Yesterday Greek democracy raged against the dying of the light. Europe and the World should join us

Today, the people of Greece gave a vote of confidence to hope. They used the ballot box, in this splendid celebration of democracy, to put an end to a self-reinforcing crisis that produces indignity in Greece and feeds Europe’s darkest forces.

The people of Greece today sent a message of solidarity to the North, to the South, to the East and to the West of our continent. The simple message is that the time for crisis-denial, retribution and finger-pointing is over. That the time for the reinvigoration of the ideals of freedom, rationality, democratic process and justice has come in the continent that invented them.

Greek democracy today chose to stop going gently into the night.

Greek democracy resolved to rage against the dying of the light.

Fresh from receiving our democratic mandate, we call upon the people of Europe and, indeed, the world over, to join us in a realm of shared, sustainable prosperity.


  • Europe? You mean the EU, right? I have to admit it is really nice to sit on a happy island ans see the dream of the EU fanatics go bust!

    • Who are those EU fanatics? You mean the neoliberal and the neoconservative establishments who cater to the US with little say in the matter and who’ve betrayed the working class and the welfare state to transnational banking? LoL
      The UK is part of the EU, you know… And though your country has monetary sovereignty, its political class is clueless about what it can and cannot do to create a better living standard for its citizens.

    • As a Greek I would like to pull out of the EU and instead of being ruled by some eu-extremist technocracy to implement a direct democracy system, based on common sense and humanity.

    • @Anarxomanis
      Oh yes please. Pay back your loans, get out of the Euro and leave the EU. Go for it!

  • Congratulations! Now in government, you will have to to fight neoliberalism on the political and ideological front.

  • Congratulations! Wish you all the best to you, to Syriza and to Greeks!

    • In Essex used to teach the late Ernesto Laclau and his wife Chantal, both former disciples of Karl Schmitt, who was one of the inspirers of Hilter’s Third Reich and later on become a Marxist, Gramsci were their other source of inspiration. Thanks to both Venezuela is bankrupted and ruled by a tyranny, as I said earlier no food, no medicines and above all no democracies, checks and balances, and freedom of speech. They have just a tyrant and his court. Venezuela is one of the largest oil producers of the world, and his main buyer is the USA, in spite of the inflammatory marxist rhetoric, people are starving, the same happens in Argentina where Laclau was born, Mrs Kirchner regime just murdered a Federal Prosecutor, Mr. Albert Nisman, who was investigating her deals with Iran, and a covering up operation of the worst terrorist attacks in Argentinas history, with 140 victims. This is the result of populism and demagogic regimes, unless I am mistaken, this populism is that will rule Greece from now on.

  • The founders of democracy have executed their right to vote and the people have spoken. This election result was democracy at it’s best – regardless of the fear campaigns, misinformation and threats attempted by some European and Greek Leaders (“leaders” – a term I use loosely).

    Congratulations on you being elected Yanis. Congratulations to Syriza.

    I now have hope, that “Η Ελλας” can rediscover and reinvent herself as the proud, progressive, great nation she always was.

  • Mr Varoufakis, my warmest congratulations for your election and first position in B’ periphery of Athens! We met once in Moni last summer and we had a short conversation. I wish you good luck and success with the difficult task of negotiations! It’s time to reclaim our lost dignity, justice and democracy!

    Please, could you comment on the following articles regarding calculation of greek and european debt according to IPSAS? It seems it could serve as a strong argument in favor of Greece during negotiations for debt relief and ending of austerity.

  • It’s the most beautiful analysis of the Greece general election that I’ve ever read!!!

  • Yes indeed, congratulations. However, regardless, the underlying problem remains; a lack of prosperous private sector jobs, paying sufficient income to the employees – to enable the collection of sufficient tax to pay for the role of a government.
    As you already know, I remain commited to the creation of those jobs through a mechanism that does not require any government grant, nor added taxation. In which case, I will continue to do my utmost to deliver a solution and wish you every success in recreating a prosperous Greek nation.

    • Great reply, Mr. Cole! And it is private sector jobs that are needed and not a return to more, unnecessary public sector jobs!

