Debating 'Grexit' on France24 tv

As the media are replete with talk of a Greek exit, and Europe’s leadership has decided to play a ‘game of chicken’ with the Greek voters, France24 organised a debate involving the following. Click here to watch it (and here for the second part). 
  • Yanis VAROUFAKIS. Professor of Economics, Athens University – from Seattle;
  • Sony KAPOOR. Managing Director, – from Brussels;
  • Ali FATEMI. Professor, American Graduate School of Economics in Paris;
  • Philippe HERZOG. President, Confrontations Europe.


  • It’s puzzling to see such low level in economic discussion in France. At last dinosaurs must exit Eurozone.
    They talk about cuts and austerity as if no such thing as a global financial crisis exists.
    Basically they ‘re lying, while they admit that Greece is the canary in the mine, they don’t admit that the difference between Greece, Portugal, Spain and France in terms of the Eurozone design faults is located only in scale, in size.
    They talk about Greeks as if they are not humans as French are but they belong to a different kind of species, a different kind of mindset. As Mr Varoufakis mentioned, the political turmoil is a product of the economic and social turmoil. If such crises moves on to the next state, the same situation will occur independently of national characteristics.
    In this interview, i heard more and more the word Greeks and Greece than Europe and europeans, and that is a problem. For a very vague reason, that conversation can only be understood and expressed in US, how surprising?!!!

    Excellent points Mr Varoufaki. Keep up the good work.

    • For two years now, Europe had enough time to prepare for Greece’s exit?!
      What an excellent plan. Give that guy a bonus or … a retirement bonus!

    • What an excellent argument that of the blackmail is! Such a denial of reality.
      Either we are Doomsayers of blackmailers. We can’t be both. It defies logic.

  • Why didn’t someone say to the neo-liberal, Ali Fatemi, that it is mathmatically/economically impossible for all of Europe to be like Germany, all positive net exporters. Duh.

    • Maybe he thinks that we Greeks go the toilet and crap gold.
      Now that would be a neat trick.
      They are welcome to take as much as they need.

    • Everybody in the EU can be a net exporter. There are places on Earth that are not in the EU to export to!

      Looks like the Europhiles´ world ends at EU borders!

    • Actually we could all be net exporters in Europe…if we cut our consumption to 0 that is….lol

    • @ No EU dictatorship

      Ok then. You do not want the Greeks to raise their heads. Nobody does.
      Everybody has stolen from us for decades and they want more.
      Do not interfere (elite) and i promise you ,we will become a lot more than net exporters.

    • Wrong. I want Greece to be a sovereign nation with all rights an duties. This included living by its means. And I think that should be the case for all countries.

    • Thank you.
      You are right.


      Ah ,the negative propaganda of living within our means amongst other neg. prop..

      If your government steals from you ,makes you destroy your production ,raises prices of imports more than it should ,do not ,i repeat do not find alternative ways of bettering your life without more hardship ,do not try to work in 2 and 3 jobs as we did ,(yes we the Greek lazy people) ,while having illegals stealing jobs ,not having the right to send them elsewhere ,do not try to find ways not to pay all the taxes.

      Accept the fact that your country may become the economical and immigrational garbage bin of other countries and accept others saying it is all your fault.

      Will you? Pretty please?

      The above is not corruption. Corruption is for those that worsten the situation by accepting the facts and manipulated their fellow citizens.

      That is why i thank the problems. The roots do not have more space to grow. The plant is suffocating. And the plant is not us. Is their “Europe”. Not the real Europe. Not the higher ideal .Is the global system.

      The FUBAR system that still asks us to BOHICA.

      Some people everywhere prove that they can not evolve.
      Like in the movie “Matrix”.
      The system has to have problems. People just can’t stand seeing others succeed. They want to see people fail. And that is what happened with Greece.

      Now they hide their bad truth behind the bad truth of the Greeks.

      I like the idea of “Europe”. The true idea. After countries being autonomous.