Another shady Greek banking deal: An exchange with Klaus Kastner on the Pireus-MIG deal

, 21/05/2014

The sordid relationship between the owners of the Bank of Pireus and MIG (a holding company that used to own one of the two failed Cypriot banks, as well as a swathe of Greek companies) is well documented. Recently we witnessed a new chapter in this saga, one that went almost unnoticed and which was quietly […]

Is Europe Reforming? At the Bellwether Economist Conference

, 19/05/2014

On 15th May, the Bellwether Economist Conference (see program) posed the broader question “Who will fill the funding gap?” and the narrower but crucial question “Is Europe Reforming?” In this post the reader can find/hear my contribution in lieu of an answer to the second question, as well as to questions on how the ECB should […]

How the Greek Banks Secured an Additional, Hidden €41 billion Bailout from European taxpayers

, 11/05/2014

In 2013 Greek taxpayers borrowed from the rest of Europe’s taxpayers €41 billion to pump into the Greek banks. This is well known. What is not known is that, also in 2013/4, the Greek banks received an additional, well hidden, €41 billion bailout loan from Greek and European citizens. This bailout was never authorised by any Parliament or […]

Europe’s slide into deflation, and what to do about it – Interviewed for Jornal de Negócios by Jorge N. Rodrigues

, 04/05/2014

Europe is in the clasps of the deflationary forces that resulted directly from its inane handling of the Eurozone crisis. In this interview, I discuss deflation and low-flation and suggest a particular form of quantitative easing that, unlike the Fed’s or the Bank of England’s QE, will not reinflate the bubbles of the financial sector but, instead, […]

EUROBANK: Another scandal re-packaged as part of the Greek Success Story

, 04/05/2014

Eurobank is an apt example of Greek ingenuity. Its name is a coup in itself.[1] Beyond semantics, however, and coming to recent developments, Eurobank is a wonderful example of the Greek establishment’s ingenious efforts to defraud Greek and European taxpayers, and then to proclaim a glorious Greek Success Story, weeks before the European Parliament elections. […]

‘European Progressive Policy Initiative’ endorses the Modest Proposal’s four main policies

, 01/05/2014

A group of noted international economists (including Joseph Stiglitz, Peter Bofinger and Stefanie Griffith-Jones), known as the European Progressive Policy Initiative (EPPI), has issued a policy paper that endorses the main planks of our Modest Proposal for Resolving the Euro Crisis 4.0. EPPI was assembled in 2013 by Europe’s social democratic alliance in the European […]

The Grand Greek Paradox: Bankrupt but embraced by the money markets – On the BBC World Service

, 09/04/2014

(listen to the first story; first 15′) Greece is about to issue 5 year bonds again. Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt and Athens are celebrating Greece’s recovery.  For my part, I think (and tell the BBC World Service) that this is a sad day for Greece and it is a sad day for Europe. Why do I refuse […]

Europe’s latest policy on Irish and Greek banking losses: A tale of two swindles too similar for comfort

, 01/04/2014

The Irish and the Greeks are, in many ways, very different people. And yet, caught up in the Euro Crisis, our fortunes have become too close for comfort. Recently, European authorities have devised a creative new method for damaging the people of Ireland and of Greece further. The new method involved imposed changes on the public […]

Think Big, Think Bold

, 25/03/2014

Why the Left in Britain and in the Eurozone must aim for a radical Pan-European Green New Deal  The Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS) kindly invited me to draft a possible Manifesto for the European Left, in view of the May 2014 European Parliament election. Here is the final document I produced entitled […]

On ABC Radio National's 'Big Ideas' program: 'The Dirty War for Europe's Integrity & Soul'

, 30/10/2013

ABC Radio National’s ‘Big Ideas’ program has now broadcast my talk entitled The Dirty War for Europe’s Integrity & Soul (original broadcast: 30th October, 20.05 Sydney time). [Click here for details of the lecture.] For the complete transcript click here – please note that the ABC (to fit in both the talk and the discussion the […]

Jobs, Investment, and Rebuilding America: Economic and National Security Issues – Workshop in Washington DC, 12th November

, 30/10/2013

Economists for Peace and Security is organising a workshop on Jobs, Investment, and Rebuilding America: Economic and National Security Issues. It will take place at the Hyatt Regency, Washington DC, Capitol Hill. The keynote speech will be delivered by  Jason Furman, Chair of the US Council of Economic Advisers. My involvement will concern the economic and financial […]

Johnny (Paulson) Got His Gun (and is aiming at some grim, Greek pickings)

, 07/10/2013

“Did anybody ever come back from the dead?”… “Put the guns into our hands and we will use them. Give us the slogans and we will turn them into reality.” Dalton Trumbo, Johnny Got His Gun “We think Piraeus and Alpha, two banks we have a position in, are now very well capitalised and poised to recover… They have […]

Klaus Kastner replies (adds) to my Mexico City talk

, 05/09/2013

When in Mexico City last week, I argued in favour of financial sector reforms (see previous post) that impose minimum equity limits on the TBTF banks (or SIFIs) while treating very differently (almost motherly) small, local banks, helping establish a rich ecology of local capital recyclers. Klaus Kastner, who has contributed variously in this blog, […]

Global Banks as exporters of Permanent Credit Crunches to Peripheral Economies: The case of Mexico

, 05/09/2013

The speech below was delivered on 29th August 2013 at ITAM, Mexico City, in the context on a conference on planned financial sector reforms in Mexico; organised by IMEF (the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives), in collaboration with UNIFIM (a confederation of Mexican owned financial institutions). For an audio of my talk click  For the text…

In Mexico City

, 30/08/2013

Just a quick note for regular readers to explain my recent ‘silence’. I am in Mexico City, invited by Adalberto Palma, CEO of UNIFIM (a confederation of Mexican owned financial institutions, and IMEF (the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives), to participate in the current debates on Mexico’s forthcoming financial sector reforms. A major tussle has […]

It's a banking crisis…

, 11/10/2011

Video courtesy of Koen Aarts. Taped just after my University of Groningen presentation on 6th October 2011/

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