  • Besides the light – truth shall prevail. Everybody lying or deceiving or trying to sell you an A for a B – should be dismissed. Abolish the lies and insidiousness – and the light will prevail. This is the essence of my life – even after having left the lying churches decades earlier.
    If there were truth the highest good – our planet as well as our lifes and families and villages and dreams would look COMPLETELY (180 degree) different.

    Congratulations to your election!

    Spread the light, spread the truth. Spread respect.
    Good luck to you and yours!

  • Dear gianni,
    Congrats…… but be carefull. Everyone that yesterday voted Syriza, has put all he’s hope to you. Do not forget that !!!! It is very, very important to do what you said before the elections. People beleived in you and now you must be capable of realiazing all expectations. In particular the finacial and tax problems.
    Good luck

  • Dear Yanis Varoufakis,
    “nothing is good in Europe”, since yesterday there is at least a glimpse of hope, that views may change, that politics may change. I hope for the Greek people, that their new government will have the mental strength, the necessary flexibility and the intellectual consistence to change rules; to break the mental starvation and physical torture of our days.

    The hardest job is jet to come! But I’m aware, that you know that.
    Despite of this: Congratulations!


  • Very nice words. I hope that indeed the time for reinvigoration of the ideals of democracy, freedom, rationality and might I add social inclusion and solidarity instead of socioeconomic predatory instincts has come. I can’t though feel completely baffled and shocked by one serious aspect of last night’s election results. More than two hundred thousand of our compatriots voted for a neonazi party to enter parliament and succeeded in electing some 17 MPs. This is a disgrace of historical proportions. Given also the revelations considering the nature and actions of the Golden Dawn party coming to light in the past two years, these people have absolutely no excuses.

  • Congratulations!Finally an economist with a soul in charge.Let’s see how hard that combination is to beat.

  • Congratulations Mr Varoufakis. Please do NOT disappoint so many thousands of Greeks (and Europeans) by letting Syriza be the “left parenthesis” of some plans.

  • I wish Greece good luck in the upcoming negotiations with the troika, and look forward to reading about the end of the draconian conditions under which Greece has had to live. Evviva Syriza.

  • Congratulations and good luck in your difficult fight ahead.
    Don’t you ever forget, that you’re a left government and you only express the people.

  • Congrats! It’s a relief to see that there were enough sensible people among my fellow Athenians to vote you into parliament, after seeing that there are also enough nutters out there who still vote for the extreme right.

  • Congrats from Finland!

    Hope you guys can be part of making EU better place for us all and change a course of this boat to a bit more humanitarian direction.

  • Congratulations to the people of Greece! This is a new start for democracy and solidarity in Greece and hopefully for Europe.

  • Geia sou re Giannare!
    Kalo kouragio gia ta diskola. Tis dimokraties tis kivernoun oi laikes entoles kai oxi oi ´simfwnies´ (pou kapoioi papagalizoun oti prepei na tirithoun).

  • I have the impression that you are a Troika’s rat. You are trained and educated to serve them. Hope your actions will disapprove this.

    • Ag-I dont now where this canard is coming from. Those well right of center, or more properly, the oligopoly of multinational banksters and their enabling corrupt politicians assembled in davos this week consuming $50 USD leaf salads etc amidst their self congratulatory adulation, have reason for concern, but not because of Prof Varoukafis’ “radical” left politics, but because of his manifest intelligence , patriotism, humanity, and yes courage I am hardly a marxist, and I dont pretend to grasp the complexities of greek politics, but I look forward to this man leading western democracies to find a new economics that bridges the gap between unfettered capitalism and outright redistribution. I fear Greece is not the ideal testing ground for such transformation as the economy is so impaired that necessarily middle class assets will have to be expropriated in some form or another to stop physicians being transformed into street people and school teachers into prostitutes. I pray that whatever happens transpires without violence as well. Yanis is certainly aware of the problems with the Chilean transformation as well as the sordid greek history in this regard. Above all, I extoll Yanis courage and and integrity. His success will be the worlds success. If you choose to view yesterdays results with Burkian skepticism that is certainly plausible and even reasonable, esp given the complexity of the new governments coalition/agenda. But all sober intelligent western democracies should hope for a positive greek outcome. It is not only vital for Greece, but Europe and the west as well. China , Russia and the third word are watching- we must do better. and manifestly, what is being down now is NOT working, despite efforts by ECB, IMNF, etc to present a happy face. Above all, please refrain yourself from malicious comments like this until you have met the man and debated the merits of his perspective or at least a ttended one of his lectures.

