

  • Someone has to stop Washington and Brussels from amping up the current neo-Cold-War climate. I don’t like Putin and his policies anymore than the next guy does, but the attempts to create a new Cold War must be questioned at the very least. Did the Americans forget all about Iraq and the disaster they created?


    German publication Der Spiegel claims that the Samaras government disabled all internet/WIFI access in government offices, and reportedly stole a bunch of other things as well.

    I remind you that Samaras government bought submarines and tanks from France and Germany whilst hitting the poor people with austerity. I suggest investigating Samaras government people for corruption because it was always standard method of operation for Franco-Germany weapons dealers to pay kickbacks.

  • Forget Russia, lets start sanctioning Greece, they lied and cheated their way into the EU, and now they criticize the EU and NATO.
    Let them join their friends Russia, and North Korea, create your economic utopia.We are tired of paying for you, without even a thank you. You alone created this mess, not the EU or anyone else. This should be a lesson to all, what happens to a country that embraces socialism. Creating a top heavy government, where everything is free, its just a mater of time before it goes down the toilet. Yet they don’t even see that, instead of embracing capitalism, the solutions according to them, is more socialism. like a crack head that just cant get enough. Don’t give any of that Austerity BS, we all know that has nothing to do with capitalism. When you cannot pay, then you declare bankruptcy and move on.

    • Old stories….and fairy tales
      You have some points i must admit but allow me to give you the whole picture because presumably you do not have it.(always in my opinion)
      When the crisis begun (Big EU countries & EU statistics were informed one year before about the real facts) there were 2 facts on the table.
      1st: Leave Greece bankrupt. This would have created 2 times worse Lehman Brothers domino effect in the EU, hitting mostly and firstly German and French banks that had Greek toxic bonds. The disaster would have been immense both for EU rest countries as also for Greece due to the fact that it has a deficit of 15%. An economic tsunami would have also hit the big patients of EU economy Spain and Ital (some trillion euros debt)
      2nd: Dont let Greece bankrupt

      EU, in particular Germany and French chose NOT out of solidarity but ONLY due to their interest to save their banks by supporting Greece not to fail

      Here we come…there is troika. Troika policies are an excellent opportunity to restructure and reform on the one hand Greece’s old fashioned and corrupted economy.
      On the other hand the mixture of policies imposed largely from troika was devastating. GDP sunk 25% and the internal devaluation created 30% UnE and 50% UnE among you,. Immense brain drain and decrease of Births(small genocide as they call it), huge poverty to the 35% of the population. Was this really the medicine to growth or the poison to death?

      The reforms that have been made lead to a concrete result, but not as much stable as it looks. Very fragile economic indexes. I agree that reforms should continue. Everyone admits that Greece has made immense progress, in structural reforms in order to achieve in macroscale the surplus in the budget. In micro scale it suffers. This condition is not sustainable and there should be a solution with continuation of logical reforms and not reforms that serve EU lobbing . The money you lend (also have taken the risk by telling LIES to your citizens that financing Greece was the solution, instead of financing your own banks) and the risk burdens the lender primarily.

      Lets see what is going to happen now.
      In my opinion:
      -Reforms should continue in a logic basis
      -Social relief policies should implemented
      -Structure the Debt (Common EU decision)repaying time should be stretched and an international debt summit should be held, not only for Greece but also for Spain and -Italy(bigger problems than you have ever imagine)
      -Find ways to repay the debt. One solution is the HUGE gas and oil reserves that have been found in Aegean Greece’s EEZ.Lets split the money.This will armor energy policy of EU. We WANT to pay our debts but we also want to leave.
      Of course Germany and other countries do NOT show solidarity in the profound bulling of Turkey that violates international law and law of sea that has been adopted in EU legislation. How they would be able if they do it to sell weapons to both Turkey and Greece if they do. (One of the big reasons of high debt are the immense amounts of money we have to pay in order to be protected from Turkey’s aggression, supported indirectly from EU role countries.Where was ALL those years EU solidarity, where it is in Turley’s occupation in Cyprus?

      What Greece should do
      -Dedicate to logical Reforms that act beneficially in the economy and the people
      -Fight better taxivation (small Bs are bankrupted and average people do not have anything to pay)

      In case we do not find a common solution, in my opinion lets bankrupt
      But it would not be as simple as you think. We will bankrupt with casualties from your side that would be worst from a common accepted solution as described.
      Greece should give passports to all illegal immigrants you impose us to keep within our borders.I am sure you would like to see massive flows coming to Berlin of pure people that your policies in Iraq, Afganistan and Syria forced to migrate
      Lastly, we will attached to Russia sphere

      I now that logical solution should be found for repaying the debt and fyrther restructure the economy. As you understand though, the recipy should change. Maybe we have the biggest growth, in EU (from a -19% to a +3% this years) but casualties in the people were immence, unsustainable. Have in mind that the money you lend us were not out of solidarity but out of interest to save your economies from a domino effect. IT is YOU that have lied to YOUR citizents, NOT us. Those money would have never be gone to Greece but a different policy should have been imposed from the very begging (radical haircut of the debt as the IMF has suggested) along with structural reforms.

      Lastly lets not forget how lawful German government would be with the forced load from the 2nd world war. I am only saying that we will go to the international court in case we do not find a common solution of the aprox 56B you stole from our reserves.



    • Wow, so full of hate.
      Please understand that the prior politicians with the aid of GS constructed a currency swap, which in its construct just paid GS huge fees for a financial time bomb.
      Maybe take your hatred to those professionals that engineered the lie in the first place.

      Thereafter so many years of stupid austerity measures forced on these people and they have broken the shackles.

      Why don’t you understand the singular issue that change was brought about because they lost respect with the Government, who forced them to lose theirs.


      Wake up and smell the currencies Peter, as no doubt yours will lose a lot of value by the end on this year and the next. Enjoy deflation and depression for the next 4 to 5 years. Courtesy of all politicians around the world.

  • (slightly off topic)
    Despite initial pleasantries, the upcoming “deliberation” between Greece and its EU partners for a shift in the policies of the eurozone is not going to be a rational debate, but a fierce propagandist confrontation between the entrenched austerian EU elites and the proponents of change, for the hearts and minds of European citizenry . During this confrontation, journalistic objectivity is going to suffer greatly; historical evidence across the world leaves no doubt about this.

    So, this is a time for all voices to be heard; content aside, the “level of decibels”/number of voices matters a lot. Especially the voice of nominal third parties: Americans, English, etc. So, to all those who have an interest in the outcome of this affair, now–the months ahead–is the time to speak publicly.

    Good game Yani!

    [θερμά συγχαρητήρια και σιδεροκέφαλος στη δύσκολη αποστολή σου]

  • Maybe it’s just that you are not familiar with best practices and common understanding in the EU?

  • Greece’s voice should of course be heard on EU-wide decisions. In this particular case, as I understand it, letters were sent prior to the official announcement and every government had the opportunity to respond if it did not agree with the decision. In case a government does not answer within a specific period of time, it is assumed that it does not oppose the decision. Such a procedure is, I think, necessary to make decisions at reasonable speed in a 28 country union, and not intended to silence any single country or government.

    I don’t think it would be feasible to suspend every EU action or decision during the first few days after the formation of a new national government to give it the opportunity to explain its position on every one of the current matters. And publicly denouncing the EU decision as not approved by Greece seems a bit more polemic than, for example, expressing disapproval in private with other members of EU governments. This is what, I think, many journalists criticised: the form of expression, not the disagreement itself.

