Before the Launch -DiEM in the making

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 21.55.11.pngFew days, indeed hours, before DiEM’s 9th February Berlin launch, is slowly getting off the ground. For the time being, it offers readers the opportunity to join the movement and to read the Manifesto in English – and soon in many more languages. (For convenience, and for now, click here for the English version and here for the Greek.)

DiEM LOGO2 White BackgroundAlso, readers can have a sneak preview of the themes and participants of the debates that will precede the evening launch by clicking here

And do not forget that the Main Event, at 20.30 Central European Time, will be live streamed here (


  • Your effort and your choice of venue is noble, but I’m afraid it may be too late. The people of Europe are running away from Germany in all directions. As for the vision of united Europe, it may be more Chinese state capitalism than post-war western social democracy…

    • Well, DiEM25 certainly sounds promising…and surely will be more effective than all those posh “Focault” and “communism”-congresses since about 1995 where Zizek (whom Yanis likes, I think he acted more like a man perfectly happy with his role in a indifferent postmodern society) and so many more talked, talked and felt they were so “cool”. Those congresses happened in the midst of a neoliberal society that grew ever more market-radical. Nearly nobody even noticed that amongst the invited. So I’m happy new ideas are here finally…
      It is – besides EU and neoliberal politics and their main role – also a fault of some of those intellectuals that they indulged in their “we inscene ourselves daily new”-talks and that was it. They slept when Germany (but not Germany alone, we have Dijsselbloem, Draghi, neoliberal parties europe-wide, even in Greece the most conservative parties did not act very noble for their own people) and austerity started to destroy societies into “market-conform” (Merkel) societies. Finally some of the left are waking up after 2 horrible decades, it seems to me.