Varoufakis on Schäuble – extract from Stephan Lamby's SWR-ADR documentary

Extract from Stephan Lamby’s SWR-ADR documentary Schäuble: Power & Powerlessness in which I discuss our government’s January-June 2015 negotiating experience and aspects of my discussions with Dr Wolfgang Schäuble.


    • Schauble can say anything he wants. His job is to psych out Tsipras and keep him off balance.

      Tsipras’s job is to keep his cool and exert leadership.

  • Greece elected a government last January 2015 to accomplish a task of getting better terms and thus to provide relief to a suffering Greek population; relief from the Schauble nonsense known as “austerity und pseudo-reforms for cash”. The spearhead of such effort was Yanis Varoufakis and for a very good reason. He was (and still continues to be) head and shoulders above other Syriza members meaning intellectually superior to them ( quite frankly there is no other person being his equal within the Syriza camp, a political force of low experience and still in the making/experimenting with its identity).

    This effort as we now know has failed and Tsipras capitulated while offering Yanis as a sacrificial lamb.

    What is confounding about the present situation in Greece is that Tsipras, despite a clear failure in his mission, wishes to obtain a new mandate to continue that which he has has proven unable to either conclude or achieve. And this despite all the evidence that the job of the next prime minister of Greece would be to implement the 3rd and most brutal piece of the MOU series with very little else allowed and in a severely restricted freedom of movement environment for the next Greek government.

    The purpose of leaders is to exert leadership. Leadership means using one’s own influence to persuade people to move in directions where outcome is uncertain, difficult and otherwise unfamiliar. Tsipras instead of leading, he pulled a Merkel saying that he was following the desires of the people to stay within the eurozone as a cover for the failure of his mission.

    Therefore the question arises: why should he(Tsipras) be given a second chance and why is he embarking on this suicidal mission to implement Schauble’s program? What good could possibly come out of this for either himself or his political party? Better let his opposition to experience the humiliating task of total surrender and save himself to fight for another day.

  • Greece needs to prepare and finally leave the EU and the Eurozone altogether.


  • “It is said that Napoleon called the English a nation of shopkeepers. He obviously meant that as an insult, seeing shopkeepers as people of limited imagination, ambition and wit. There is some truth to the saying about the English, although George Orwell was enraged at the trivialization of their achievements. To the extent to which the English were suspicious of the wholesomeness and usefulness of French and particularly German philosophy, Napoleon was right. But if he was, then Hitler achieved something extraordinary: He made all of Europe into nations of shopkeepers.

    After the war, the obsession of Europeans was to live. Then it was to make a living. Napoleon’s insult was that there was more to life than simply making a living. What Hitler achieved was what he would have been appalled by: shopkeepers ruling Europe. But Europe is obsessed with making a living and suspicious of profound thinking. It has seen where that got it and it doesn’t intend to go there again. The best minds get MBAs. The broad public sleeps late on Sunday. The train wreck that Hitler made of Europe created a secularism not only in relation to Christianity, but in all attempts to recreate the depth of European culture.”

    Source: Stratfor

  • It might be unncecessary to mention, as of course the two german politicians (and Joachim Gauck, and so many more) all go on with their old ways, trying to destroy every resistance against their austerity measures. But Angela Merkel now sang the praise of Mariano Rajoy, the spanish conservative leader, to help him with the elections.
    After Merkel’s as per usual somewhat slimy praisals (sadly enough quite some people, even politicians, used to believe in Merkel’s “honesty” and “fairness”…while she still is the person who can dismiss or praise Herr Schäuble, she is the leader) a conservative newspaper in Spain wrote about Rajoy. The paper called him a kind of top pupil, model pupil of Germany’s and the EU’ politics.