From a Referendum not called to the reinforcement of a dangerous illusion

After the Referendum Call turned out to be a cheap trick by the Greek PM, Papandreou promised to do a Jeanne D’ Arc (i.e. to sacrifice himself to save the nation) before trying to pull a Hosni Mubarak (i.e. “Allow me to remain in power in order to usher in the next regime”). With all his political capital expended, he is now on his way out. Where does this leave Greece and Europe? In a much weakened state, is the sad answer. Europe’s and Greece’s greatest threat, presently, is the illusion that once the Brussel’s ‘Agreement’ is approved by the Greek government, everything will go swimmingly. Nothing could be further than the truth. For this ‘Agreement’ is nothing short of a catastrophe in the making. In my next post I shall explain precisely why. Meanwhile, here is a brief interview on RT.


    • Better eat roast beef with pudding Andreas.

      The hypocrisy is spread all around the European continent. We had our moment of truth (the very hard way). The (Greek ancient theater) catharsis will affect all those that participated in the play,


    • Unless you are a PASOK MP , what you say does not count !

      Is your democratic belief insulted ?

  • Yani:

    When the TV lady asked “how independent” is mr. Papandreou?…I think she meant how independent of Brussels.

    In a sense she was asking whether Greece has become a German protectorate.

  • Dear Yanis,

    The only good news of this whole messy week is that you are absolutely right to whatever have said or written.
    And then comes the bad news, i.e., the catastrophe is approaching, menacingly.

  • Thanks, Γιάννη, for today’s posting. When you get a chance, could you also comment on the newly formed “Groupe de Francfort,” in terms of its purpose of coming together and of its agenda going forward? Is it safe to assume it represents EU’s first serious attempt at formulating a Plan B? And, if you agree with that, what do you think that Plan B may turn out to be?

    P.S.: Γιάννη – I don’t think it is too early to comment on this; it may be too early to tell (because a lot is sitting on what Greece does in the next few days) but, it should not be too early to comment on it. Thanks
    Harris P.

  • Krima giati perimena apo sas na mporeite apla na mas enimeronete me oikonomikous orous gia to ti prokeitai na symbei, opos kanate mexri prin to arthro sas sto protagon pou zitousate na paraitithei o Prothypourgos. Isastan mia nifalia sygrotimeni foni gia mena, pou elege ta pragmata emperistatomena kai me isixaze. Tora prostethikate sti lista afton pou aplos epikrinounl…. Xreiazomastan allo apo sas…. Megali apogoitefsi….

  • I think Mr Papandreou , after the last “cheap trick” should be prosecuted..Unfortunately greek politicians , took good care to disappear judges from Athens…

    They are not exist judges in athens anymore

  • Hi Yanis,

    coincidently, i just wrote a little something on Illusions as well…


    Georg R. Baumann says:
    November 7, 2011 at 8:58 am
    More on scripted realities…

    Our abilities to sense what is right and what is wrong vary, but this is not an exclusive matter of personal skills. In a world that is flooded with soundbites and headlines that have a halftime of approximately 20 minutes at the most, and a public with the attention span of a Goldfish, it is increasingly difficult to separate the useful information from intellectual junk.

    If you are watching six-one news, and see pictures from your car that burned out completely, and a scene with firefighters securing the site, well I bet you are out of your chair in no time and to the window to check what the hell you just saw on TV.

    Now there are two possibilities, someone played a joke on you and you were not watching six-one at all, but a clever fake that played from you DVD player without you realizing it, or God forbid, it ain’t a joke, and your car has gone up in smoke.

    See where I am going?

    It is impossible for us to come to the right conclusions on certain informations that are presented to us as the truth without having intimate knowledge of the information and background. Our habit of listening and watching these informations needs to become much more fine tuned to a reality that we only can experience.

    When Colin Powell shook his salt dispenser at the UN security council, warning about the doom of humankind in the hands of Saddam Hussein, well there was salt in it, and no high grade biological or chemical war fare substances that they claimed to be produced in great quantities in Iraq. Hans Blix was the chief of the UN Inspectors who went many times into the Iraqi deserts looking for traces of the mysterious WMD productions sites, and they came back with …. that’s right, nothing!

    Hmm, crap! That didn’t work out too well.

    OK, lets try that again, and out came the Joker, Satellite images! All you could see were some rectangular shapes, a couple of dots here and there and what have you not, and of course a helluva lot of sand. It could have been anything, really, but the commentator on the pictures makes all the difference. Ideally, a Shakespeare trained actor would raise his voice and before you know it you can even see white clouds of a mysterious substance hanging over your own little place, when you and your family have white foam dribbling from the lips and you all die in the most horrible way your own fantasy can provide.

    OK, now that worked!

    The difference is, you can’t rush to the window to check whether there really are those evil manufacturing places in the Iraqi desert. So, if we can’t just check it out from the window, what then is left for us to judge the material presented and come to more realistic conclusions? Here comes the magic wand! – Work! – In a nearly forensic way you have to add informations to the presented pictures, and everything has to be in context. From Historical background to up to date events that might have happened thousands of miles away, but are relevant to the case presented. In some sense, you have to do the work of a profiler. Perhaps it is the advantage of age to be able to have a somewhat larger amount of data in memory and available at any given moment, to add forensic informations and come to better conclusions. Today, where the still free Internet is available to you, and I emphasize that for good reasons, do make the best use of it!

    Hell knows, perhaps the days of free internet access are counted, and you will have to pop a RFID equipped identification chip into a computer with all your personal informations stored on, from your foot size to health history, your bank accounts and entire history of your life, to be able to go online, and without that RFID, bleep bleep, WARNING, restricted area, no access allowed, your location was transmitted to the local authorities, please remain in your seat and stay calm, an officer will be in touch with you shortly.

