Interviewed by L’Express

07/03/2014 by

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The Express published an interview I gave to   a week ago. interview The Lasted one hour, over Skype, and Its Version of published nicely captures what Benjamin and I Discussed. The gist of it Will not surprise regular readers: The Greek ‘bailout’ was a sinister exercise in banking Transferring Losses from the books of Northern European banks onto the shoulders of Greek and European Taxpayers, in a Manner That deepened the bankruptcy of the Greek social economy and pushed Europe onto the path Toward Economic and social disintegration . To pretend, now, that ‘Greece is on the mend’ and ‘the Eurozone Crisis is waning’, is to add insult to injury. The L ‘Express interview can be read here on Their Site. A full pdf of the interview is available here .Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 11.21.25 AM




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