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The Express published an interview I gave to   a week ago. interview The Lasted one hour, over Skype, and Its Version of published nicely captures what Benjamin and I Discussed. The gist of it Will not surprise regular readers: The Greek ‘bailout’ was a sinister exercise in banking Transferring Losses from the books of Northern European banks onto the shoulders of Greek and European Taxpayers, in a Manner That deepened the bankruptcy of the Greek social economy and pushed Europe onto the path Toward Economic and social disintegration . To pretend, now, that ‘Greece is on the mend’ and ‘the Eurozone Crisis is waning’, is to add insult to injury. The L ‘Express interview can be read here on Their Site. A full pdf of the interview is available here .Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 11.21.25 AM




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  • Etre appelé Dr Doom, idiot Savant ou M. catastrophe est absolument injustifiée – Je préférerais de beaucoup Dr la Vérité et la Compassion!!

  • Again Kudos for staying the course on this subject.
    Indeed establishing the ‘criminality’ of such actions is of paramount importance.

    One can not help and wonder whether we (the Greek taxpayers) should initiate at least an academic quest of how we could possibly seek justice and compensation for such crimes. I am afraid if we do not, in seventy years from now we will be receiving an apology similar to the one we received yesterday from the Germam President. Sincere but merely in the spirit of Pontius Pilatus.

    The lack of any reaction and the acceptance of such financial crimes as inevitable exhibit frightening similarities with the behavior of the Jewish victimes during the hollocaust.

    A mind buggling and terrifying observation.

    • I agree with must of Frances’ points. Our Modest Proposal would remedy these structural failures but the resistance to it, or to anything like it, confirms Coppola’s assessment.

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