    • “Praxis” will show.

      You are justified to be doubtful in these times of amorality, luck of political ethics and obscure agendas of politicians. However we need to be optimistic that Yianis will represent the interests of Greek people who trust him to represent. Otherwise Greeks have memory and Greek history is relentless.

  • “the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

    Good Luck

  • Cannot wait to see how Brussels/ Germans and TROIKA respond to you! You put forward the issues. Let’s see what happens.

  • Only that hope seems to be limping. Maybe that’s why it needs that, camouflaged, far right crutch (aka anel)…

  • so watcha gonna do, Yanis? Return to the Drachma and print, print, print to finance more do-nothing .gov “jobs”? And hand-outs? And back it with what? Hot air? Kalamari? Go right ahead. Then Greece will wake up to a…Golden Dawn

  • Congratulations! A truly significant victory that speaks to many across Europe and the world.

  • Dear Mr. Varoufakis,
    congratulations from the Netherlands.

    You Greeks can be a beacon of hope to all of us trapped in the neoliberal hell of the Euro. Neoliberal policies must be rejected across the board. They must be ended.

    No more free trade treaties that move jobs to low wage countries and hurt European workers. No more bailouts for the rich. No more austerity for the poor. The Euro has so far never benefitted the poor or the middle class, only the rich.

    Since Greece has a primary surplus, you could afford to demand debt reductions, because in theory you could default, leave the Euro, balance the budget and not borrow any money. A country that doesn’t borrow money, is not dependent on financial markets. If you don’t issue bonds, then what a rating agency thinks becomes irrelevant. We must all break free from the tyranny of banks, rating agencies and financial markets. You hold the aces, not Germany. Germany’s banks are insolvent. France’s banks are insolvent. If they threaten you, they are bluffing. call their bluff if needed.

    Do not let EU leaders corner you and suggest you are alone. Do not let them tell you that you are threatening millions of jobs. It is they who are threatening millions of jobs. Neoliberalism threatens millions of jobs. Typical EU tactic is to surround a European leader who doesn’t support neoliberalism and try to browbeat you into submission.

    You are not alone. You have the support of many across Europe. Also here in the Netherlands where we have a government that does not care about ordinary people. You may even speak for the majority.

    Financial markets must once again be made to serve the people, not to lord over them.

    I wish you a lot of success for the long road ahead. And I hope for similar election results in Italy and Spain in coming years. Neoliberalism must be defeated.

    kind regards

  • Wonderful! And I wish Germany had economists and soon minister for economic affairs who quote Dylan Thomas! Indeed, it is most appropriate, to fight against the dying of the light, at last people woke up. All the very very best, and may the fight against the sadly enough tough and hard mainstream-propaganda and all the grim austerity-politicians be successful! This is a wonderful day, indeed.

  • Congratulations Yani. All the best in your new role whatever is decided to be for the betterment of Greece..

  • A BIG congratulations from Denmark. Remember – You are fighting for all of us. BEST OF LUCK, from Ulla

  • I am so pleased that you got elected and will be the Finance Minister for Greece. I hope you are able to free the Greek people from the unnecessary austerity and poverty that banks have put them in. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations to you, Syriza and the Greek people. Last night was a good one for humanists throughout Europe.

    We’ll continue to work in solidarity with you.

    (And BTW I hope the rumours regarding your good self turn out to be true!)

