The Modest Proposal (in Greek) – presented tonight, in Athens, by Alexis Tsipras, Yanis Varoufakis & George Krimpas

Πρόσκληση στην βιβλιπαρουσίασηIf you happen to be in Athens tonight (Tuesday 17th June), come to the Byzantine Museum (2 V. Sofias Avenue) at 8pm for the launch of the Greek translation of our Modest Proposal for Resolving the Euro Crisis 4.0. It will be presented by Yanis Varoufakis (who will speak to the proposal itself), George Krimpas (who will place it in a broader context) and Alexis Tsipras (who will speak to it as Leader of the Official Opposition and, primarily, the European Left party’s candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission). (Unfortunately no translation will be available.)


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  • Yani,

    The big problem of Alexis Tsipras is that he is a romantic pro-European.

    He isn’t thinking about a Plan B and Plan C just in case our European “friends” will play hardball.

    That’s why I think he is even dangerous for Greece because he lacks a sense of Realpolitik.

    • @GrkStav: “What is YOUR Plan B, C, D, then, oh realistic one?”

      I have neither a Plan B nor a Plan C since I am not a politician and won’t be asked to contribute in any form!

      If I were a politician though and if were involved in the shaping of the future of my country I would certainly prepare a Plan B and a Plan C!

      Now what a Plan B and C might be that’s a question which I can answer to you:

      Plan B would be to prepare an alternative legal tender just in case money supply is stopped by the ECB
      Plan C would be preparing alternatives to the membership in the EU just in case they throw us out of the EU or staying in the EU becomes simply infeasible after a forced or deliberate Euroexit.

    • And what would be the point and effect of publicizing such Plans B and C at this juncture? On the basis of what data have you concluded that no such Plans B and C have been worked out or are being worked out by the likes of SYRIZA and others?

      To use a Biblical metaphor, your ‘demand’ for a public and publicized Plan B and C is akin to the various congregations addressed by Saint Paul in/through his ‘letters’ asking him for a full panoply of “alternative scenarios” in case the impending Second Coming of the Lord did not materialize in the near future. “What if it takes 20 centuries or more for the Lord to return, what then, Paul? What should be our policy, and our overall individual and collective life-plan then? “Love one another” sounds nice and all, but we need some concrete plans of action, perhaps a series of 5-year plans, in case Judgment Day doesn’t quite arrive soon. I mean, we know Jesus is coming (back) to judge the living and the dead, but we got stay busy in the meantime, no?”

  • Ευχαριστούμε για τη χτεσινή βραδιά, για τον κ. Κριμπά που ήταν εξαιρετικά διαφωτιστικός, για τη δική σας τοποθέτηση που ήταν ωραία παρουσιασμένη, έτσι που αν και την είχα ξανακούσει σε προηγούμενη διάλεξη, ήταν ενδιαφέρουσα, με το βίντεο που προβλήθηκε. Με την παρουσία και ομιλία και του κ. Τσίπρα, υφάνθηκε χτες ένας ιστός ελπίδας με κεντρικό πυρήνα το βιβλίο, που δυστυχώς το έχω ανυπόγραφο από σας, γιατί έπρεπε να φύγω. Κάτι γίνεται.

  • Again, your degree of political and economics “proficiency” reaches the great levels of mental… retardation.
    To further prove your nonsense, you engage two suspect ziopuppets, Garlicbreath and Holeland.
    I wonder WHY ANYONE with an IQ greater than 50 would even bother paying attention to a drone-oriented party such as tSYRIZA?
    What did this rabble rouser CheeprASS promised you, Baroufa-kis??? The Ministry of a pseudo-Economy?
    Do you really believe that a communist system would “improve” the lives of our compatriots?
    DO YOU consider yourself a Hellene compatriot or even a patriot when you look in your “mirror” of your conscience???

    • Illuminating comments, thank you. Such a contribution to the debate. I assume you are representative of the ND’s leadership quality – or possibly ASE?

    • When you resort to characterizations like this it means you already lost the argument.

      You can’t allow your emotions to overtake the better of your judgement because you become of no use to debate or truth discovery (which in my opinion is the ultimate goal of this blog).

      We all know that Syriza is a work in progress construct and that there are a lot of tensions between its radical left wing and its most moderate wing. Whether the party would survive such internal tensions we don’t know. However, the present people in government are clearly competing for 1st place in mediocrity, ignorance and lack of managerial skill.

      As a result please be careful in what you consider patriotic. What we have here is a demonstrable lack of skill in both the government and opposition. And this – if you ask me – is a clear modern definition of a Greek tragedy.

    • REPLY to elenits & Dean Plassaras:
      As you both could see, I cannot reply directly to your comments so here is another avenue…

      Eleni, calm down.
      I am just satirizing someone (Baroufa-kis) who’s a “candidate/representative” of a pseudo leftist Party, “poor” remnants of PASOK and the anarchist thugs of the radical left.
      Having said that, please go back and read my comments in capital lettering.
      How could I be a representative of a failed party responsible for thousands of our compatriot suicides?
      On the other hand, how could I support a radical left ideology that is not even humane to its citizens?

