Of Loss and Retrieval – latest and last article in WdW Review

Photo of an unknown boy, which we can imagine to have been Kostas, who went missing in 1992 during the evacuation of ethnic Greek refugees from Smyrna.<br /><br /> Image courtesy of Red Cross Archive, Greece.Photo of an unknown boy, which we can imagine to have been Kostas, who went missing in 1992 during the evacuation of ethnic Greek refugees from Smyrna. Image courtesy of Red Cross Archive, Greece.


  • Καλημέρα σας και συγχαρητήρια για την εκλογή σας

    Ονομάζομαι Μαρία Μαρκάτου και σας έχω στείλει δύο emails στις διαθέσιμες ηλεκτρονικές σας διευθύνσεις.

    Σας παρακαλώ να διαβάσετε τα emails μου.

    Σας ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων.

    Μαρία Μαρκάτου

  • Very touching …you brought sad memories of the Red Cross broadcast….indeed it was very unbearable to the point of turing it off sometimes….. hopefully your idea of a Citizens card could alleviate some of the pain you mention above….fingers crossed…..

  • Συγχαρητήρια αλλά και κουράγιο , γερό στομάχι και η τύχη με το μέρος σας!

  • What better example of your humility, your recognition of duty to your nation of birth, could ever be presented?

    Quite the most profoundly moving words. Stand tall Yanis; you represent the future; a wish to see a better world than that which we live within today.

  • 1992 in the first paragraph should be 1922, surely obvious for whoever reads the article, but it makes strange search results.

    Best of luck with the new job, hope you can help fight corruption, tax evasion and show some support for those Greeks (and foreigners living in Greece) who do pay their taxes – contrary to popular belief many of them also do exist.

  • Yanni, 1922 bubbie.
    Happy to see SYRIZA get elected and you as well. Congratulations and I wish you best of luck in cleaning up the mess created by Samaras and his ilk. I’m with you all the way. The Toronto Greek community is skeptical so please prove them wrong !

  • Yanni, 1922 bubbie.
    Congratulation on your election. Best of luck in cleaning up the mess left by Samaras and his ilk.
    The Toronto Greek Community is skeptical so prove them wrong .

  • Good luck with new post. I did watch you in videos talking for months or years about Greece and EU. There is wrong machine built that killed nations,people and their wealth and that machine should stop operating because is like a big monster built to destroy only and EU,Greece and whole world was victim. It has to do with so called money changers,banksters etc names….who are thieves of other people,nations wealth,energy,labor as parasites who suck blood first less like insects and than more as vampires or human sacrifice rituals. So is the monster still running around how will you stop it or kill the monster. Banks have our money.They invest it do create big business,make big money,pay politicians,run countries,put them in debt,manipulate with expended,prices,wages,loans,interests,money printing and cause the hunting, killing or destruction of nations and their population or in general of all humanity. So how can this dinosaur monster get out of the world scene or get killed when its own all the world,all power in it?!…
    Answer is simple don’t deal with the monster but create your own money,business,politics, government,economy hijacked by the monster…so you create new one not deal with old one which monster took over. Now Greece has the new government and need new politics,new business and economy,new money,wages,prices,markets etc so it can be free.EU was hijacked and is used by the monster to kill so EU must be free or create a new one in the Mediterranean.
    So get out of the old machine,software and create new one and run it for creation of good,to build not to destroy,to give life not death,to reborn both Greece,EU and the world of the dead. If you not rise up from the dead and be alive you can’t live…breath, sea the light and sun. So it is time to change and wake up and rise from the dead,get out of the grave.
    Mediterranean’s can build good life destroyed by the barbarians so it is time to separate them,the builders and destroyers,good from evil…not stay still with them mixed and deal with the monster…anymore. Be smart and free,save

  • I am Greek (with a passport to prove it), as well as American, living now in the Philippines, a member of the 1%, and I have property in Greece but my euros have long since left the country. I feel it’s time for Greece to bite the bullet and default. I’m not sure Varoufakis is the right man for this job, as he seems wedded to continuity. The fact remains that historically Greece gets a lot of their money from ripping off ex-pats and tourists with uncompetitive, confiscatory exchange rates between drachma/dollar. Why not go back to that model? Greece’s biggest export –yes export–is not olive oil, Feta (TM) cheese, or those oranges from Crete exported to Germany that most Greeks never get to eat, but rather tourism (20% of GNP). And I’m not alone in this thought of default as the best way, see below on a certain blogger at the NY Times named P. Krugman. Thanks for reading… Ray

    Krugman is in favor of Greek default!? This is a first no? (I don’t follow him) [Krugman] “And if you follow that through, you find that dropping the requirement that Greece run a primary surplus of 4.5 percent of GDP would allow spending to rise by 9 percent of GDP — twice as much — and that this would raise GDP by 12 percent relative to what it would have been otherwise. Unemployment would fall by around 10 percentage points relative to no relief.” – See more at: http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2015/01/assorted-links-1349.html#comments