  • The conservative politicians that run the EU today have not only ignored Greece’s opinion on new Russian sanctions but have ignored Europe’s history which has allowed them to ignore the consequences of their own actions. For EU leaders to allow a US provoked war to spring up in the Ukraine and to also allow Weimar republic economics on crack deliberately manufactured for the purpose of Greek public and private asset theft is to ignore the pain and suffering of all Europeans who have been pounded for generations on the anvil of imperialism.

  • You will be happy to know, while NPR in the states reported on the communist leanings of the new Greek Foreign Minister and his twist on Russian Sanctions, it then included your quote and name from this blog about how it is really a question of respect. You can get through the spin with rational commentary sometimes apparently. Now if Berlin got that message is yet to be seen.

  • The so-called “news analysts” from the major media outlets, don´t to want to admit to themselves that we are living in a globalized interconnected world, and that their lies won´t be tolerated anymore. That’s one of the main reasons people are turning to alternative news channels and sources of information. The difference between Cartoon Network (CN) and CNN is an extra “N” for Nonsense.

  • Καλησπερα ,συγχαρητηρια και Καλη Δυναμη στο εργο σας!Περα απο την αγενεια προς την χωρα νομιζω πως ηταν σαφως εσκεμμενη ενεργεια μειωσης και χλευασμου της προσπαθειας ενος λαου .Κατι σαν τον αυταρχικο γονεα που εμπαιζει την ενηλικιωση του γιου του ,υπονιμευτικη αλαζονεια,’η λαικα να του κοψει τον τσαμπουκα.Πωπω αιωνες περασαν και ακομη ειναι βαρβαροι ..δολοπλοκιες τοσο μακρια απο το Φως της πνευματικα αφυπνισμενης συνειδησης .τρικλοποδια ,απρεπεια ασυνειδησια της αισθησης της συμμαχιας.κακοι συντροφοι.Η δυναμη και η προστασια ειναι η αγνοτητα.Ευτυχως υπαρχει και της Δικαιοσυνης ο Ηλιος ο Νοητος!

  • Yanis, while its undoubtedly true that the media is going to give your administration a hard time, I think Greece’s new administration has made some very clear mistakes. While Greece will find support from their citizens and sympathies from other EU countries about the clear need to re-profile Greek debt, playing the Russia card will isolate Greece and perhaps bring this new administration to an early demise. Greece’s relations with Russia should not be taken for granted, however Greece should never even publicly insinuate a Russian sympathy against the rest of the EU. You are right to smooth over this faux pas, but Tspiras actions and those of others seem incompatible with a successful administration leading Greece to a better EU. I have tremendous respect for you and your ideas, but as you yourself admit, a finance minister’s comments on foreign policy is not enough to make up for these first missteps. I hope your voice will be heard elsewhere in the administration before its too late and Tsipras will personally reverse perceptions with concrete statements.

  • Dear Mr Varoufakis,
    Your comment is quite right. In my humble opinion, one does not complain about an internal issue of communication by issuing a press release to the world. Instead he waits to meet with his EU partners in a meeting set within a couple of days and makes clear that he wants to play an active role in such communications in the future. This way the wrong messages are not (mis)communicated to the world markets. Unless of course, this was what the new government wanted to communicate, that in fact it wants to play hard ball with Europe and wants everybody to learn this.

  • Your question above is legit. If indeed the EU had circumvented deliberately a sovereign Country, part of the EU, I may add also important member. In my view Europe without Greece is not EUROPE. Make that clear pls next time you talk to them in your official capacity. Nor is Europe without Italy, Europe. Europe can not be split into Fiefdoms any longer. United we are strong especially the smaller Countries, in the 21 century. The combined economy of EU is stronger and more promising than that of USA or China. Minister, you are now appointed by the youngest PM in history of Greece, who is a far left ideologue as you are, needing time to adjust. Remember, that now you are FM, not a party member.Don’t become the laughing stock of those ready to downgrade ridicule Greece. Anyone who is over the age of 30 year old, with your qualifications, experience, attitude etc can not be a communist or socialist of any hue. If you are you should not be a Financial Minister! Such ideologies belong to the 19 century. Greece had 200 years of independance and it’s economy was mismanaged by corruption from politicians, union leaders, business oligarchy and other special interests all these years, that is why so many Greeks live overseas, quite happy. Since you are now Mr FM you should grasp the chance to apply practical economic policies in tune with the 21 century. The last great economist of Greece Mr A Papandreou despite degrees and….. pedigrees really performed as an economist worst than a shop keeper ‘outsmarting’ many economist before him. I hope that you shall turn out to be the man who at last turns the economic woes of Greece around within EU. Greece can not stay the most backward Country any longer within EU outpaced by comparable European Countries and lately even African Countries and expect to be serious.

  • Σχετικά με τις κυρώσεις επί της Ρωσίας, πραγματικά πώς αξιώνει κανείς υπακοή στην ευρωπαϊκή πλεύση και πώς δίνει το καλό παράδειγμα όταν αγνοεί εντελώς (με βάση τις πληροφορίες που φτάνουν στον πολίτη) μία απ’ τις 28 χώρες; Στην περίπτωση αυτή ποιός έκανε κακή αρχή στις σχέσεις Ελλάδας – Ε.Ε, η Ελλάδα ή η Ε.Ε ? Πώς γίνεται να καταδικάζεις προκαταρκτικά τις μονομερείς ενέργειες, όταν λίγες μέρες πριν συμμετείχες σε αυτό ακριβώς που κατηγορείς;
    Κλείνοντας να σημειώσω ότι -απολύτως καλοπροαίρετα- διαφωνώ με το να έχει έστω και προσωπική άποψη ο υπουργός οικονομίας σε θέματα εξωτερικής πολιτικής, όταν ο ίδιος ο πρωθυπουργός και αρμόδιος υπουργός δεν έχουν τοποθετηθεί ακόμα επίσημα. Πιστεύω στο Βαρουφάκη ως επιστήμονα και ελπίζω και εύχομαι να ταράξει θετικά τα θολά νερά των “οικονομικολογικοποιημένων” αναλύσεων και εφαρμογών της Ε.Ε, ωστόσο θεωρώ ότι δεν πρέπει να αναλώνεται σε τέτοιες δηλώσεις που ενδεχομένως υποβαθμίζουν την ποιότητα των παρεμβάσεών του στο μέλλον (κοινώς μην γίνει μαϊντανός).

  • I have followed you for years, heard your views, read books and articles authored by you. I am proud you represent Greece in such an important portfolio.
    I echo your views in “educating” many of my non-Greek Canadian friends and colleagues when they slander Greece and the Greek people (in Greece and throughout the world).
    This is an uphill battle, but so were many in our history, and we know the outcome.
    Good Luck!

  • I’m afraid that we live in a world where misrepresentation of facts and issues is more newsworthy!

