In Melbourne tonight: Euro Crisis as the impetus for Continental Consolidation? Or a case of Reverse Alchemy?

17/10/2012 by

  • Where: Monash University Law Chambers, Level 1, Seminar Room 1, 555 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
  • When: Tonight, 17th October 2012, at 18.00
  • Everyone welcome

Crises have been the motive power of European integration for over six decades. Optimists see the current Euro Crisis as the disaster Europe had to have so as to give its evolutionary process a much-needed boost. Alas, such optimism may well prove ill-founded. For underneath the surface of debates on fiscal pacts, monetary policy and north-south transfers, a Modern Titanomachy rages between forces and interests which, instead of bringing about the desired continental consolidation, are tearing our continent apart. 

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