  • Heartfelt compliments to Syriza and to all the Greek voters that gave you this fantastic result.
    In fact, you would have alone exceeded the majority of seats in the parliament had not so many 18 year olds been “unable” to vote due to delayed registrations (unintentional for sure!)
    I beg you to lead the way for a CHANGE that can help bring Europe out of this mess without having to resort to an exit.
    It most certainly will not be a simple task, but with the help of people of the quality and brilliance such as Yanis, I’m optimistic that you’ll succeed.
    I also hope that your example will give additional support to the 5-star movement here in Italy, and that both of you might coalesce with other like-minded movements in Europe, so that we can put Europe back on the right path.

  • Congrats Yanis, as your listener, reader, follower and voter, I am looking forward to your success. Thank you for making me feel that my vote yesterday really mattered, probably for the first time ever.

  • Congratulations from the Netherlands. This push in Greece is giving some hope again that change may be possible. TINA is wearing no clothes and she needs to be exposed. But possibly with some tact. A difficult job.

  • Congratulations to Syriza and to you for making a great start on BBC radio 4 this morning.

  • Congratulations Yanis! The Greeks and Europe are in good hands with Syriza and You!

  • Congratulations on your personal landslide victory!! I hope you will lead the “way into the light” and hopefully drag along some of the SYRIZA components… 🙂

  • Congratulations from the United Kingdom, from Norwich where you briefly taught.

    We have to stop the Davos-isation of Europe, where wealth becomes increasingly concentrated in the hands of the richest and political power is wielded by those who are least representative: with democracy is seen as a problem rather than the solution.

    The cynicism and fatalism needs to end and your victory gives all of us who work for our incomes, or wish to do so, hope. The movement to pre-World War I income distributions with meritocracy continually eroded and wealth moved offshore, with only those who work paying tax, is not economically efficient.

    Let us take pride in our humanity: “How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it except the pleasure of seeing it.”

    So very proud to see you take you new role!

  • Congratulations to you Yanis and to SYRIZA! I hope the “small men” in modern Greek history that have kept the country down will not nibble away at your ankles. And that you will cut through the endless chatter and get something done for the man on the street who toils and suffers and dies behind the scenes in Greece, Europe and around the world. The wealthy die once, but the poor die everyday.

  • Bravo Yani! These are inspiring words!
    This is a great moment for Greece and if we mange to go forward it will be a significant moment for the world too!
    Wish you all the strength and luck and wisdom!

  • Congratulations and good luck! Just watched CNBC network coverage completely misleading and disgusting commentary about situation in Greece. Mr. Varoufakis, please consider carefully before you give interviews to them, especially their visitng correspondent and their so called Chief International Correspondent Caruso-Cabrera. which has a history of disgusting commentary when she flies first class from NY to visit Greece. She does not deserve your time as she will twist and misrepesent any commentary which noticed over last 4 years. Best wishes.

  • Oké,
    But the prove is in the pudding.

    Will follow your path, for a few years, or so.

    I’m rather hopefull ()aint that a bitch??!)

    Congratulations Sofar.

    Jacob from the Netherlands.

    • Europe doesn’t turn left just Greece and France earlier, most of the European governments are conservatives or pro monarchists in those countries where they still have constitutional monarchies. To say that Europe is on the left is a bit of exaggeration.

  • Congratulations on your election.

    If you are to be Minister of Finance I hope you will radically reform the dreadful Greek Tax System.
    I simply do not understand how people can be taxed on supposed income they have never had – wicked and immoral.

  • Congratulations! There was an old saying among European left, and that was since yesterday: “if only somebody, if only one country stands up to this darkness…” and now it is happening. As an economist, you know more than anybody that it will not be easy, but with people united – that’s something quite different. Hang tough! In solidarity, from Croatia.

  • Stronger than ever the dark side is, a poisoned chalice offer they did Yanis. True to yourself, stay you must. 🙂

  • This result is great! It will give a lot of support to the anti Euro and anti EU parties in the UK, Switzerland and Germany.
    Thank you Greece!

  • Όπως καταλάβατε κ. Βαρουφάκη τα λόγια τέλειωσαν πλέον. Θα είστε από τους λίγους οικονομολόγους που θα έχουν την ευκαιρία να υλοποιήσουν οι ίδιοι τις θεωρίες τους!

