• ok Yanis, clip is nice and so on.

    what do you need? How can one help? I realize it’s a hard question, but still…

    website is crap; do you need any help there?

  • This video is as frighteningly empty of meaning and content as any of the endless stream of Brussels We-heart-Europe propaganda videos over the last 25 years. It brought to mind immediately the non-existent bridges and arches on euro bills. So Europeans are: Young, Beautiful, Well Off, Fit, Have Leisure, can afford walking holidays and Are In Love? And “Europe” consists of anonymous lakes, mountains, roads, fields and sea? Really? REALLY?

  • Truthfully all I can say is that this video immediately evoked Brussels propaganda and seemed one and the same, coming straight out of the EU propaganda factory. Empty, empty….That is really scary. Except the only difference in this case are a few old “baddies” to set against the young, fit, wealthy, healthy, well dressed, in love “goodies”. All to be solved by Transparency and a 350 million person “democracy”??? Something like the American one?