      Dean Plassaras,
      Nothing of what I wrote is “emotional.”
      Replying to Baroufa-kis this way is not because I dislike him personally, for I do not know him, but because he supports, as I wrote above, a social system that is oppressive and subhuman.
      Communism/Socialism and crony Capitalism are almost identical and BOTH ends hide behind a pseudo-Democracy system that feeds on the desperation of its citizens.


      Greek Tragedy, my friend, will truly be the election of SYRIZA folks in government and the dissolution of the Hellenic State as we now know it. On the other hand, staying in the EURO will definitely have the same results but in a little longer time, probably in 10 or so years.

      Solution: Exit from EURO now. Back to Drachma. Back to small government, high end education (not indoctrination), closed borders, lower taxation, strong military, alliance with Russia, agricultural, energy and industrial investments, etc., etc.

      It is better to live in “hell” for a few years than to live in “hell” for ever. The banksters of EU and IMF are NOT your typical local bank tellers…

      That’s all for now from a compatriot from New York.


    • Since you seem to understand ancient Greek better than modern Greek here are 3 quotes from Heraklitus of Ephesus circa 600 BC(intellectual father of Socrates):

      Ὕβριν χρὴ σβεννύειν μᾶλλον ἢ πυρκαϊήν.
      Presumption must be quenched even more than a fire.

      Σωφρονεῖν ἀρετὴ μεγίστη· καὶ σοφίη ἀληθέα λέγειν καὶ ποιεῖν κατὰ φύσιν ἐπαΐοντας †.
      Self-control is the highest virtue, and wisdom is to speak truth and consciously to act according to nature.

      Κρύπτειν ἀμαθίην κρέσσον ἢ ἐς τὸ μέσον φέρειν .
      It is better to conceal ignorance than to expose it.

      Please reflect on the meaning of the above and their potential combinations as manifested in your speech.

      Now, on the eurozone: Yes it must be deconstructed but not by unilateral Greek actions (we have gone over this subject extensively – please refer to many previous blog entries).

      As to your contention of military alliance with Russia this sounds very close to junta elements of the armed forces which in an effort to save their own hide and justify useless military expenditures are promoting the idea of an immediate declaration of the Greek EEZ as well as the notion that according to a prophecy of a certain Father Paisios that the Russians will hand over Constantinople back to Greek hands; somehow the Russians would conquer it first but then they wouldn’t know what to do with it and pass it over to Greek administration. Under such wonderful theory then the Greek Armed forces need immediate funding so that they could effectively manage an 18 million new population of the greater Istanbul area plus fend off any Turkish challenges to such effect. It would also appear that even though Russians have zero record of effective Greek support going back to the Orlov revolution (Russo Turkish war of 18th century), nonetheless the philo Russian propensity is supported by this other wonderful institution called the Greek Church which as by magic would restore its throne in Constantinople with a flip of a switch.

      All of this of course makes wonderful folklore bur repeating it openly might make you a number one suspect for supporting the regime of the traitor Papadopoulos and his dim witted followers who lost Cyprus and plunged the nation straight into the arms of its archenemy Germany on the simple premise that cooperation with the Americans was out of the question(how they dared cause the junta fall) and the only option in European soil was to cooperate with the miraculously reformed ex Nazi monsters (as the preferred agent of choice in controlling Greece – read all the books by Mogens Pelt on the deliberate and unstoppable intrusion of German interests in Greece post WWII).

      One thing that does not cease to impress in this modern Greek calamity is how ignorant we Greeks are of our own history and how by means of some superficial and out of depth calculations we always arrive at the wrong conclusion of supporting that which is harmful as beneficial and that which is truly beneficial as absolutely harmful. But then again we had 2 years of pure Berlin administration a la Samaras & co. declaring that they saved Greece and we actually believing it. Need I say more?

    • My dear Oly, you are guilty by omission.Your failure to make any mention of any of the innumerable sins committed by that most corrupt and anti – Hellenic political structure which IS the New Democracy Party renders you highly suspect.
      You have no credibility.

    • To Dean P:
      Your age is irrelevant here but I believe that be it 18 or 80 your mental capacity to interpolate and reason is compromised; unless you are under the influence of some “substance.”
      Attempting to communicate with you within reason is futile.
      However, I will defend you right to express your opinion even if we agree to disagree…

      To Jason Plockton:
      “Judge” Jason, you are easily rendering “guilty” verdicts here.
      The “New Democracy Party” was actually never right of center on its policies but always socialist left of center. The proof came full blown when Samaras conceded to Turkoglou’s PASOK.
      Lastly, your name, JP, tells me that you may not be my distant compatriot -since I do not live in GR. Where are you from and what is your religious beliefs?
      Pleased do yourself a favor and educate yourself better on “GR” matters before you render foolish… “verdicts.”