On ABC Radio National: The Euro Crisis and how to resolve it

Following my Sydney CPA address on the Euro Crisis, ABC Radio National (RN Drive) interviewed me on (what else?) the Euro Crisis and how it should be resolved. Click here for the interview or visit the ABC’s webpage here.


  • I am really scared now. If the Euro ceases to exist the stars will fall from the sky. How long do you think people will fall for this lie?

    We strongly need a real federal Europe now. A Europe that is a country. What characterizes a country is not a currency. It is that they act sovereign with one voice to their external peers.

    So we need to immediately have France and the UK to surrender their atomic weapons to Brussels as well as their seats in the UN.

    In addition all EU countries need to either get in or out Nato!

    Heil EU!

  • Yanis – You bring up a very interesting point during the interview. The problem of Greece going to the Drachma and the currency not physically existing.

    If you were of the mind that the international banks were on a mission to digitise currencies and eliminate cash, Greece could be an excellent guinea pig to use.

    Returning to the Drachma, for the reason you mention, could force the country to be the first to adopt a 100% digital currency.

    I know certain political parties in Greece believe the whole issue in Greece is part of some larger experiment and I know the Greek government is pursuing measures which make the use of cash less easy. The banning of transactions over 1000 Euro to be conducted in cash for example.

    Maybe these political parties have a point? You think a 100% digital currency is feasible and/or likely in Greece?