  • Mr. Varoufakis,

    Over the last several years I’ve read Global Minotaur and the Modest Proposal (all versions), and many more of your writings, lectures, and interviews. Your ideas will be difficult to implement, but they must be fought for, they must be. They must be implemented.

    It’s insane that many of the same institutions who played a primary role in the financial crises or were unable to foresee such crises were taken as credible respondents to the crises.

    Big banks, oligarchs, and plutocrats on both sides of the Atlantic took advantage of the crisis to implement austerity, decreasing public budgets and increasing taxation on those who could least afford it. This abuse of power is one reason (one of many reasons) we see such staggering inequality today. Blind adherence to regressive austerity has been the story since 2008 in the US, and the EU, but especially in Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Voters, citizens, people will only take the flogging of austerity so long before they begin to lose faith in the governing system and look for viable alternatives. Well, Syriza’s it. The other “fringe” of New Dawn would be completely unacceptable.

    Good luck to you, Syriza, Greece, and other EU periphery countries in the years ahead.

    Let Greece reinvigorate public discussion in Europe, the U.S., Russia, and anywhere else where there are minority parties with good, rational ideas. God knows it’s been needed for the last 5 years.



  • Yanis, many congratulations for your election. Hope to save our country, Greece, and give the fight to change Europe/ Merkel’s perception about crisis, without accepting these voices inside SYRIZA which call for a path outside European Union. I really believe you will succeed! Congrats again!

  • our thoughts and hopes are with you here in Toronto for the turning of the tide in Greece. I know you will bring courage and clarity to the mess Yanis…always – Dannis Koromilas….WWW.GREECEYEARZERO.COM

  • Congratulations, sir, and have the energy to take on the task ahead. It is true that hope has won. Now it’s up to Greece to turn hope into demonstrable success and in so doing dispel the forces of hate and fear.

  • Congratulations on your appointment, we need a change…Wilbur Ross just suggested maturity postponement couple with lowering interest rates and I sincerely hope you can do better

  • Congratulations to Syriza and the Greek people from Austria! You give so much hope to the rest of Europe!
    The learnings every left wing European politician should learn: Speak frankly and clear about the problems and the solutions! Give a perspective. Then you have the power! Thanks to Syriza to paint to break the neoliberal mainstream and paint a new and better picture for everyone of us. The neoliberal economic mainstream is not a law of nature and the modern form of selling of indulgences has to be terminated!

  • For the moment there are only Greeks and French ,which are finger-pointing poor Germans ! The time for denying the fact that Greek people are surviving only with international help will be over soon. The facts may be cruel , but only facts matters.

  • Yianni,
    Congratulations! I’m so proud of YOU!!
    As an English woman living in Greece for 28 years, with my children educated in the UK, YOU are a hope for US!
    I’m In Maginisia, If I can contribute, it would be splendid. Really.

  • Such a great news, I am really hopeful for Greece and Europe, like I’ve never been in quite a while… best of luck!

  • Personal Congratulations: Congratulations to Syriza, to Greece, and to Democracy!

    Parenthetically . . . was reading up recently on Trotsky’s theory of Permanent Revolution. Trotsky was in many respects a hopeless ideologue, but his theory is so true the bourgeoisie use it all the time.

    The European Union is some ways a Permanent Revolution of the bourgeoisie, and the Greek elites and the kleptocratic state they dominate, are not the enemy of the European elites as the Germans like to claim, but their collaborators.

    It is a great thing that Syriza is seeking out its own European partners for the transformation of European democracy among the insurgent left populists and socialists of the continent: To meet the permanent revolution of the bourgeoisie with a broad European democratic revolution to overturn neo-liberalism. You guys have an awesome task in front of you and we can only send our best wishes and prayers and finally one small, humble bit of advice. In negotiations, you don’t want to save the elites from themselves, you just want to give them enough rope. . .

