On spontaneous order, Valve, the future of corporations, Hume, Smith, Marx and Hayek: A one hour chat with Russ Roberts on ECONTALK

25/02/2013 by

There is nothing more heartwarming than mutually beneficial exchanges with intellectually curious people with whom one disagrees strongly on some matters while sharing strong views and common concerns on others. Russell Roberts is Professor of Economics at George Mason University, and a Chicago PhD holder. Besides his academic credentials, he is the host of ECONTALK, a scintillating weekly podcast on matters political-economic, and an associate editor of the libertarian Library of Economics and Liberty (http://www.econlib.org/). The other day he interviewed me on the internal organisation of Valve Corporation, on whether the ‘spontaneous order’ within Valve could be thought of as a Hayekian arrangement, on the future of corporations, on Adam Smith, David Hume, Friedrich Hayek and the problematic labour contract and, lastly, on the European and Greek debacles.

The interview lasts an hour and can be heard either here  or by visiting ECONTALK’s own website here..

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