Discussing Greece and Europe on Business Spectator; interviewed by Robert Gottliebsen

25/10/2012 by

Robert Gottliebsen, one of Australia’s leading business and economics journalist, interviewed me recently in Melbourne for Business Spectator. Like many anglosaxon business commentators, Robert clearly thinks that Greece is facing an impossible future within the Eurozone and that it would be better off leaving the currency union. In this interview, he began by asking me about the situation facing Greek universities and, more broadly, about the trials and tribulations caused by the austerity-induced vicious cycle. After touching upon the issue of labour market reforms, our conversation turned to my explanation of why Greece cannot ‘do’ and Argentina or an Iceland and, immediately after that, we discussed our Modest Proposal on how to resolve the Euro Crisis without crippling austerity, fiscal union, federal moves, bailouts, debt guarantees or buybacks. Click here for the interview.

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