Noam Chomsky joins DiEM25

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“DiEM25’s Manifesto is a bold effort to reverse the damage and restore the promise,” says Chomsky.

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, March 14, 2016– Distinguished American linguist, philosopher and political activist, Noam Chomsky, has officially endorsed DiEM25, the Democracy in Europe Movement launched last month by Greece’s former Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis.

“The formation of the European Union,” explained Chomsky, “was a highly encouraging step forward in world affairs, with great promise.” However, in the view of the American scholar, the EU “now faces severe threats, from within, tracing in no small measure to the attack on democracy.”

Upon becoming the latest signatory of the movement’s Manifesto, Chomsky affirmed, “[DiEM25’s] Manifesto is a bold effort to reverse the damage and restore the promise, an initiative of great significance.”

“Europe and the United States are responsible for some of the greatest gifts to, but also some of the worst crimes against, humanity,” said Varoufakis. “Together,” he elaborated, “Europeans and Americans (both North and South), we have given the world humanist rationalism, Bills of Rights, the idea of shared prosperity, internationalism, the anti-slavery movement, the United Nations, the list goes on.

But we have also inflicted upon the world various colonialisms, environmental destruction, the permanent violation of the Middle East, Vietnam, dictatorships, the surveillance state, multinational companies that plunder peoples and continents, self-defeating austerity, extraordinary rendition, the list goes on.”

The former Finance Minister believes that “it is time that Americans and Europeans joined forces, across the Atlantic, to produce the surge of democracy that can uniquely revive hope, silence the sirens of toxic populism, dissolve governmental authoritarianism, and create the foundations of a planetary future worth fighting for.”

“DiEM25, the movement for democratizing the European Union,” Varoufakis noted, “welcomes Noam Chomsky to its ranks.”

Yanis Varoufakis and Noam Chomsky will appear together at New York’s Public Library LIVE stage on Tuesday, April 26.

Born in Philadelphia on December 7, 1928, Chomsky is regarded as the father of modern linguistics. He has authored over 100 books on topics in his field and on issues of dissent and US foreign policy. Chomsky is currently Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Noam Chomsky joins a growing list of intellectuals and global personalities’ endorsing DiEM25. Julian Assange, Ken Loach, James K. Galbraith, Saskia Sassen, Walter Baier and Brian Eno are among the more than 17,000 members who have joined DiEM25 since the movement’s foundation last February 9 in Berlin.

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  • And thus punctuate DiEM25’s political irrelevance. The Left never had a shortage of needing to endlessly talk about injustice; but had always had and will continue to have a profound inability to act and correct said injustices. As we say, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

    • Agreed.
      So Naom Chomsky joins pro-Libyan-war “philosopher” Slavov Zizek on the DIeM 25 platform.

      In the present dangerous reality in which the utmost decency, common sense and courage is needed, can we really afford to play this parlour game of Left vs Right not to mention celebrity? History has shown that – as they now exist – both are outdated paradigms, loaded with toxic pathologies and toxic histories: SYRIZA itself being an outstanding example.

      During the war Left and Right fought together for a greater purpose – thus the difference between united front and divide and rule, between patriot and traitor.

      Any club (“movement”) that blackballs half of Europe from membership loses my vote. A movement of the Left talking only to the Left is by definition ophthalmoscopic and self-defeating. Broad-brushing conservatives as fascists is nonsense, and refusing their insight [such as Alain Soral and Dieudonne] plain sad and unintelligent. If ever there was a time to move beyond political ghettos, this is it. One would think this would be obvious to a movement that aims at being Europe-wide.

    • Yani, your economic analysis is much missed. I wish you would devote a posting to that.

  • I cannot agree more with Dean Plassaras on this matter. Chomsky is probably more a liability than an asset to any political movement. He is rigid and bigoted, totally hopeless living in an Ivy tower….

    Moreover, I believe that Yanis really has not given proper analysis of the EU system and how it cannot function without being authoritarian and repressive. Any attempt at democracy in the EU will ultimately lead to its dissolution. That’s why the EU elite will never agree to any devolution.

    History is rife with examples of rotting authoritarian structures trying to democratize at the 11th hour and this hail Mary attempt simply accelerating their demise: eg. Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire and more recently the Soviet Union.

    Yanis should meet Nassim Taleb and learn from his point of view about stability and these kinds of structures. Yanis is a good economist, but he tends to be blind and rigid ideologically in politics – of which Chomsky is an extreme example to avoid.