Poetry in prose? Letter in the FT

04/09/2016 by

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AUGUST 20, 2016 – From Vijay Kumar. Sir, One often hears that people on the left of the political spectrum tend to be more intelligent, more articulate, better read and generally more fun to be with.

And then one comes across the article “Out of office” on the front
page of Life & Arts (August 13). It promises to be one of those rather ordinary, if not downright boring accounts of the views of some celebrity types. Until one comes to the piece by Yanis Varoufakis, the more recognisable of the leftwing thinkers, and one is astounded by his power of language, articulation of abstract thought and depth of emotion. His writing makes almost all the other responses seem trivial, concrete and pedestrian in comparison. It is poetry in prose and commends itself to repeat reading. Maybe there is something to the hypothesis after all!

Vijay Kumar, Sale, Cheshire, UK

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