  • Mr Varoufaki,

    first of all congratulations for your new assignment. I frequently read your blog and while I do not always agree to all details, I share the same big picture with you coming from a socio-economic perceptive though ( I am an institutional analyst by hobby and transformation management consultant by trade).
    I am certain that you have what it takes to become the instrument of change within a Europe that is in desperate need for social “enzymes” to break the DNA of the existing institutions to a more people friendly forms and escape from the old dogmas.
    Myself and several of my similarly thinking businessmen friends that live and work abroad wholeheartedly wish you to succeed.
    In this instance beyond the obvious “you are right” in reacting to such a provocation, my comment is receive it as a confirmation that you are on the right path. All these gentlemen shown, by rushing to “act” utilising so shallow and easy to counter arguments, is :
    –their shock and disbelief of what is happening
    –their fear of the inevitable-unknown (of the change that is coming) which feed all these conspiracy theories about the Russia “connections”
    –their desperation to find something to blame with “those that dare to think differently”
    The way I (we) see it is, you are a part of a start up that will inevitably disrupt the way European socio-economics are conducted so, it is only normal for all those located mentally near the unproductive risk adverse average to react negatively.
    Seeing things from this (disruptive) perspective we are in the same business ecosystem sharing mutual interests. So if you need additional help or complex financial tools (unknown to most yet) at any point in time just give us a buzz.
    We are willing to help Greece to recover as much as you do.

    Sotiris Melioumis MA
    CEO SN2 UK

  • “…this is all about a question of respect for our national sovereignty. …”

    I do understand the issue for the GR government as you put it, however being member of the EU we have by definition given away part of our national sovereignty.

  • I write in comment to this article. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/01/29/us-ukraine-crisis-greece-idUSKBN0L214020150129
    It was disturbing and disappointing to read this, which (if it is indeed a correct representation of your comments) strikes me as back-tracking double-talk. I am an American Orthodox who keeps an apartment in Athens and comes often to Greece. I am a scientist/partent lawyer, who is actively trying to work on risk-basis for companies (or perhaps government agencies) that want to build a sane renewable society in Greece, beginning with non-fossil energy and the end of “gold mining” in Halidiki. I totally and whole heartedly and enthusiastically support almost all that Alexis Tsipras says – except for his position on the Church which, thanks to the Independent Greeks, is being kept in check. I respectfully submit that it is tremendously historically significant that an Orthodox country was the first western country to finally take on the 1% ers and their “demoracy,” which they are anxious now to “defend” in the Ukraine. Orthodox, post-soviet, post-IMF Russia is very plainly your logical and natural ally. Even if you are atheists, I hope you can accept my hope and prayer that you will not dilute the potency of your possibility here by backing down on Russian sanctions. Please, stand your ground! If you do, you will be able to call on millions of people like me from all over the world. If, on the other hand, you play your hand just as any other batch of readily co-optable double-talkers would, then I think all of this will fizzle out and this bright moment will just fade into obscurity, a la Obama and “Yes, we can.” We already hear plenty of “war is peace” and “freedom is slavery” from the mainstream “socialist” governments. I earnestly pray that you are not going to turn out like that! Theophanes

  • Δεν το ξέρατε ότι θα φάτε επίθεση και διαστρέβλωση από το πρώτο κιόλας δευτερόλεπτο; Ότι όπου βρουν το παραμικρότερο πρόσχημα να σας δαιμονοποιήσουν, θα το κάνουν; Ως εκ τούτου, ότι πρέπει να έχετε τεράστια επίγνωση για το πώς φαίνονται οι πράξεις και οι κινήσεις σας στους απέξω, πόσες λαβές για διαστρέβλωση περιέχουν;

    Δεν είναι πανεπιστήμιο η πολιτική. Το παιχνίδι παίζεται πολύ πιο βρώμικα απ’ ό,τι στο πανεπιστήμιο. Το θέμα δεν είναι μόνο αυτό που κάνεις, αλλά και το πώς το παρουσιάζεις σε ένα εν πολλοίς κακόπιστο περιβάλλον.

  • I tweeted this question last nigh/early this morning (US) I read about it in a Greek newspaper. Martin Shultz seem to think he does not need to consult you and Alexis T. He was spouting something along the lines that Greece wants unity, but when it comes to others no so much. The bullies in Germany are gunning for you both. Seem to think that its ok to send Greece into penury. Just remember why the Greek people voted for you and know that most citizens of the world are behind you and your Govt. Remember to hold your head up high when you walk through a storm. (words from a song I heard when I was 10 but stuck with me.) Hope your (Govt) meeting with Shultz went well. Look for to hearing about it.

  • Γιαννη αμα δεν βρεθει ‘αυτοδυναμο’ χρημα ολα τα αλλα ειναι λεπτομερειες και μαλιστα μετεωρες.
    Κατ αρχας ειδες τις αντιδρασεις των βασικων ‘εναλλακτικων’ εταιρων μας Ρωσων και Κινεζων για τις μπαλωθιες σας σχετικα με ‘παγωματα’ των επενδυσεων τους που περνουν αναγκαστικα μεσα απο καποιου ειδους ιδιωτικοποιησεων. Δε μιλαμε λοιπον για ‘παγωματα’ αλλα για ‘επαναπροσδιορισμο’ και παντως δεν κλεινουμε πορτες στα μουτρα γιατι χρειαζομαστε το ζεστο χρημα τους.
    Το μειζων θεμα παντως παραμενει η ‘διαπραγματευση με τους εταιρους’: κατα την ταπεινωτατη αποψη μου, οποιαδηποτε συζητηση για ‘κουρεματα’ θα πεσει στο κενο και θα οδηγησει σε στενοτητα-μα πολυ στενη στενοτητα λεμε- ρευστοτητας και οχι μονο. Στη τελικη ειναι και ανηθικο να ζηταμε κουρεματα απο χωρες που βρισκονται πολλες σκαλες πιο κατω απο εμας στην οικονομικη κολαση. Η μονη-μα η μονη ομως- υπερβατικη στρατηγικη, ειναι να το παιξουμε ‘καλα παιδια’ σε σχεση με τις ηδη ανειλλημενες υποχρεωσεις μας εξασφαλιζοντας ετσι την ευνοια ολων και κυριως των περιφεριακοτερων χωρων που μας δανεισαν. Θελετε ρηξεις? πεδιο δοξης λαμπρο το ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΚΟ ΚΑΤΟΧΙΚΟ ΔΑΝΕΙΟ και οι ΠΟΛΕΜΙΚΕΣ και ΚΑΤΟΧΙΚΕΣ ΑΠΟΖΗΜΕΙΩΣΕΙΣ. Εδω η διαπραγματευση θα ειναι αποκλειστικα διμερης (με τους Γερμαναραδες) και το κυριοτερο, υπαρχει ρεαλιστικο διαπραγματευτικο χαρτι: αμα κανουν τους δυσκολους, τυπου.. ‘δεν υφισταται θεμα κλπ’, βαλτε 2-3 δικηγορικους κολοσσους-κατα προτιμηση αμερικανοαγγλικους- να τους στρωσουν στο κυνηγι στη Χαγη, γραψτε τα διεκδικουμενα στον προϋπολογισμο και στην τελικη ομολογοποιειστε τα και βγαλτε τα στη πουληση, να τους κυνηγαν μετα οι ‘αγορες’ και οι ‘διεθνεις τκογλυφοι’.
    Γιαννο, αλλη διεξοδος ΔΕΝ ΥΠΑΡΧΕΙ και στοιχηματιζουμε οτι θες, πως αμα πατε στη κοντρα για το δανειο ΜΑΣ, θα πατε για μαλλι και θα βγουμε ολοι ΚΟΥΡΕΜΕΝΟΙ ! Αλλαξτε γηπεδο και παιξτε μπαλα με το δανειο ΤΟΥΣ: χρωσταμε και θα πλερωσουμε αλλα και ΜΑΣ ΧΡΩΣΤΑΝΕ και διεκδικουμε επισης να μας ΠΛΗΡΩΣΟΥΝ. Για να μη τη πλρωσουμε ολοι.

