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German political economy’s two naughty sisters in action, once again – George Krimpas guest post

The lean years are here again, to the apparent satisfaction of Germany’s Finance Minister, a Social Democrat.  The rate of growth of the budgetary surplus was declining, therefore restraining expenditure was the prudent attitude, the public must rest assured that over the next few years 25 billion euros will be saved, the chance of a […]

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DiEM25’s radical Europeanist political agenda – Interviewed by Jacobin’s David Broder

Last Friday, Yanis Varoufakis was in Italy to promote European Spring, a list of candidates standing across the continent in next May’s European election. The former Greek finance minister visited Rome just days after the European Commission had struck down the Italian government’s budget, sparking further rows over Brussels’ authority to curb member states’ spending. […]

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Europe’s Gradualist Fallacy – Project Syndicate op-ed

ATHENS – Europe is at the mercy of a common currency that not only was unnecessary for European integration, but that is actually undermining the European Union itself. So what should be done about a currency without a state to back it – or about the 19 European states without a currency that they control? […]

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Η παρουσίαση της Νέας Ευρωπαϊκής Συμφωνίας του DiEM25 & η ανακοίνωση της εκλογικής έκφρασής της το 2019 – Συνέντευξη τύπου στην Ρώμη 24 Μαρτίου 2017

Στις 25 Μαρτίου, την επέτειο των 60 ετών από την Συνθήκη της Ρώμης, το DiEM25 παρουσίασε την πανευρωπαϊκή του ατζέντα οικονομικής & κοινωνικής πολιτικής στην Ρώμη.  Την προηγούμενη μέρα, σε συνέντευξη τύπου στο Κέντρο Ξένων Ανταποκριτών της Ρώμης, οι Γιάνης Βαρουφάκης και Lorenzo Marsili μίλησαν στα μέσα για την ατζέντα αυτή, που το DiEM25 αποκαλεί ΝΕΑ […]

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Markets vs States in today’s Europe: An Alpbach Keynote Debate

In October 2015, I had the opportunity to debate, in Munich, Professor Hans Werner Sinn on the European Monetary Union and, more broadly, Europe’s economy . On 30 August 2016, at the Alpbach European Forum, I debated Professor Sinn’s successor as President of IFO, Professor Clemens Fuest. [Click here, or the image above, for video of […]

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In memoriam: Michel Rocard & the Modest Proposal for Resolving the Euro Crisis

It was with great sorrow that I learned of Michel Rocard’s passing. Since 2013, when he wrote the Preface to our Modest Proposal for Resolving the Euro Crisis, Michel has been a valued interlocutor and supporter. Only a few weeks ago, we were planning to meet up in Paris in the Fall to discuss his […]

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An Agenda for a Democratic, Recovering Europe: At the European House of Ambrosetti, 9th April 2016

This panel, organised by the House of Ambrosetti (Cernobbio), included: Martin Wolf (Chair), Jyrki Katainejn (Vice President of the European Commission), Yves Mersch (ECB Executive Board Member), Yanis Varoufakis (DiEM25), Jens Spahn (State Minister, Finance Ministry, Germany)

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Greece, Germany and the Eurozone – Keynote at the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, Berlin 8th June 2015

CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO Thank you for inviting me. Thank you for being here. Thank you for the warm welcome. Above all thank you for the opportunity to build bridges, to pave common ground, to bring harmony in the face of blatant attempts to sow the seeds of discord between peoples whose historic duty […]

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On the consequences of Mr Draghi’s impending QE announcement – in THE ECONOMIST

Jan 20th 2015, 14:10 BY YANIS VAROUFAKIS | UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS Yanis Varoufakis is a professor of economic theory at the University of Athens and Syriza parliamentary candidate in the general election on 25th January. In November he outlined a plan to revive the euro-zone economy. Here he discusses quantitative easing in the euro zone. 

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«La Grèce peut forcer l’Europe à changer» – La Tribune

INTERVIEWYanis Varoufakis is a candidate for Syriza to the 25 January elections in Greece. (Credit: Reuters) Interview by Romaric Godin, Athens  | 01/20/2015, 1:16 p.m. – 2597 words Yanis Varoufakis, economist and author of “Minotaur Planetary” is a candidate for the party of the radical left Syriza in the elections of January 25. He explains […]

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SYRIZA intends to infuse a little rationality into Europe’s attitude toward itself – interviewed by PROFIL (Austria)

A fresh interview offered to PROFIL (Austria) on why SYRIZA’ s proposals for Greece and for Europe are radical only to the extent that they are rational and therapeutic for the Eurozone as a whole. CLICK HERE (in German only I fear)

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Greek and European prospects for 2015 – Interview in L’Antidiplomatico

Interviewed by Alessandro Bianchi on Greece and Europe in the run up to the Greek general election of 25th January 2015 Click here for the L’Antidiplomatico site or, for the English original,…

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Bloomberg’s Clive Crook on our proposal for ECB purchases of EIB bonds

In an article entitled “ECB should fire up its helicopters“, Clive Crook comments positively on this proposal for QE by the ECB taking the form of massive purchases of EIB bonds. The article also surveys other important ideas that would, if the political will were to be found, be helpful in the fight against misanthropic, unnecessary, stagnation. […]