When the truth of Israel’s Apartheid is replaced with missile and assorted violence data reporting

13/05/2021 by

Imagine if reports of riots in Soweto against Apartheid never mentioned Apartheid but only concentrated on the violence of the youths or the loss of life and property caused by militant blacks. This is what we are being treated to today in Western media reports ftom Palestine.

When the truth is replaced by silence, a dissident once said, the silence is a lie. And when this lie concerns ethnic cleansing of a native population, and the installation of an apartheid state, those who knowingly perpetuate the lie are participants in the crime.

Look at our news feed from Palestine and Israel: They report on the violence as events unconnected to their cause: the wilful attempt to evict dozens of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah, a neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem, in order to hand over their homes to Israeli settlers. The Israeli apartheid policies, and the settler ideology behind them, go unreported.

Every time a TV station, a commentator, a politician or a government spokesperson reports on these events without a mention of the ideology and practices of apartheid that caused them, they become accomplices to a horrendous crime.


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