  • It’s called bullying. [In this case, the media] Pretending that they are not capable of making the distinction. Stay firm. We stay firm — and for us it’s easy to discern between not having been consulted, and having been consulted and saying yes or no to a consultation.

  • I attempted to leave a comment, and WordPress insisted on my logging in with it. I have an admin account there, but prefer not to use that for commenting on other sites. This is a bit of a problem. I’m trying a different email account.

    My comment was that this fits the pattern of the media being influenced by the oligarchy to launch a smear campaign to ramp up public support for regime-change. Syriza needs to move very quickly.

  • Given how dependent western Europe, and especially Germany, is on Russian gas the mystery is why the entity continues to run the unexamined ‘NuCold War’ line straight from Washington DC and/or Langley, VA.
    If, as many neocons fear/prefer, NATO “loses” Turkey to islamism, then the Dardenelles will become vital as a choke point restricting the Russian navy to bobbing around in the Black Sea when they need to get to the Med & beyond.
    Keep your own counsel for now, Yani – the Hegemon will come grovelling sooner rather than later, unless plans are already in hand for Το καθεστώς των Συνταγματαρχών .
    Good luck.

  • κ. Βαρουφάκη, καλή επιτυχία στο δύσκολο έργο σας. The domino effect is for real? I hope it is! Because if it is, they know it too.

  • Αγαπητέ Γιάνη, το όνομα μου είναι Γιάννης.
    Θεωρώ πως θα έπρεπε να πάρετε τον κ. Νίκο Λυγερό (IQ 189) με το μέρος σας , αν δεν το έχετε κάνει ήδη.
    Είναι ένας Γεωστρατηγικός Αναλυτής , ειδικός στα θέματα με την ΑΟΖ , Τουρκία , Ρωσία κλπ
    Πείτε του Αλέξη να το κάνει αν μπορεί, θα βοηθήσει πολύ, το να μαζευτούν τα μυαλά όλα στην χώρα, σε μια κοινή προσπάθεια.

    – John.k

  • This prism-like distortion by the media is something you will get used to!

    In order to get your restructuring proposal across, a cartoon is a very effective way, and can be used as a springboard for wider discussion in social media. Eg, is Ray Diallo’s “How the Economy Works” http://youtu.be/zKBuYZMjYZ8
    Also, you create opportunity for some jobs in digital media sector!

  • This is an obvious distortion of the issue by bourgeoisie media. They are looking for any opening on the chess board. As you know, forces are already in play against you. I wish you and the rest of Syriza the best of luck. You have friends and supporters here in the United states.

    A Marxist in Texas

  • Open Letter to the New Finance Minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis

    (This letter ran on the following notable blogs: David Stockman’s ContraCorner, Dmitry Orlov’s Blog, SlopeofHope, and StealthFlation)

    Dear Yanis,

    As an ardent admirer, with the utmost respect for what you have put forward and accomplished to date, I humbly offer my thoughts for your consideration.

    In my measured estimation, requesting substantive forbearance from the TROIKA on a purely rational and fair minded basis, as you have suggested, in the anticipation of a desirable outcome, is likely a proposition which will disappoint. There obviously exist significant and powerful vested financial interests adamantly opposed to you on the other side of the table, not to mention the even more considerable, and now intensifying, European periphery precedent concerns which are clearly raising the ante.

    Your adversaries’ obtuse position continues to remain implacable for the most determined of self-seeking reasons, and the collateral damage that is Greece, obviously matters far less to them then the well defined and established course that they have set for themselves. Remember, they have not done the right thing previously, they don’t do the right thing presently, and thus, will likely not do the right thing in the future given the opportunity. Don’t kid yourself, these adversaries are just that, and lethal opponents.

    Considering they were able to stomach the desolation Greece has so desperately endured throughout this period, there should be little to no expectation that they will now suddenly magnanimously change their stripes, simply because it’s been determined by newly elected, more reasoned and humane men, that it’s the right and sound thing to do.

    Having accepted that reality, almost certainly, zero sum game theory shall be called for. Therefore, in my view, it would be critical that your Ministry of Finance promptly establish an official and entirely credible, thoroughly planned, monetary regime/reset exit program, so as to be perfectly positioned to exercise and execute a realpolitik monetary policy option/bluff, should the ensuing situation which develops call for it.

    Make no mistake, Greece must have on the table a true, legitimate and authoritative default & national currency alternative, which the other side is firmly but calmly made to fully appreciate and understand, if not outright fear, even if your first choice is to actually avoid going down that extreme path.

    Accordingly, onboarding an internationally recognized and esteemed monetary restructuring firm, with professional expertise in the comprehensive complex field of Sovereign finance and banking, would go a long way to fully validate the genuine viability of a well reasoned, planned and completely prepared alternative option for Greece. Establishing beyond any reasonable doubt the imperative credibility necessary in order to successfully leverage an epic bluff of such magnitude, or simply to have the full capability so as to effectively exercise the monetary reset option should it become entirely necessary.

    The old adage; carry a big stick so you don’t have to use it, immediately comes to mind.

    Finally, it is my genuine belief, that your special souls and broad shoulders, are now bearing the long awaited bright torch of capital enlightenment, which may very well carry with it an even more momentous moment in time than the vital issue of Greece itself, which is quite naturally closest to your hearts.

    These are my sincere concerns, that I feel compelled to pass on to you, and which I would very much appreciate the opportunity to briefly discuss with you. As I see it, your only viable play is to credibly threaten going Icelandic on the Troika’s Medieval ass, thus the completely corageous option/bluff game theory stratagem.

    When you’re up against monsters, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. The time for gentlemanly deliberations are long over with.

    Good luck my brother in arms, Godspeed, and know that we are all with you.


    Bruno de Landevoisin

    • Actually you are wrong. Tsipras’ hand is exceptionally strong because he is not willing to compromise. Even if he did compromise and entered into a deal w/ Merkel (a totally improbable but theoretically possible outcome) the referendum which will follow would surely nullify such deal because the people simply would not vote for it.

      Not only Tsipras has a mandate not to yield but in the event of an “accident” (his backing down on issues) the people vote on the referendum will quickly remind him that it is the people and not him conversing with Merkel.

      Berlin is basically stupid. They had a chance to cut a deal with subservient Samaras and instead they triggered elections which they lost.

      Yanis here knows that I am not a fan of Syriza but as far as negotiations go Tsipras’ hand is the equivalent of 4 aces in poker. Who gave him the aces? Answer: the corrupt EU structure which is seeking a compromise today.

    • Dean…Is Berlin really stupid (Iam assuming you are talking about the Merkel executive team)…as you well know there are German thinkers / activists who were opposed to the Bailout & Austerity Programs as they well knew that these measures would deepen the social disintegration as well as the financial costs. They were ignored & derided just like Yanis!

  • As a portuguese citizen, just want to send my solidarity and good work to all your team an mostly Your People and reafirm that we Portuguese all want to show our shame for the Portuguese government comments on the victory and policies of Syriza. Our government is not representing at all our thoughts, our hopes, our ideas, our political minds. We hope we also can change this in our next elections, in October!

