Greek Crisis: Why There Is No Such Thing (And How To Escape It), tonight in Melbourne

The Greek Community of Melbourne is, as is well known, the largest and best established outside of Greece. It is, therefore, an honour to have been invited to address its members in a building reeking with history but which, quite fittingly (given my topic and the times Greece is going through), is about to be… demolished! In fact, my talk will be the last event to be held there before the bulldozers begin their destructive work. Speaking of my topic, here it is:

Greek Crisis: Why There Is No Such Thing (And How To Escape It)

Monday 15th October 2012, in Melbourne:19.00, 3rd Level – GOCMV BuildingMelbourne. Click here for more information


  • G’Day Yanis,

    Welcome to Melbourne. As an avid Australian reader of your blog I am really disappointed that I will not get a chance to hear you speak tonight. Have a great time. If you are looking to experience some of the unique features of Melbourne. make sure you get your hosts to show you the laneways (including checking out the grafitti in Hosier and ACDC lanes) on a Tuesday morning it is worth seeing the Queen Victoria market, and there is a great selection of our weird and wonderful animals at the Melbourne Zoo (including Koalas, . platypus, Kangaroos, Wombats and Echidnas). Have a wonderful time.

    • Couldn’t hold it back: Yanis is also an Aussie, lived in Sydney for more than 12 years till 2000. Joseph halevi

    • If the EU would want to join the EU it would not qualify.

      Lack off democracy..

  • Hey Yanis,
    No Fair, didn’t know you were coming.
    Would have loved to have met you in person and get my copy of your book signed.
    Have a great stay and keep telling it like it is.

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  • PS the UK / French trade relationship seems a bit more balanced…..

    There was a net surplus of +20 million in August………….

    Go figure where the problem is.

    And its not germany – its the UK

  • Yani, its the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria. Are you embarrased to include the word, Orthodox?