  • Congratulations! Today I heard you speaking on the radio and I thought I recognized your voice from talking sense about the economy on tv interviews, and it turned out to be the same person. This seems like good news. Best wishes to Greece!

  • The most heartfelt congratulations Yanis. The people of Greece have emphatically rejected the awful, painful, mindlessness of Brussels and Berlin. It will be a shame that this blog will suffer, I doubt you will have much time once you become Minister Of Finance but I hope you post whenever you can. The road to success will be long and hard but I think you are made of pretty stern stuff. I look forward to the future of Greece and Europe with a sense of hope and excitement now, instead of unending despair. All the very, very best for the future.

  • Congratulations Yanis! I am extremely happy for Greece and for us, i.e. the rest of Europe. Thank you so much for doing this. I am looking forward to seeing you work as a Minister, and keep learning from you! All the very best!!

  • Curious democracy always wins and enlights when ballots go the direction one wishes

  • May this be the beginning of something great for Greece and her sons and daughters.

  • Dear Mr. Varoufakis,

    Congratulations to you and to Syriza party. I trust that this is the true moment for democracy in our country and your election will definitely add value to this direction.

  • i would love an explanation about the coalition with a right wing xeniphobic, homophobic party. never in my live i was so disapointed!

  • Congratulations to all of you and specially to the Greek people and I like to quote Professor Kees de Lange, one of our Dutch senators, who says that the real extremists are in the European North West capitals like Juncker,Draghi,Dijsselbloem,Schauble and Merkel.

  • Enthusiastic congratulations. Here in the Minotaur’s heart we hope that this begins a new phase of creative struggle that we can all join in.

  • Congratulations from a Portuguese [reader] living in the USA. Best of wishes — and no, do not doubt yourself on that first-class seat or private jet, we don’t expect to have to “shoot you” under the conditions you requested. Just trust yourself, and remember we are rooting for this mighty endeavour.

  • G’day, Yanis. You might have to change your name to ‘Atlas’, considering the weight you have on your shoulders now. Congratulations and All the very best of luck!

  • I sincerely hope that Greece will now become an example for change to all of Europe. Allthough I have my doubts that the germans can be made to finally see reason and jump the neoliberal Titanic before the iceberg hits, given the tidal wave of anti-left grexit-propaganda that has been crashing down on them since Sunday night – Maybe the spanish, portuguese, italian and even the french people will realize that there is in fact an alternative.
    My heartfelt congratulations to you!

  • Keep calm and manage the democratic result in a way that do not hit European citizens. Why the Italian or Spanish taxpayers that are already suffering from the economic slowdown should sustain the burden of the Greek debt? Difficult to convince and give a reasonable explanation. We need a stronger Europe where solidarity becomes the cornerstone of the European house. Greece can help in this direction.

  • Dear Yannis, go ahead dont listen economic by-standers. It is time to convert your modern theories into real practice!
    Hellenic Ministry of Economy is awaiting for you. And we can join and help too.

    • Greek tragedy was a popular and influential form of drama performed in theatres across ancient Greece from the late 6th century BCE. The most famous playwrights of the genre were Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides and many of their works were still performed centuries after their initial premiere. This is a new tragedy in Greece, this will be for real, what was avoided thanks to Winston Churchill after World War II, will be a fact the new marxists majority will have the votes of the Communist party, and quite sure they will follow the demagogic and populist steps of the late Colonel Chavez in Venezuela, and we know how bad is Venezuela today, no food, no medicines, no nothing, even no Democracy at all. Sooner or later Greeks will see what they did, the start of their worst tragedy in modern times

  • Quite the best news in some considerable time, both the victory and your appointment. Strength to your arm Yanis, good luck.

  • Dear Mr. Varoufakis:
    The “Club de Debates Urbanos” (Urban Debate Club) is a Spanish Non Profit organization formed by people who work in city planning: architects, urban planners, sociologists, economists, etc.
    We have included in our web your call for solidarity with the Grecian people.
    Καλή τύχη!

  • Όσοι το χάλκεον χέρι
    βαρύ του φόβου αισθάνονται,
    ζυγόν δουλείας ας έχωσι·
    θέλει αρετήν και τόλμην
    η ελευθερία.