  • Mr Varoufakis ,
    Congratulations on the position of Finance Minister – I have been receiving your blog emails for quite some time now – and I must say , although having no knowlwdge whatsoever concerning numbers , you have assisted me in contemplating the Greek Situation . Currently I am residing in Sydney and I wish you the best of luck and strength in your new role !

  • Don’t we have the right to implement our OWN foreign policy? What is this farce with the EU federalism depriving our national sovereignty? Why we can never control our borders and should bow our heads to the filthy EU scam? I don’t want to be part of this EU anymore and most of the people are against: Wilders, Lepen, they are coming to power. Bye bye EUSSR

  • “When you’re up against monsters, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.”

    Well said. But Bruno’s suggestions don’t go far enough. As he notes, they are not going to capitulate to your demands simply because they are reasonable and humane. So you have two alternatives: 1. pull back into a position where hopefully you’ll be able to save face but nothing of importance will change; 2. fight back.

    How can you fight back? Well, certainly not by whining.

    Looks to me like Syriza has, first of all, to establish that it has a strong following, not only in Greece but Europe generally. Calling a general strike sounds like a good idea.

    Secondly, I think it time to start nationalizing. The banks for one thing, but let’s face it, they aren’t going to be solvent for much longer anyhow, so they might wind up being more of a liability than anything else. Better might be the shipping industry. Organize a huge protest in the ports, followed by the announcement that all the major companies are being closed down until they can be properly investigated. Tax fraud would be the best place to begin the investigation, I would imagine. Then, when the degree of serious tax evasion and fraud becomes obvious (as it certainly will), nationalize them.

    Will you be able to get away with that? I’m not sure. But it will be a shot across the bow to the powers that be, a message to the plutogarchs that Greece will not take it’s victimization sitting down.

    The bottom line: Greece cannot simply reject austerity, restore the jobs, the businesses, the health programs, etc., because you have become financially dependent on your creditors. If you don’t pay them back they won’t lend you any more money, and then how can you finance your anti-austerity program?

    This situation has arisen many times in the past and the solution has always been the same: revolution! If you don’t have the stomach for it, then return to the academy.

    • How about first going after the allegedly vast, untaxed greek fortunes? Wouldn’t it be a wiser plan to get your own tax-evading countrymen to pay their fair share, before demanding more hard-earned euros from hard-working and heavily taxed citizens in other european countries? After all, the many billions loaned so far were consumed in Greece and by Greeks, weren’t they? What were they spent on? The Greek people should have ousted the old political parties responsible for the mess the country is in a long time ago. Congratulations on having it done now! Best of luck to you and the new government! So much will depend on your wisdom.

  • Media is a key stakeholder. Instead of complaining, learn from this and start dealing with them. Focus must be on making sure the true message is heard. Otherwise….

  • It reminds me of the filioque issue. I am informed that, originally, it wasn’t about the Holy Spirit but about these bad westerners in Toledo deciding that the Holy Spirit is sent out by the Father as well as by the Son WITHOUT ASKING FIRST! I think that I should post a blog entry titled: “Is Nikos Kotzias the new patriarch Kerullarios?”

  • Please, show some understanding here….

    Surely you can understand that the rest of the civilised world is totally shocked that in Greece it is possible, that a politician, after he is elected, intends to actually fulfill promises he made before this election! What a scandal!
    This is outrageous and unheard of in democracies in the 21st century!

    What is worse is, that the greek people, by voting for their own interests have clearely shown to the world, that the country is not nearly civilised enough for democracy. This is as bad as Egypt and deserves the same counter-measures!

  • Yanis, the press are going to get even worse, distortion is part of their make up. I wish you and your government every success. I know you love your country

  • Yanis:

    You’re smart enough, logical enough and decent enough to negotiate a mutually fair deal for Greece that will rewrite the Keynesian economics textbook.

    The whole continent, nay the whole planet, will be in your debt if you do what we all know you are capable of: getting Greece back to work and rekindling stagnant economies in Europe and around the world without bulldozing the whole system.

    Good luck. Καλη τυχη.

  • Dear Yanis, as an Aussie schoolteacher I was so delighted to learn you spent some 12 years at Sydney Uni, and LOVED some of your you tube interviews. Along with my many, many activist friends and FB followers, have been EUPHORIC about Syriza’s victory, and supportive of the decision to align with a small right wing party. The Iceland Revolution was the forerunner that SMASHED the old, tired paradigms of left/right, democrat/republican, Tory/Labour, Labour/Liberal and brought together Icelanders from left, right and centre to unite AS ONE PEOPLE! NEW PARADIGMS! YAHOO! So well done.

    But now this, and you support the US Global Hegemony, betraying everything you told the world up to a few days ago. Had it never occurred to you to approach China, Russia and the other BRICS nations for a better financial deal, just like ICELAND did?

    Please explain this report. The link is below, here are a few snippets from the article, but it’s enough for me and my friends to write you off as a genuine force for change, and the feeling of betrayal is palpable on my mixed network of some 400 FB followers:

    “EU wins Greek backing to extend Russia sanctions, delays decision on new steps”

    “…But at the meeting, colleagues said new foreign minister Nikos Kotzias had swiftly dispelled suggestions that Greece would automatically torpedo any sanctions effort.

    According to Italy’s foreign minister, Kotzias announced to the meeting: “I am not a Russian puppet.”
    He signed up to a sharply worded statement that declared Moscow responsible for the violence in eastern Ukraine and demanded it halt its backing for the separatists.

    • Mr Varoufakis,
      Is it true as Mr Firmstone claims the you support this so called “US Global Hegemony” ??

  • All the forces will turn against your efforts, but you will always have the ethical support of Greek people. Don’t be afraid and don’t be distracted by those who want to turn you down. For the first time in our modern history we feel proud again and respectable and this is not comparable to all the money of the world! We didn’t choose you to save our incomes, we chose you to fight this madness.

    • Thanks Christina! I will happily second your words and my very best wishes for luck and success be with Giannis! Hronia polla! From Berlin, Germany

    • Congratulations to Syriza for winning the elections and to Mr. Varoufakis for becoming finance minister. He is the best for this difficult job.
      However, I think that he has no idea about the evil means the Powers of Brussels Beaurocracy, the IMF, the so called “markets” and the press financed by them have at their diosal. The last thing these want, is politics for the people and any deviation from orthodox neo-liberal dogmas. Take a look at Hungary, where a government (not even a left-oriented one !) elected with 2/3 of votes , which is seeking ways different from Brussels and the US-hegemon, is facing all means of pression, up to the announcement of a regime-change. So be prepared for the worst !!

  • The EU council extended sanctions on Russia on the 28/01. Where is Greece’s veto? Sanctions damages Russia and the EU.
    When all negotiations fail with the EU, Russia (and the BRICS) might be there to assist. Alienating and demonizing Russia only serves Washington, not Europe and definitely not Greece.

  • Dear Mr. Varoufaki,

    I know exactly what you mean in regards to the distortion of the truth by the media, and I see what it’s happening everyday since the results of the recent Greek elections.

    To give a clear and recent example, this afternoon (California time) I checked my Google news account (filtered in Greek news) and I see the following headline with your picture next to it which surprised me: “Greece Steps Back Into Line With European Union Policy on Russia Sanctions” (…showing a bid passive character on Greece’s part)

    After reading it, I wanted to re-post and share it to my FB. Guess what happen? The actual title of the article changed to this: “Greece on Board with EU’s Sanctions Policy Against Russia” (…more of a neutral stance, wouldn’t you say?)

