Hypatia: my choice of a great life to re-visit and celebrate – on BBC Radio 4’s Great Lives

27/09/2021 by

When I was still in primary school, I sought my mum’s help in countering a friend’s bigoted assertion that “women are useless”, which he had based on the fact that our teachers never mentioned a single woman mathematician or scientist. My mum’s reply came immediately: Hypatia! So, when the producers of BBC Radio 4’s Great Lives asked me to nominate a great life for the program, determined to steer clear of yet another ‘dead white man’, I had little trouble homing in on Hypatia. Only then did I realise I had two other, equally personal, reasons to have picked Hypatia: Anna, my grandmother, and Danae, my partner. For more, listen up!

For the BBC’s site, click here.

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