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  • Excellent panel. I wish though the topic to be reframed a bit as follows:

    The corrosive influence of the democratic process is largely due to abuse by the elites which tend to dismiss the workings of democracy as irrelevant and uniformed (see Juncker and his buddies in Brussels on this).

    However that we call democracy today is nothing more than a form of representative oligarchy greatly influenced by the elites in a manner diminishing its power rather than augmenting it. In other words we already practice a form of democracy light mostly for appearances.

    Therefore we face a dual and severe problem. Not only we practice a form of pseudo-democracy but also the elites which heavily control this false narrative further remove and reduce any possible effectiveness of the democratic system. Imagine an already weak mechanism in the hands of those who wish it destroyed. Not good, right?

    It sounds like that we need to turn the page towards a better system; one that respects democracy rather than paying lip service to a nefarious democratic process open to self-serving interpretations.