    These are everyday media games such as this that I find in print, TV, internet and I am sure you do, too. But I do give you credit for point them out here in your personal blog even after becoming a Greek Cabinet member.

    Last but not least, left wing army killed my grandfather during the civil war at the village of Leondari Karditsas, under forgotten circumstances. That has always been in my mind making me lean always to the right-center.

    Since I have started following your interviews, radio and writings…I am not sure I see much differences of how you and I think in regards to a better Hellas.

    I have never voted for Greek elections, since I had left Greece at age of 17. Now at 49 and a USA citizen, I was just about ready to pay a visit and give my Greek vote for the 1st time, to your party…just because I see charismatic people like you at every post in the new government. Greeks with new ideas which may bring finally a sweet change to the bitter lives of many over there.

    Please, please do the right thing(s); show all that we Greeks are here for all these years because we have a higher purpose. Please, make that Greek spirit of Democracy come alive not only in all Greeks’ hearts, but also in the hearts of those through out the world that have lost hope the past few years.

    Let your party and yourself be the spark that starts Illuminating the Greek Spirit once again for the world to see.

    I wish you good luck and strength to a difficult road ahead in cleaning house…and as the previous poster wrote, bring a big stick (Aglitsa…for that matter).

    a humble Greek-American supporter.

  • If indeed the Greek government’s concern was not a disagreement with the EU decision itself but only with the fact that Greece was not informed, would it not be best to confirm your agreement with the decision BEFORE you express your protest about not being informed in advance? This way, your position would be clear to everyone. Also, if indeed there was reason for your government to protest, why not do it privately towards the Commission but through the media instead? Your government’s reaction was neurotic and created more problems that it intended to solve. A clash on austerity issues is expected, but a clash on foreign policy only reveals a fresh government keen on saying “no” to everything, before considering the consequences.

  • One can get busy by establishing system/direct link between good people of NWE and Greece to get humanitarian aid to most needy people. Gabe might have ideas + SWIFTs and IBANs might be put to good use. This might leave enough time to consolidate internally and think.

    It’s just an idea – but let’s make the capital flow and savings can be put to good use. 😉

  • Not a comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yanis, to your knowledge: This was the editorial in Helsinging Sanomat (biggest newspaper in Finland, more than 300.00 ex.) today. I made a fast and translation of it. I’m afraid my English writing is not that good. Anyway, I’m confident that the basic ideas of article can be identified accurately in my translation. I thought I would give you an opportunity to react. Perhaps by writing a reply to HS. Presumably you do not have time for this, but just in case. If, you for some reason find it important to reply in some way so that Finns can read it, and if help with short translations from English to Finnish is needed, I’m at your service.

    Greetings from Helsinki

    P.S. If you wonder about it, your name in the editorial was Gianis.

    Helsinging Sanomat 30.1.2015


    The one who thought that Syriza, the new leftist party in Greece, would start to search for compromises when it came to power, are in for a surprise. The destiny of Greece is in the hands of those who gradually are getting fed up with the country/having enough of the country. There are big problems ahead if a defiant uncompromising attitude will be the guiding line of the country.

    For those who honour truth, to read the views of Gianis Varoufakis, Greece secretary of the treasury, (Helsinging Sanomat 27.1) are depressing. “It is outrageous that we are expected to borrow from the ordinary Finn, Slovak and German. As a bankrupt country, we are borrowing money from you, only to shovel it in to the black hole of the ECB. One European lending to another, so that he can pay the central bank” he said.

    So Finland and Greece is on the same side, and against them, is the big greedy hole of the ECB.

    This description does not have any strong connection to reality. The ECB’s share of Greece debt is only a few percent. The vast majority of Greece’s 300 billion debt, have been given to it, and secured, by other euro country’s.

    At the moment Greece isn’t shovelling money anywhere. Greece is not starting with the depth repayment for many years. The total depth as such is not an obstacle for growth.

    If Greece, at some point starts to pay its debt, it will shovel money with a much larger shovel, to Finland and other euro countries, than to the ECB. ECB bought Greek bonds in the secondary market when the crisis was at it’s worst. Now when the bonds become due Greece has to renew them. If ECB would not get its money, the unpaid depth would mean, that the central bank would be financing the Greece state directly. This is not possible.

    Syriza has been suggesting that, after the cuts in public depth, the repayment of the rest, would be tied to economic growth in Greece. The idea has, from the perspective of the lender, the problem, that this arrangement would turn the euro area in to a union with income transfers and the taxpayers of the assisting countries would pay the bill. A repayment plan, which is tied to economic growth, seems even less attractive, when Syriza appears to destroy even the tiny growth that has been measured i Greece.

    The interpretation that Varoufakis is doing is “strategic”. Its clear that the opinions in the euro area should be turned in a direction that is favourable to Greece. Without the good will of the lenders there will be no cuts in the debt. Contrary to what Syriza have been implying, the borrower will not succeed to cut its depth just by announcing such cuts.

    The Finns would be more understanding, if they had such – though wrong – picture of the situation, that Finns and Greeks are on the same side regarding Greece’s depth problem. If one builds a more accurate picture of the situation, then, in reality, the lenders, like Finland and ECB, are on the same side as the Finns.

    It would be wise for the new government in Greece’s to make itself familiar with the laws that guide central bank and to keep a good relation to the ECB. If Greek banks get in to trouble because of, bank runs, deteriorations in depth quality and falling stock prices in the banking sector, ECB is the only instance that can save the banking system. In December ECB did shovel 56 billon euros in debt to the Greek banks, and in January an emergency facility was opened for them.

    If Greece abandons the adjustment program of its economy – as Syriza has been telling it will do – the ECB will not be able to help the Greek banks anymore. The securities on their books don’t fill the criteria of normal financial operations, but it is agreed, that ECB will accept them, as long as Greece sticks to the agreed economic program. If Greece continues to cancel its economical reforms ECB cannot include Greece in its coming debt-buying program. This program is planned to stimulate the economy in the euro area.

    If this happens the evil black hole has been scared away. But then Greece might collapse.

  • Is there a way that I can communicate with you personally concerning a huge problem that has brought me and my family in a really difficult situation after the elections. Thank you.

  • We, the rest of Europe, fully understand that Greece does not wish to pay the debt it has incurred. It seems that the majority of the Greeks does not share the same values as the most other people in the European Union. I therefore suggest that you negotiate a settlement by which you stop assuming responsibilites of YOUR debts and leave both the Euro and the European Union effective immediately. We will not miss you. Farewell!

  • Have you ever consider that we can have a dual currency economy like we had at the beginning of the EURO era? This will make as more flexible. This will reduce the inflation and will make more competitive our exports and the tourism sector. This sounds a little bit extreme but ” extreme situations require extreme measures” and out of the box thinking. To be competitive it only takes a few laws but… the “Pareto way”. Less bureaucracy for business and more flexible schemes, more competitive salaries for the people in order to increase demand, less VAT for tourism sector, small public sector and public companies with targets and profits. Lows in favor of capital return to Greece for investments. Less Banks but under government control. Strong economical relations with Russia and China. We can be the Chinas gate to EUROPE and they can be our gate to Asia for exports. If we have markets to export then we can produce. Think like a business man when you have demand one part of your profit you invest it to increase production. More production more money for everybody. Yes again Pareto’s Low. This can be your Golden Rule. Russia on the other hand can be the energy provider for whole Europe through Greece and a huge market for our agricultural products. There so many ways to be competitive without austerity measures that reduce demand. The only think we need is will against those who put their interest over their country’s interest only to get richer. Can you put yourself against them or make them believe that this is the time to invest in Greece and Greek values. Where there is a will there is a way. So when you find them against your policies tell them one think “No way”. We do have the best plot , so now is the time to make the best of it. This could be difficult because you will face the dark force inside and outside but at the end Neo will bring the sunshine. May the force be with you Yani.

