In conversation with Joseph Stiglitz on the Eurozone Crisis – at the INET-OECD conference, 9 April 2015



  • Some very appropriate and constructive comments. I only hope that many of the EUROPEAN politicians take them in. Thanks again Yani.
    Tom Jackson, Perdika, Aegina.
    P.S. And a very happy Greek Easter to all.

  • We are with you and we know it’s tough… just keep going… and don’t forget at least some of your promises even if they are difficult to keep.

    You promised, for example, that things that are discussed behind closed doors you want people to know. We know that’s not possible sometimes but don’t forget that when you it gets too difficult to decide on your own then come out and tell the truth to the people…

    Don’t let them make you like they have been for such a long time… again, we know that’s not easy at all… but eventually we will all benefit more from the truth that from the lies or the fearfulness….

    • I’ve never understood people who say a fight is lost before the end. Back to your cave please!

  • Fascinating & inspiring talk, one hour of Eurogroup-forbidden macroeconomics – thank you! And finally we get to hear a few of SYRIZA’s excellent, much needed reforms…also ‘forbidden’ it seems by the MSM since there is never a mention, only the daily litany of the Greek side ‘wasting time and doing no work’ when they are wasting OUR time & doing no work. Courage Yani! May the force be with you!