From a Referendum not called to the reinforcement of a dangerous illusion

After the Referendum Call turned out to be a cheap trick by the Greek PM, Papandreou promised to do a Jeanne D’ Arc (i.e. to sacrifice himself to save the nation) before trying to pull a Hosni Mubarak (i.e. “Allow me to remain in power in order to usher in the next regime”). With all his political capital expended, he is now on his way out. Where does this leave Greece and Europe? In a much weakened state, is the sad answer. Europe’s and Greece’s greatest threat, presently, is the illusion that once the Brussel’s ‘Agreement’ is approved by the Greek government, everything will go swimmingly. Nothing could be further than the truth. For this ‘Agreement’ is nothing short of a catastrophe in the making. In my next post I shall explain precisely why. Meanwhile, here is a brief interview on RT.