The 3rd Option Needed in the UK Referendum Debate – in Newsweek

23/02/2016 by

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We need a third way
Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister, speaking at the launch of the DiEM25– Good Europe campaign.

“David Cameron came back with the mother of all euro-fudges to address…an electorate that is sick and tired of euro-fudges. So there is a delicious irony there… The Euroskeptics have a legitimate case. Those who…come to the conclusion that Britain is better off outside the European Union due to their commitment to the sovereignty of Parliament and so on, they have a very interesting case. [But] I disagree with them…because at the same time they want to be part of the single market. You cannot have a single market unless you have common industry standards. And you cannot have those common standards and a judiciary and a system of implementing those common standards unless you have pooled sovereignty.

“So in the referendum I would like to campaign for a third option, neither Brexit nor surrender to this euro-fudge of Cameron and his mates in the European Council.

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