The Modest Proposal for Overcoming the Eurozone Crisis, Version 3.0

15/05/2012 by

This blog was established in order to throw useful light on the Eurozone Crisis and, in particular, to present our Modest Proposal for resolving it. The first version was presented in November 2010. Since then  we have had a number of updates. Today, I have the pleasure of posting Version 3.0, a thoroughly re-worked variant in which we have tried to distil a year’s worth of debates, criticism and experience. Comments and suggestions are most welcome. 

  • Click here for a pdf copy of Version 3.0
  • Click here for a recent talk presenting the main ideas behind the Modest Proposal
  • Click here for a shortened version, as published in Eurointelligence
  • Click here for a popularised version of the idea behind Policy 2 – as published in the Globalist
  • Click here for a mini documentary which captures the spirit of the Modest Proposal
  • Click here for all the previous versions and various articles that offer a good background against which to project our ideas
  • Click here for our presentation of the Modest Proposal at the European Parliament
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