EU refuses to acknowledge mistakes made in Greek bailout – by Richard Koo

Richard Koo sent me recently his latest, Nomura, assessment on Greece and our negotiations with the EU and the IMF. As always, Richard’s views make for fascinating reading. Here is the pdf copy that he has made available to us.


  • Βeing your supporter for 5 years and, of course, for the last 5 months, I don’t understand what you don’t understand yet Yiani… that keeping your mouth shut on ‘sensitive’ issues is a virtue, not a limitation. Every statement you make now is distorted, twisted and turned to make you look like your country’s traitor. What don’t you understand about that? Stop putting your foot in your mouth and ‘measure’ your every word as our wise forefathers are telling us. Your Plan B conundrum has been so twisted by the foreign and domestic miasmata that are out to get you – and Alexis as well – that it looks like if you continue divulging sensitive information you will be dragged together with Tsipras to Syntagma Square for ‘eshati prodosia’! For an intelligent man, what don’t you understand about that???