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mέta – DiEM25’s & MeRA25’s Centre for Postcapitalist Civilisation premiers tonight, 13th May, at 19.00CET

Imagine the world anew, together.  Thursday 13 May 2021, at 19.00CET (17.00GMT, 20.00 Athens time), streaming at mέta’s YouTube channel and at Through a sequence of intensifying crises, capitalism has already morphed into a dystopian postmodern, hi-tech version of feudalism. Postcapitalism is, thus, already here. Through art and research, argument and poetry, mέta, the […]

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DiEM25’s online art auction: A new way of funding democratic movements and a new relationship between participatory politics and art

DiEM25 is changing the way we do politics and fund our campaigns. From our first day, we declared that we shall not be receiving money from bankers, Brussels, oligarchs and assorted vested interests – that we would struggle with whatever funding our activists could provide from their meagre resources. Today, faced with the uphill struggle of participating […]

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Δημοπρασία έργων διεθνών καλλιτεχνών υπέρ του DiEM25 και του ΜέΡΑ25

Σήμερα έχουμε άλλη μια απόδειξη ότι το κίνημά μας, το DiEM25 πανευρωπαϊκά και το ΜέΡΑ25 στην πατρίδα μας, φέρνει κάτι καινούργιο, πρωτόγνωρο και ωραίο στην πολιτική σκηνή.  Το κίνημά μας δεν παίρνει χρήματα από τις Βρυξέλλες, από τραπεζίτες, μεγιστάνες, ολιγάρχες και λοιπά συμφέροντα. Μας χρηματοδοτούν τα μέλη μας από το υστέρημά τους. Σήμερα έχουμε κι άλλη μια […]

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Art and Class War – Introducing DiEM25’s Art & Culture Policy Agenda. At Central St Martin’s, 10th October 2018

Brian Eno correctly said that children play to discover how the world works and, once they grow up, art is the adult way of continuing to… play. But, then, he incorrectly surmised that art is not dangerous. True, in the good society art would not be dangerous. But, in our terrible societies the madmen in […]

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DiEM Voice presents HERE & NOW: A CREATIVE VISION OF EUROPE, with Brian Eno, Srećko Horvat, Danae Stratou, Bobby Gillespie, Rosemary Bechler & Yanis Varoufakis. Wednesday 10th October 2018 (7pm), Platform Theatre, Central Saint Martins, London

A culture war is underway in Europe – not between the ‘anywheres’ and the ‘nowheres’, but between those who use culture to divide – by class, by race, by nation – and those who use it to connect and include. This war is not based in Parliament – but on the street, in our homes, […]