Il Fatto Quotidiano interview on M. Renzi's 'comment' & my reply

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FATTO QUOTIDIANO page of my interview - 23 SEP 2015Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano just published an interview with me regarding PN Renzi’s recent comments on my “removal” and my reply to him. Here are is the original Q&A in English.

1. The Italian premier Matteo Renzi has said “sto Varoufakis se lo semo tolti” (we got read of Varoufakis). Your replied was to say that what it was lost was democracy, not Varoufakis. A lot of people are expecting to know which your next step will be . Are going to continue in politics in Greece?
One thing I learned in the past year is that we need a pan-European movement to democratise the Eurozone. Our national parties cannot achieve this either through national politics or through flimsy alliances at the level of the European Parliament. We need a pan-European network with a simple objective: To democratise the euro! This is what Europe needs desperately today. This is what I am working towards, together with many other from across Europe. So, yes, I shall continue in politics in Greece and in Europe.
2. Renzi is the face of the new social-democracy in Europe, young face for old politics, has Tsipras become like him?
No, I do not think so. Alexis knows better. What he must watch out for is the insidious process that can lead to mutations when one acquiesces to non-viable policies devised by faceless Brussels-Frankfurt bureaucrats for the purposes of maintaining their own authority. Matteo Renzi knows well what I an referring to.
3. It seems nobody can stand against Merkel’s rules. Is there any alternative? Is it the moment to create a strong European anti-austerity movement?
The problem with the Chancellor’s rules is that they cannot be implemented, even if we want to. And this is the conundrum that, again, Mr Renzi knows well: Italy’s France’s, Greece’s (etc.) governments are forced to clash either with the established “rules” or with… reality. And since reality is ruthless, the result is insoluble crisis.
4. With this new government, which is going to be the future of Greece?
Same as the past: a continuation of the self-perpetuating debt-deflationary crisis. This is not because Alexis Tsipras is so inclined. It is because when you have been forced to follow the same failed recipe you will end up with the same results – independently of your desires.
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