  • “…when the Americans, British, Germans, and Turks revive against Tsipras – as they are certain to do — the infowar and regime-change tactics used against Andreas Papandreou between 1982 and 1989…”
    Read more: http://sco.lt/7evRMf

  • In order to get from Russia the assistance it may need, Greece cannot give the impression that it is unconditionally on Russia’s side. Russia must be encouraged to realize that Greece’s support needs a quid pro quo… This said, I would expect Greece to veto, for the time being, any new sanctions against Russia. Because the EU must also realize that getting Greek support has a price… I fully trust Greek ministers to know how to handle this. After all Greeks have been at this game a lot longer than the rest of us…

  • With great respect for your academic work and your previous advocacy campaign for different solutions for the eurocrisis, I have my doubts that respect was a problem. Even without agreeing with your views, your clear and consistent position as a commentator rooted in scholarly arguments has made you always worth following and listening to. As a specialist on the EU, however, I cannot help but agree with the Romanian commentator above. Continuity on such issues is assumed, that’s what ambassadors and COREPER and all of the EU’s discussion fora below the political level are for. As for the substance of this question, having admired and retweeted the link to your Channel 4 interview with its laudable intentions to curb the influence of Greek oligarchy, I cannot begin to imagine how they can be reconciled with approval and links with a neo-patrimonial regime of oligarchs controlling and collecting rents from a huge reservoir of natural resources.

  • Επιτέλους ένας όόμορφος, μορφωμένος και πανέξυπνος Έλληνας. Μπράβο Βαρουφακις.

  • Αισθανόμαστε υπερήφανοι μετά από 4 χρόνια υποτέλειας. Σήμερα η Ελλάδα απέδειξε πώς έχουμε άριστους εκλεγμένους πολιτικούς επιστήμονες εκπρόσωπους στην ελληνική κυβέρνηση. Συνεχίστε….ο ελληνικός λαός σας στηρίζει….
    Ελπίζουμε για μια καλύτερη ζωή με αξιοπρέπεια.

  • After 8 years of Bush and 6 years of Obama, we know Media are literally owned (with the exception of HuffPost) by the global Right Wing 1% and serve the 1%’s interests through fear, lies, deceit, made up scandals and crises, and organized terrorism and atrocities all over the World. And, as you nail it, though the “economic waterboarding”, the modern cheap warfare, they plan dominance and doom of the World just for kicks and in the name of their “Supremacy”.
    It is pure military war tactics of the 1% treating the 99% practically like an enemy, including their own nationalities on their own lands.
    It is the money-power-money wheel that never stops the recycling of the hamsters that are us, the regular people. Because they are BARBARIANS, void of compassion and common sense.
    *Please don’t make the same mistake Obama does treating them with respect and expecting them to turn with logic and reason. It will not happen. They wouldn’t be the 1% if they did. They will just get bolder, because they are ruthless, relentless, with unlimited resources, and play by the ear.
    *Any Syriza official member shouldn’t have any meetings with them if they make pre-emptying statements, like all of them have done already on your second day in government before any meetings, against the Syriza positions, especially those regarding the Troika Mnemonium.
    *But since you are already meeting with them in-spite of their arrogant, predatory, pre-emptying statements, you should ask them to retract their words publicly. Should they not, insult them in public for their criminal servitude to the 1% and refuse any further talk.
    *Have a plan B without them in place, which actually should be the A plan, the Grexit.
    *You should have all your high level meetings broadcasted, thus rendering them naked in front of the European and rest of the World viewers to raise conscience and support. As you know Evil favors dark and secrecy. Make European people see their true nature; inhumane and dangerous to them and side with you.
    *People only know you through the Media, so all of you in government use it to your advantage like Syriza has done successfully so far to defeat the Greek Right.
    But this is the Global Right, treat it to scale.
    They are not equal, they are inferior. They are hollow men. That’s why they are so hard to beat.
    You are the True Sons and Daughters of Beautiful, Legendary Greece. A lot is expected of you.
    They know you are men of Greek Thought and Compassion. That’s why they want to destroy Greece like they tried throughout the centuries with barbarian wars, Christianity, Turkokratia, Monarchy, military takeovers. All Right Wing abominations for Dominance, Destruction. Eventually Stupidity.
    But they cannot hide the Sun. You will prevail.-
    With Love, respect, and prayer
    G, a fan of yours and a loving daughter of Greece

  • I posted a comment under news2u2. You still “moderating it”. I guess we have to contact Yanis directly about this.

  • That is correct Yanis. I did not vote for you, but this has “no meaning”, since we are in an after election period. Following your thoughts since 2009, I see the validity they contain. And above all I like the way you express them. Your presence with Mr. Daissenblum, was superb today, and you made it clear that “we” seek a new Europe of programs and actions for the benifit of Hellas and “United Europe”.

  • Yanis, any thoughts after the “not exceptional” meeting with Jeroen Dijsselbloem? Do you think that EU will push Greece against the wall, now that they can afford it with Draghi’s assistance of 1 trillion euros?

  • Sir, let me first congratulate the Syriza party on their win, its high time there was a change. As a Canadian of Greek origin, I follow the events in Hellas with great interest. I do have one caveat, if I may: the Orthodox Church is a vital part of the identity of Hellenes world-wide. While I agree that there must be a separation of church and state, I would not like to see Hellas turn into a homogenized, faceless society with not identity. This is the goal of globalization: a tearing away of national and ethnic identity. I believe that, along with a renewed sense of self and independence, it is important that we preserve all that makes Hellas, Hellas.
    -Christine Alexopoulos, Markham, Ontario, canada

  • If you will manage to put the 25% of Greek adults and the 50% of Greek youth to work and create value for themselves and for exchange you, the new government and all the Greeks in the world will be the winners otherwise you and the entire Greek people will be the losers and misses Merkel will be the winner. It is to my interest that you guys will do everything and a little more to make the Greeks proud.

  • Many congratulations on the brave, adult and brilliant way how you dealt with the «messenger/postman» from the Eurogroup today — that sickly engendered and illegitimate triumvirate. If a group of burglars sounds convincing, doesn’t mean they deserve credit just for their speech. Finally someone stood up to them, looked them right in the face and said very honestly what he thought of it all. As a matter of fact, you were polite/educated and clearly straightforward. The dutch guy (oh dear, if that’s a socialist, then I wonder who isn’t… – and all these visits turn out to be a puppet show…..!!) wasn’t even professional in his attitude. Pure genius. Congratulations on your bravery, cleverness and sense of humor, you’re representing millions of europeans struck by austerity and under foreign rule.
    > from Portugal

  • Hello from Finland!

    Don’t take our government seriously. They are clowns. Keep going strong.