    Not everyone has that freedom, by far, not everyone has access, so perhaps that makes you feel a little bit more humble that you do have it available, do use it!

    • The big weapon of global centers of power is that people look for the simpler answer .

      Between a complex truth and a simple lie , modern men or women with no survival issues , will choose the latter .

      Modern people are too busy working , achieving , accomplishing to give any value to human rights , intellectual of truth .

      There is also an underlying fear . A threat : “Look into these matters and you ll probably become an enemy of the state as well “.

      Become as lazy and subordinate as Greek people are and you will have the same fate .

      (Both are not true for Greeks as they are not true for any other group of people )

      Lack of Democracy is not a property .
      It’s a result of lack of knowledge of history (local and global ) , lack of understanding philosophy (=lack of understanding ourselves ) and degeneration of humanitarian values .

      Modern man/women are instilled with the delusion of Superman . The ultimate expression of the power of individual . They believe that because of their super powers , Individual opinion matters more ! That leads to elitism and oligarchy . It is more than illustrative , the way some super rich people have expressed themselves against masses .

      There are still queens and kings with royal divine rights passed from one generation to the other .

      Human species has not evolved . The evolution has been with philosophy , arts and science : Knowledge . That’s why the invention of writing and later on typography is considered as the biggest invention ever !
      If a reset button was pressed , we would return to 10000 BC .

      The greek word for truth means lack of memory .

      How hypocritical is the stupid question , articulated in disappointment and awe . Is it possible for such things to happen in the 21st century?

      Ofcourse it is . There is no evolution in such short time !

      If ignorance and vanity prevails , the result is always the same .

  • As an Englishman with nothing other than an ongoing interest in the debate, all I can do at this juncture is observe and take notes.

  • The dangerous illusion that Papandreou has promoted has not only demoralized the Greek people, devalued them, and cheapened their labor internationally, but also it has allowed Merkozy and the Eurocrats to hide the systemic nature of the crisis along with its threat to the world economy. All he has done is provide cover for others who care hardly at all about their own constituencies let alone Greece. What stupid small-minded politics!

    The same Sarkozy who attacked Greece last week is now in deep trouble. In the last week, we have seen his faction silently bailout Belgian banks and beg China for money. There is no way that the French conservatives can delay their reckoning for six months before the election. And Sarko’s fabulously dumb speech has finally revealed that entire eurozone, indeed, the world economy, is largely in the hands of internal CDU politics. Somehow, I suspect that CDU officials do not see themselves as a major source of the crisis.

    So much of “Europe’s” problem is actually a Franco-German problem, with most of the rest of the region as spectators who suffer or benefit to various degrees.

    So the question becomes: if the current US administration panics sufficiently to push vigorously the current German administration, will it run into the hard wall of nationalist narcissism and mercantilist fear? Or will popular resistance to austerity frighten European politicians? Alas, popular resistance in the “surplus” countries is still far too weak, in large part due to the dangerous illusions encouraged by fervent incompetents such as Papandreou.

    Excerpts from the Financial Times article on Sarkozy’s speech … will it echo Vichy in the minds of some French?


    “Sarkozy tells French to be like Germans”

    Sitting behind a large, modern desk placed incongruously in the ornate portrait room of the Elysée palace, Nicolas Sarkozy had a striking message for television viewers on Thursday evening. France had to spend less, work harder – and be more like Germany.

    Mr Sarkozy could not offer any more funding from France for the eurozone rescue fund for fear of losing the triple A rating – in other words, France did not have the cash.

    … a business consultant who has advised the president, commented: “Finally the French people have been told what they have not been told for 30 years: that the criteria for good economic management are the German criteria.”

    The president faces a tough task in choosing austerity as his election platform at a time when the economy is stalling. Growth next year is set to fall to 1 per cent of GDP.

    That, at least, is one statistic France has in common with Germany.

  • We live through historic moments which will lead to dramatic changes. Even Dan Brown would never imagine to write a book were:

    US is battling to resolve its deficit problem and insolvent banks/finance institutions/pension funds while trying to support European Union (in order to save its Money Market Mutual Funds from failing, in order to maintain its largest trading partner, and in order to stop one more Lehman event). And of course is trying to tackle the dilution of its role as the superpower.

    EU is facing for the face time the ultimate question: to unite or to divorce. While at the same time tries to save its insolvent banks (which have 5 times the assets of the US banks) and in parallel faces tremendous imbalances between surplus countries and deficit countries.

    China is trying to cool down the asset bubbles in order to avoid a burst. But also faces an increasingly aging population and is trying to assess its role as superpower and global lender. Meanwhile their scheme of increasing domestic demand and enlargement of the middle class is not progressing as it was planned and they face internal forces which seek change.

    Israel and Palestine are still in “locked horns” position

    North Korea is facing tremendous problems while the regime does not want to let go
    Iran is armed and US/GCC is increasing the tensions sighting IAEA reports on nuclear weapons

    MENA region is boiling following the removal of the previous regimes and the realization that there is no real alternative proposal

    Turkey walks the fine line between the geopolitical partner of US/West in the region and the Islamic/Secular model leader of the Islamic World (but they forget that they are not Arabs)

    Africa is raising steam (Somalia, Nigeria etc) while at the same time China has entered a colonization scheme similar to what Europe did in US and for almost similar reasons

    Japan is been wounded severely by the natural disasters (which followed a lost decade of stagflation) while at the same time this event and others exposed the deeply corrupt nature of it’s political and business elite

    India is stumbling while trying walking with it’s “democratic legs”, and Pakistan is not a good neighbor for them or for the Afganistan

    Iraq is left on its own devices (more or less) while GCC would like to have this country positioned to keep busy Iran

    The pieces are set on the chessboard. What is going to be the next move?