The Modest Proposal in Toronto. Today, Monday 7th November, 16.00

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7th November, University of Toronto: Invited to speak on The Euro and the European Crisis by the Munk School of Global Affairs at Toronto University.

The advertisement states: “As the eurozone crisis is unfolding, threatening in the process to infect the global economy, the debate currently raging in Europe (on how to tackle the cascading defaults and insolvencies) has become relevant worldwide. Varoufakis suggests that it is impossible to understand what is going on in Europe today without first grasping the state in which the global economy finds itself in the post-2008 era. Moreover, he wants to argue that the solution the Europeans are struggling to conjure up cannot be independent of the manner in which the world economy must be restructured.” For more click here.

NEXT EVENTS in the N. American Lecture Tour

8th November, Brecht Forum, New York: A double act with  Professor Rick Wolff on the subject of  Global Capitalism. Click here for more.

9th November, Columbia University, New York: The Global Minotaur: The Crash of 2008 and the Euro-Zone Crisis in Historical Perspective

“This talk on The Global Minotaur: The Crash of 2008 and the Euro-Zone Crisis in Historical Perspective will feature Yanis Varoufakis, Professor of Economics at the University of Athens, Alan Beattie, International Economy Editor at the Financial Times, and Justin Fox, Editorial Director of the Harvard Business Review Group. Mark Mazower, Director of the Heyman Center, will chair.” For more click here.

10th November, New School University, New York: The Dance of the Meta-Axioms – An account of economics’ most peculiar failure.

This will be a rather academic seminar in which I shall attempt to dissect the inherent indeterminacy which throws a spanner in the works of all attempts to understand capitalism via determinate mathematical models. More details to follow.


3rd and 4th November, University of Texas, Austin: A two day conference (entitled Crisis in the Eurozone) to debate our Modest Proposal for Overcoming the Euro Crisis, kindly organised by Professor James K. Galbraith

Here is an extract from the brochure:  “The Crisis in the Eurozone will take place Nov. 3 through 4 and is sponsored by the Center for European Studies, EU Center of Excellence, and the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin with the assistance of the Institute for Historical Studies, the Department of Government, and the France-UT Institute. This conference will provide an opportunity to assess the performance of Europe’s financial architecture and to learn about one of the most serious economic threats of our time. The event will focus on the “A Modest Proposal for Overcoming the Euro Crisis” by Yanis Varoufakis and Stuart Holland, which would combine the innovation of the Eurobond with a “New Deal” approach to European development.” For the complete program, the list of distinguished speakers and more click here.

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