The Right Left for Europe: In response to leftwing Brexiters, Grexiters etc. – Project Syndicate Op-Ed

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ATHENS – The United Kingdom’s referendum on whether to leave the European Union created odd bedfellows – and some odder adversaries. As Tory turned mercilessly against Tory, the schism in the Conservative establishment received much attention. But a parallel (thankfully more civilized) split afflicted my side: the left.

Having campaigned against “Leave” for several months in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, it was inevitable that I faced criticism from left-wing supporters of “Brexit,” or “Lexit” as it came to be known. [For the rest of the article click here]

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  • You seem to be struggling to find the right space and justification for your own brand of politics under the overwhelming realization that the decision of the British people to reject the EU was both a repudiation of Right and Left politics. This obsession of getting the appearances right has nothing to do with the undeniable fact that a decision to leave the EU was a democratic decision in its core and a move against a Brussels unelected oligarchy. End of story.