The Progressive International has been launched. Read the Open Call. See the video. Join us!

01/12/2018 by

A global war is being waged against workers, against our environment, against democracy, against decency.

A network of right-wing factions is spreading across borders working to erode human rights, silence dissent, and promote intolerance. To defeat this new Nationalist International, we cannot simply go back to the failed status quo.

Unfettered globalization promised peace and prosperity. But it delivered financial crisis, needless war, and disastrous climate change. The time has come for progressives to form a grassroots movement for global justice: to mobilize workers, women and the disenfranchised all around the world behind a shared vision of democracy, prosperity, sustainability, and solidarity.

Our Progressive International will reach out to communities in every corner of the world to help build our shared vision.

Our Progressive International will stand by people who are already fighting to end inequality, exploitation, discrimination and environmental degradation.

Our Progressive International will reclaim our communities, our cities, our countries, and our planet with a bold International Green New Deal that we will work, together, to deliver.

It is time for progressives of the world to unite.

Today, on behalf of DiEM25 and The Sanders Institute, we issue a Call to Action: to create a global network of individuals and organizations that will fight together for dignity, peace, prosperity and the future of our planet.

Join us. Join Progressive International.



ARTICLES: The urgent need for a Progressive International to confront the new axis of authoritarianism, to take over international organisations from the global oligarchy, and to create new international institutions to implement the International Green New Deal:




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