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Resisting Resentment Politics Down Under – guest post by Paul Tyson

How owning our Resentment can save Australian Politics In this piece, Paul Tyson, honourary Research Fellow at the University of Queensland, outlines his take on the rise of rightwing populist resentment, as a powerful political force, from an Australian perspective.

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Stefano Fassina’s reply to our la Repubblica article on democratising Europe

Stefano Fassina wrote the following letter to la Repubblica’s editor, in response to the article that I published in the same newspaper with Lorenzo Marsili. Over the next few days, I shall be replying to Stefano here. Meanwhile for the original version in Italian, click here. For the English language version…

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Galbraith, writing for DiEM25 on OXI’s anniversary, on our Plan X

James K. Galbraith, a founding DiEM25 member, writes exclusively on DiEM25’s site about his latest book and his contribution to the first SYRIZA government’s Plan X – a defensive plan to be activated if Greece’s creditors made good of their threat to throw Greece out of the euro in response to the new government’s determination […]

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The fake & the actual choice Europeans face – by Slavoj Žižek

Slavoj Žižek, philosopher, friend and DiEM25 early signatory, writes on the DiEM25 site that Europeans face one fake and one actual choice. The fake choice is between :(1) a globalised, financialised version of capitalism that is run by a transnational technocracy, tolerates minorities and turns parliamentary democracy into an empty shell, and (2) a xenophobic, […]