Should the completion of the Single Market be Europe’s top priority now? Watch the video of the 90-minute debate

17/10/2012 by

Last week Intelligence Squared, Google and Youtube, with the support of the European Commission, organised a televised debate on the future of Europe using their standard debate format. The statement that was put to the audience was:

Europe, wake up! We will only return to growth and prosperity if we complete the Single Market

A panel of two ‘experts’ supported the proposition and another comprised two other ‘experts’ presented the argument against. In the process, they called upon ‘witnesses’ to testify one way or another. I was one of these ‘witnesses’.

Click here for the full 90-minute debate. If you want to jump to my main ‘testimony’, go directly to the 47th minute  – where I begin stating my argument that the roots of the Euro Crisis lie in the ill-conceived notion of a single market.

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