The Athens Spring lives on! Speech at Frangy-en-Bresse, with Arnaud Montebourg

On Sunday 23th August, I joined forces with Arnaud Montembourg in Frangy-en-Bresse (or Frangy-en-Grece as it was renamed for the day!) to put forward to the people of France a simple message: There is no alternative but the democratisation of the Eurozone! For the full text of my speech click here. And for a translation in French by Monica M., click here.

YV and Arnaud


    • In such case make sure ND gets 1st place in the upcoming elections and then have to implement the Schauble ratzilla program. Then we could discuss the meaning of oblivion.

  • Hi Vanis

    I am Irish living in Ireland.

    Want to know are you joing Popular Unity. And what are parliamentary intentions?

    Paddy Hackett


    • In short answer: Yanis could neither join Popular Unity nor remain with Syriza. Therefore he will have to sit out this Greek election parliamentary round.

      If Yanis were to join the Lafazanis group this would make him an alternative currency supporter, a position which Yanis does not believe in. His famous Plan B was a tool towards a better negotiated outcome. Yanis does not believe in the drachma by any stretch of the imagination.

      As for Syriza the obvious reason that he can not join them in this election round is that he has been betrayed by them and they in turn have made Yanis a sort of scapegoat for their own political shortcomings.

      Yanis’ political orientation for the moment can be found outside the Greek borders because he has both international appeal and recognition. If he could translate his well known persona into some sort of tool for change in European affairs remains to be seen. It’s not that easy to do however Yanis is a well known resistance figure and could capitalize on such recognition perhaps through unorthodox channels.

  • This is reaIIy MAGNIFICENT Yani. A masterpiece of Vision. Thank you for this enormous and inspiring effort.

  • Every person who is bright, rational, but above all human, deserves the respect among other humans. Thank you for acting, teaching an please…KEEP ON! Paula Serra, Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Par quels moyens, s’il vous plaît, nous pouvons transformer cette interminable discours théorique en résultats concrets et tangibles?