Trump is a wake up call. I am glad DiEM25 is awake – Brian Eno


I had a bet with my American friend Stewart Brand that Trump would win. He wrote to me this morning: “You called it right. And I called it wrong. Groan. Now the weirdness!

I wrote back to him:

“Welcome to the post-Liberal world. I think I know exactly how you feel – I remember the morning after Brexit, and the realisation that I lived in a country I didn’t really know anything about.

It’s a genuine revolution – but one we didn’t recognise because we had nothing to do with starting it. We always thought we were at the centre of things, but it turns out we’re not. It’s us, not them, who are in a bubble.

Is there any good news? My post-Brexit feeling – after the initial shock and disappointment – is that there is, along with a lot of danger and uncertainty. Liberal America will now have to take a good hard look at itself, as Liberal England has been doing. There has never been so much future-oriented socio-political discussion here, never so much a sense of ‘We haven’t been paying attention’. New groups and coalitions are springing up daily and the whole landscape is changing. Everyone is thinking…effectively trying to save or if necessary reinvent liberal democracy.

One reassuring side to this though: it destroys any conspiracy theories about secretive cabals pulling the strings. They weren’t in this at all. It’s very conspicuous that even FOX was taken by surprise; that even the revolting Koch’s didn’t put their pennies in. This was, for better or worse, a genuine people’s revolution ( – so it can happen).”

I see this as an opportunity – which is why I’m less distressed than my American friends. For years I’ve been hearing ‘We don’t do politics’ from so many intellectuals – as though it’s something shameful, a bit like public masturbation. Now I think perhaps we’ll sideline our Virtual Reality iPads and dreams of Colonies on Mars for a little while and start thinking about what’s happening here, on Earth.

This is a wake-up call for many people. I’m glad that DiEM25 is already awake.



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    Νομίζω, συμφωνώ. Είναι ώρα αφύπνισης. Ξέρω ότι έχει πει πολλά και αντιφατικά και ότι είναι αμφιλεγόμενη προσωπικότητα. Μερικές φορές όμως, όπως αυτή νομίζω, έχει τοποθετηθεί σωστά. Ανεξάρτητα από το DIEM25.

  • As Podesta’s emails prove, Trump was selected and promoted as a rival to Hillary by the “Democratic” party, thinking that he would be easy to beat compared to J.Bush (or Rubio or Cruz) who was almost an exact copy of Hillary, in a male version, with less blood on his hands. The Republicans only supported Trump when it was too late.

    And who do you think an ignorant racist billionaire and a corrupt warmongering professional politician serve? The people? No Brian, they serve the power elite who will benefit from either’s presidency. Its not a conspiracy as you call it, its reality. All you need to do is connect the dots, you don’t have to invent them.

    So Brian, no, it wasn’t a people’s revolution. Just a bit over 40% of the electorate voted in this election, the biggest participation ever some say, which alone says a lot about “democracy” in the US. So the people didn’t revolt, cause the vast majority of the people, the 60%, were never represented in this election, the poor, the immigrants, those who suffer from too much “American dream”.

    The bigots won again Brian. They are the minority, but they keep on winning, everywhere in the world. And when the stars align and the bigots that sustain the elites see no other way to stop the anger and hatred they have cultivated among us, they will celebrate with another World War.

  • What is amazing here are the spectacular failings of the Left in what’s going on politically around the world. Not only the Left is a non factor in core political situations around the globe but a spectator as well. Why? Is it a matter of incompetence or general inability to think ahead and plan in advance? Why such miserable and compounding record of failure?