An Agenda for a Democratic, Recovering Europe: At the European House of Ambrosetti, 9th April 2016

This panel, organised by the House of Ambrosetti (Cernobbio), included: Martin Wolf (Chair), Jyrki Katainejn (Vice President of the European Commission), Yves Mersch (ECB Executive Board Member), Yanis Varoufakis (DiEM25), Jens Spahn (State Minister, Finance Ministry, Germany)


  • The answer is no, because the corruption is total. I think I understand what you’re doing, but at what point do become an anti-capitalist, putting your energy and imagination toward enacting a future we can all breathe in? I think your answer is that we need to transition to some kind of socialism, but it can’t be immediate, so we have to use what we have to get from here to there. But what if your ideas were implemented? What if it stabilized Europe? We would be back to square one – and no one would dare speak of socialism, for fear of destabilizing what had just been achieved. And that’s the best case scenario.

    It appears you are acting in good faith, in the most civilized manner possible, because you see the horror that awaits us all, but the forces of capital and the politicians they buy are barbarians. You can’t reason with them because, as you experienced, they have no interest in reason.

    So, what other path than worldwide organizing and something like an anti-capitalist revolt en mass gets us started down a sane path?