On spontaneous order, Valve, the future of corporations, Hume, Smith, Marx and Hayek: A one hour chat with Russ Roberts on ECONTALK

, 25/02/2013

There is nothing more heartwarming than mutually beneficial exchanges with intellectually curious people with whom one disagrees strongly on some matters while sharing strong views and common concerns on others. Russell Roberts is Professor of Economics at George Mason University, and a Chicago PhD holder. Besides his academic credentials, he is the host of ECONTALK, a […]

"Real lessons from virtual worlds", article by Amie Tsang in the Financial Times

, 14/02/2013

The Financial Times‘ Amie Tsang has just published this article in which she discusses the extent to which digital economies, in particular the ones that evolve within multi-player video games, have the power to elucidate ‘real’ world economic processes. The reader may enjoy reading her article in conjunction with Gabe Newell’s recent talk and, perhaps, […]

Gabe Newell on ‘Productivity, Economics, Political Institutions and the Future of Corporations’ – the video link

, 01/02/2013

On 30th January, Gabe Newell gave a talk at the University of Texas, Austin, with the above title. Click here for an abstract and a description of the motivation behind the talk. The video of his talk is now available below:

Gabe Newell on 'Productivity, Economics, Political Institutions and the Future of Corporations': 30th January, University of Texas at Austin

, 28/01/2013

In recent months, as some of you know, I have been working with Gabe Newell (of Valve Corporation) exploring the social economies that have spontaneously emerged within the vast and intriguing communities of video game players. Convinced that students of economics, politics and public policy in general have a great deal to learn from this […]

Interviewed by The Washington Post on "The Economics of Video Games"

, 28/09/2012

The Washington Post has just published an article by Brad Plumer on The Economics of Video Games, based on (amongst other things) an interview that I gave him on my work at Valve. Click here for the Post’s site or read on…

Are digital currencies the future?

, 26/09/2012

In today’s edition of Business Daily, a BBC World Service radio program, Ed Butler investigates digital currencies. As you will hear, my contribution was to warn that, while digital currencies are the future, the libertarian (wet) dream of an international digital-gold standard that involves no collective agency (i.e. democratically or otherwise determined government) is a […]

Interviewed by Doug Henwood on my new position as Economist-In-Residence at Valve Software

, 11/07/2012

A discussion with Doug Henwood on why I accepted the position of Economist-In-Residence at Valve Software.  Jump to 33’40” to hear my take on the company’s anarchosyndicalist management structure and the scope for original economic research it provides. (Please forgive the poor sound quality – courtesy of a low quality skype line). See also this […]

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