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“DiEM25’s European New Deal demands electoral expression” – Rome Press Conference, 24 March 2017

On the eve of launching its European New Deal policy framework in Rome, DiEM25 held a press conference where Yanis Varoufakis issued the following statement prior to a Q&A session with gathered journalists. With this statement DiEM25 announced its determination to bring the European New Deal policy framework to a ballot box in every corner of Europe.

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Η συλλογή υπογραφών συνεχίζεται: Απαίτησε το δικαίωμά σου να διαβάσεις την γνωμοδότηση για το κλείσιμο των ελληνικών τραπεζών από την EKT

H Ευρώπη διαθέτει μια κεντρική τράπεζα με απεριόριστη δύναμη να κλείνει τις τράπεζες μιας χώρας-μέλους της Ευρωζώνης – την ΕΚΤ. Καμία άλλη κεντρικής τράπεζα δεν έχει τέτοια εξουσία. Για αυτό τον λόγο η ΕΚΤ υποτίθεται ότι θα ήταν μια κεντρική τράπεζα πλήρως ανεξάρτητη από τους πολιτικούς. Όμως, όπως αποδείχτηκε το 2015 με το κλείσιμο των ελληνικών […]

Campaigning DiEM25 English

The campaign goes on: Did the ECB break the law in closing Greece’s banks? Sign the petition today!

Europe has created a central bank with the exorbitant power to close down a member-state’s banks. This central bank, the ECB, was supposed to be independent of politicians. Except that, as the case with closure of the Greek banks in 2015 proves, no central bank has less independence of politicians operating behind closed doors (e.g. the Eurogroup). This combination […]

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March 14, 2017

By AnnMarie Welser and Brian Maguire | Greece’s economy suffered a new blow, contracting by 1.2% at the end of 2016, according to revised figures released earlier this week. The figures, published by the Greek statistics agency, Elstat, show it was the worst quarter since the summer of 2015, when the European Central Bank […]

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Varoufakis and De Masi Press Conference at European Parliament – Wednesday 8th March 10.00

Varoufakis and De Masi demand publication of ECB legal opinion for the closure of Greece’s banks Greece’s former finance minister, with German MEP, to hold press conference Wednesday, March 8, to announce filing a vital Freedom of Information request to the ECB. (Click Brussels Press Conference DiEM25 Press Release for pdf version) WHEN: Wednesday, March […]