James K. Galbraith on Inequality and the Eurozone (audio)

at the Progressive Economic Conference, Brussels 2nd March 2014


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  • Dear Prof. Varoufakis:
    Just two words to tell you that I met Prof. Galbraith briefly this morning at the Progressive Economy Forum in Brussels and told him that it was too bad you were not here to talk about your “Modest Proposal” and how it would help to exit the depression (Prof. Stiglitz dixit today) in Greece, Spain (where I come from) and other peripheral countries. He did say that he’d sent you a recording of it —which I told him you had posted in your blog this morning. His presentation and that of Joseph Stiglitz today were, in my opinion, the best ones, at least the ones I agree with mostly. I’ll be seen Prof. Galbraith this afternoon, and would say hallo in your name, if you allow me.

    I take the opportunity to ask you to take a look at a proposal we are circulating in the EU that could get us out of the current depression in the Mediterranean countries—if you send an address where I can send it to you.


    Manuel Lumbreras
    Excellentia 2000 Foundation, Inc. (USA and Spain)

  • PS. The paper is called ´Depression and Climate Change in the Mediterranean Basin’

    Manuel L.

  • Is it just a problem with my computer or is there a defect in this link? After the first minute or so the talk stops.