  • Ανακοίνωση

    Ιανουάριος 2015

    Η κυβέρνηση της καταστροφής με την ολόπλευρη στήριξη των δανειστών και των αγορών παρά τις απειλές, τους εκβιασμούς, την τρομοκρατία και την τεράστια προσπάθεια αποστασίας δεν κατόρθωσε να εκλέξει «Πρόεδρο της Δημοκρατίας».
    Η κατάσταση φτωχοποίησης και εξαθλίωσης της κοινωνίας και το πλατύ δημοκρατικό αντιμνημονιακό πατριωτικό ρεύμα που έχει διαμορφωθεί σ’ αυτήν είναι οι αιτίες που έκαναν απαγορευτική την εκλογή μνημονιακού Προέδρου.
    Το μνημονιακό σύστημα εξουσίας Ν.Δ.–ΠΑΣΟΚ και οι εφεδρείες του (ΠΟΤΑΜΙ-Κόμμα Μπαλτάκου-Κόμμα Παπανδρέου και τα λοιπά) και τα συμφέροντα που εκπροσωπούν (ΕΕ-ΔΝΤ-Δανειστές-Αγορές και εγχώριοι μεσίτες) θα προσπαθήσουν με απειλές εκβιασμούς, τρομοκρατία ακόμη και με οικονομικό σαμποτάζ να ξαναπάρουν την κυβερνητική εξουσία για να συνεχίσουν το καταστροφικό τους έργο.
    Θέλουν τη χώρα αποικία χρέους για εύκολο πλιάτσικο και το Λαό της Ελλάδας «είλωτα».

    Τώρα όμως είναι η ώρα του Λαού!!!
    Όλοι στον Αγώνα για να μην επιτρέψουμε να περάσει ο φόβος και η τρομοκρατία ούτε σε ένα συμπολίτη μας.
    Ούτε μία ψήφος στους εκπροσώπους της ΕΕ του ΔΝΤ, των χρηματιστών και των τραπεζιτών.
    Ούτε μία ψήφος σε ΝΔ-ΠΑΣΟΚ και τις εφεδρείες τους.
    Ούτε μία ψήφος στους εκπροσώπους του ναζισμού της Χρυσής Αυγής.

    Αγωνιζόμαστε και ψηφίζουμε για μια νέα δημοκρατική αντιμνημονιακή πατριωτική κυβέρνηση που να στέκεται στο πλάι του Λαού και όχι στο πλάι των δανειστών και των Αγορών.
    Ψηφίζουμε και απαιτούμε:
    • Κατάργηση του μνημονίου και όλων των εφαρμοστικών νόμων
    • Άμεση αποκατάσταση της εργατικής νομοθεσίας
    • Σεισάχθεια για τα φτωχά και μεσαία νοικοκυριά, τις μικρές και μεσαίες επιχειρήσεις
    • Εθνικοποίηση των τραπεζών σαν απαραίτητο όρο για την παραγωγική ανασυγκρότηση της χώρας
    • Καταγγελία της δανειακής σύμβασης και επανάκτηση της εθνικής κυριαρχίας
    • Διαγραφή του μεγαλύτερου μέρους του χρέους για τη σωτηρία του Λαού και της Χώρας και την κατάκτηση της εθνικής ανεξαρτησίας
    • Κατάργηση όλων των αντιδημοκρατικών νόμων και των κατασταλτικών μηχανισμών. Αποκατάσταση και διεύρυνση της Δημοκρατίας.
    Με άξονα αυτές τις κόκκινες λαϊκές γραμμές είναι σήμερα απαραίτητο όσο ποτέ:
     Να οικοδομήσουμε τη λαϊκή δημοκρατική αντιμνημονιακή πατριωτική ενότητά μας. Την ενότητα δηλαδή όλου του Λαού πέρα από την κομματική ένταξη ή προτίμηση.
     Να φτιάξουμε παντού σε κάθε δήμο, σε κάθε συνοικία και γειτονιά τη δικιά μας οργάνωση υπεράσπισης της Δημοκρατίας, της Εργασίας και της Εθνικής Ανεξαρτησίας.
     Να δημιουργήσουμε παντού Δημοκρατικές Επιτροπές Αντίστασης απέναντι στο δικό τους νεοφιλελεύθερο ολοκληρωτισμό.
    Η ενότητα και οργάνωση του ίδιου του Λαού είναι σήμερα το πρώτο και σημαντικότερο Καθήκον. Είναι ευθύνη όλων μας. Πρώτα και κύρια όμως έχουν την ευθύνη να πρωτοστατήσουν τα δημοκρατικά αντιμνημονιακά κόμματα και οργανώσεις. Ο Aγώνας που έχουμε μπροστά μας είναι δύσκολος και ανηφορικός. Τώρα πρέπει τα δημοκρατικά κόμματα και οργανώσεις, έστω και καθυστερημένα, να δώσουν όλες τις δυνάμεις τους για την οργάνωση της ίδιας της κοινωνίας.
    Μόνο έτσι θα δείξουμε ότι σε ένα Λαό ενωμένο για τη ζωή και την αξιοπρέπειά του δεν περνάει καμία απειλή, κανένας εκβιασμός, δεν χωράει κανένας συμβιβασμός και καμιά υποχώρηση από τις δικές του κόκκινες λαϊκές γραμμές.
    Όλοι στη μάχη, όλοι στον Αγώνα για τη Δημοκρατία, την Εργασία και την Εθνική Ανεξαρτησία.

    Ή αυτοί ή εμείς. Θα νικήσουμε!!!

    Δημοκρατικές Επιτροπές Αντίστασης

  • “From my perspective, even though (let me state it again) I am certainly not qualified to speak on foreign affairs, this is all about a question of respect for our national sovereignty.”…I have never read anything more egocentric, which however seems to be just the inner core of Mr. Varoufakis. Instead of taking a clear stand on a false war (regardless of which side you fancy) with many people dying or suggesting how to end it….Mr. Varoufakis uses this tragedy simply for politics and just opposes a suggestion that tries to reduce killing because he was not asked???? Chapeau as it seems to have bern working but schame on you!!!! Funny or sad that the excuse is on top simply not true!!! Hope Mr. Varoufakis and is egocentric view (which was also shown in his meeting with Mr. Djisselbloem on the 30. of Jan) does not finally bring down such great nation like Greece nor such a great idea of one peaceful and unified European Union!!!!

  • Γειά! Yanis…
    Just watched your continually interrupted interview with Emily No Mates, sorry, Maitless on BBC2’s Newsnight. A good point made about confusing liquidity with Insolvency in the EU’s extend and pretend ostrich muppet show. If only the Commission committed less and omitted more ?…Concerning Emily, you do know why she does not wear a hat ?…Well Yanis, she is so far up herself, she wears herself as one. And she -unlike you- has not evolved to discover we have evolved to have 2 ears and 1 mouth for one reason. And she clearly did not discover that GDP in Greek translates as Greek Decimal Point. And German humour is no laughing matter. Comedy is Tragedy with time added. As Samuel Beckett said, “Fail, fail again, fail better!”-QED!
    I am an Irish B-777 pilot ,allergic to Airbus, as I have an innate desire to die in a bed. I am living in Brussels. I am one of the Eurozone’s peripheral PIIGS obviously. I was last in Greece in 1996. I voted No to Lisbon in June 12 2008. Let’s have a pint, next time you’re in Bruxelles.
    Slainte…Keep the blue side up. And if you ever lose your sense of humour, you should qualify for a disabled parking permit.

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