Greek summer stops posting…

Dear Reader, You may have noticed that my posts have ceased over the past week. Summer is responsible. A wonderful Greek summer, spent mostly on a tiny boat in the Aegean. Back in mid-July, with posts mostly reflecting my total immersion in the writing of my next book, entitled EUROPE UNHINGED: The next phase of the global crisis (to be published in New York by Nation Books). Till then, an image (of partner Danae & friend) to go with the spirit of the moment…

2014-06-28 17.55.04

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  • Και χθες το συζητουσαμε οτι εχετε καιρο να ακουστειτε. Καλες διακοπες λοιπον.

  • Nobody else deserves a better holiday than you Yanis. Thanks for all your hard work spreading sense and reason…

  • At first I thought it was the EU apparatus lost at sea, or is it? No, the calm and beauty of the scene tells me it’s a company of good people!

  • Syriza is losing the battle of impressions again in Europe. Despite efforts otherwise the GUE/NGL – European United Left-Nordic Green Left (left-wing and Eurosceptic) lead by Tsipras is already branded as eurosceptic. Not that you need to change it but this a case of perception becoming much bigger than reality and overriding party pronouncements to the contrary.

  • And this unfolding Claude Juncker fiasco shows how badly Syriza is prepared to handle leadership issues.

    ” The EPP suffered the biggest proportional fall in the elections. Almost nobody voting for Greece’s New Democracy knew they were at the same time picking Mr Juncker to oversee their fate for five years, the same man who played such a large role in their own national drama as head of the Eurogroup.”

    And what does Syriza do? Instead of distancing themselves from Juncker they embraced him. What a poor performance on a totally misunderstood principle.

    “The Treaty that emerged did not give the European Parliament powers to pick the head of the Commission. The prerogative lies entirely with elected EU leaders accountable to their own voters, a safeguard that anchors authority in the sovereign states.

    Euro-MPs have the right to turn down the Commission. They may not appoint it. Yet that is exactly what they have just done. A clique of hardliners in Strasbourg rammed through Mr Juncker on a series of spurious claims. Craven EU leaders accepted the fait accompli, either to trade concessions or to curry favour with Berlin”.

    • Ιδιώκτητο βέβαια: Novurania, 5μ 70εκ, 31 ετών! (Σίγουρα το θέλετε;)

    • Την επόμενη φορά θα ζητήσουν απάντηση με πόθεν έσχες, φορολογικές και ασφαλιστικές ενημερότητες και πανοραμική από το σκάφος για να βεβαιωθούν πως δεν βρίσκεται σε αυτό ο Σόρος. Ήμαρτον..

    • Ευχαριστώ. Δεν είχε κάποιο υποχθόνιο νόημα η ερώτηση. Σχεδιαστής είμαι και δουλεύω στην Κίνα (Hefei) σε εταιρεία fiberglass και απλώς τελευταία κοίταζα από ενδιαφέρον διάφορα σκάφη και όντως παλαιότερα μοντέλα. Όπως και πέρυσι σας ρώτησα για αυτό το χειροποίητο ταχύπλοο του φίλου σας που κατασχέθηκε (από άρθρο σας).
      Ζηλεύω μιας και οι διακοπές με σκάφος είναι κάτι τόσο ξένο σ’εμέ.

      Υ.Γ. μας είχατε υποσχεθεί άρθρο για τα οικονομικά στην Κίνα.

  • Καλές διακοπές! Τα νερά υπέροχα φαίνονται, Ελλάδα με τα όλα της. Ξεκουράζεται το μυαλο στον ανοιχτό Ελληνικό ορίζοντα. Περιμένουμε το νέο βιβλίο.