  • Congratulations Mr. Varoufakis! It seems fitting that western democracy is being restored in the place of its birth. Syriza and the Greek people are fortunate to have you!

  • Dr. Varoufakis, yesterday I wrote to you and warned you against giving interview to CNBC Chief International Correspondent (made up overinflated title). She has a 4 year history of bigoting reporting in Greece. Well, you ignored my advise (omitted my message). Today I noticed on CNBC your interview where she treated you with great disrespect calling you a Marxist! Oh well dont say i didnt warn you……

  • Today’s blog was slightly OTT and excited.
    Less hyperbole, less YV rhetoric, less excitement….more practical, level-headed good sense please.

  • Hope and thoughtful intelligence together. May the world watch with open hearts and mind. I will now follow this blog and thank the Greek people for their election courage, and Syriza for his, as otherwise I would never have come across it. Maybe I can learn how to make change where I am.

  • Heartfelt Congratulations to you from Brooklyn! I so much hope that you can find the way to assist “Η Ελλας” in re-becoming the formidable country she always was! T.S.

  • “Σ τὴν στεριὰν, ‘ς τὰ νησία
    καλῂτερα μίαν φλόγα

    ‘να ἰδῶ παντοῦ χυμένην,
    τρώγουσαν πόλεις, δάση,
    λαοὺς καὶ ἐλπίδας.
    Παρὰ προστάτας ‘νἄχωμεν”
    Α. Κάλβος, Λυρικά, Ὠδὴ Ἕκτη, Αἱ Εὐχαί

    Congratulations! May you be wise, tough and brave! The Greek people wholeheartedly stand by you!

  • Democracy works well when reasonable people elect wise leaders. This time not only Europe but the entire world concern about Greek people’s favored opinions in the election. The new administration of Greece needs to show wisdom to revive the country’s broken economy and endangered credibility, rather than to further ruin them.

  • I am italian and I have joy tears… your words are filling our hearts.

    Know that you have legions of heart driven persons who are with you to create the realm of shared, sustainable prosperity-

  • Congratulations. Go ahead and please show us how we can change the European Union.

  • The prospect of peace and justice being reborn in Greece brings me to tears. We should acknowledge that our current economic systems are merely a human construction; a failing, delusional construction that needs to be taken apart and rebuilt.

  • Congatulations from the Netherlands! I really hope this is the dawning of a new era of shared, sustainable prosperity which Greece and the entire world so bitterly need. I wish you all the best in your path toward this goal which is shared by many people all over the world.

  • Congratulation mr Varoufakis !!! The message you are carrying is full of hope for the young generation!!+

  • So glad Dylan Thomas was quoted. Wish you a lot of courage and resilience.
    Equator is a nice example to follow in terms of public debt reduction.

  • Love and best wishes from Ireland. Keep your focus on the disenfranchised. A nation can be judged by how it treats its weakest citizens.

  • Yanis, I really hope the new Greek government succeeds! Europe needs inspiration and new ways of doing things. I am from Latvia, a very small country on the fringes of Europe. Our government is so proud of its ‘success’ in balancing its books as required by the troika that it never noticed that people have voted with their feet! Latvia have lost quarter of its population in a quarter of century either by emigration (like myself) or low birth rate for economic reasons. For many of those who stayed, the misery is much like that in Greece. Just nobody speaks about that. If Greece succeeds in its reforms, it hopefully may inspire some political forces to adapt a more people centred approach to organising social life rather than the dominant neo-liberal ideology. Many would like to return to Latvia, but it is just too bad there!

    Best wishes to Greece and Syriza,
    A Latvian from Ireland

  • Congratulations from Germany! I wish you all the best. With Syriza winning, finally some people in politics who appear human and intelligent. This gives new hope to the continent, hope to be freed from the slavery of the big cooperations, freed from the exploitation of the rich, freed from the all-pervasive corruption. Yes, to recreate democracy instead of the reign of oligarchy. Maybe Greece is really the right country to do this.

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