Of Loss and Retrieval – latest and last article in WdW Review

, 27/01/2015

Photo of an unknown boy, which we can imagine to have been Kostas, who went missing in 1992 during the evacuation of ethnic Greek refugees from Smyrna. Image courtesy of Red Cross Archive, Greece. This is my eighth and, for the time being, final article for Witte de With Review (an initiative of Rotterdam-based Witte de With Center for Contemporary […]

Chosen Cells – WdW Review

, 29/08/2014

Chosen Cells  is a sequel to Solitary Subversives and our seventh article for Witte de With Review (an initiative of Rotterdam-based Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art) of which we, vitalspace.org and I, are their…  ‘Athens Desk’). Click here for the  Witte de With Review site which contains several photos missing here. Or read on…   

Solitary Subversives: from the WdW Review

, 03/06/2014

Solitary Subversives is about the Power of One in the face of oppression. About how one person’s refusal to succumb to authoritarian lies can make a difference. It begins with an almost forgotten Greek film, that I vividly recall having made an impression upon me along such lines, and then relates two other stories highlighting the […]

Of Masks and Shadows: The curious case of actors arrested on stage in Athens’ theater of the absurd

, 11/03/2014

The curious tale of two actors’s arrest on the stage of a derelict, occupied, Athenian theatre offers a window into life in Athens in the shadow of its wholesale economic collapse.  This is our sixth article for the Witte de With Review (an initiative of Rotterdam-based Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art of which we, vitalspace.org and I, are party to, […]

No signal: an intimate, personal history of ERT

, 25/09/2013

Regular readers will recall my pieces on the closure of the Greek public broadcaster. A longer and more comprehensive version, in which I took the time and the space to unfold my memories of ERT’s presence in our collective Greek experience, became our third contribution to Witte de With’s Review. For the WdW Review site, click […]

Athens – Birthplace of our Globalising Wall: Our second contribution to the Witte de With Review

, 01/08/2013

Athens: Birthplace of our globalising wall This is the second article that vitalspace.org and I have contributed to the Witte de With Review (an initiative of Rotterdam-based Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art). Readers of this blog will recognise a theme that is close to our hearts: the globalisation of harsh divisions (for a reminder see here, here and here). The added twist here […]

Interested in a new perspective on our troubled world? Witte de With presents WdW Review

, 18/07/2013

Allow me proudly to announce a new collaboration with Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. Your truly and www.vitalspace.org are, as of now, the ‘Athens Desk’ of the Centre’s new WdW Review. For more…

Of Public Phones and Besieged Humans – Our first contribution to Witte de With's Review

, 01/07/2013

Witte de With Contemporary Art Centre, of Rotterdam, has just launched its Review, both electronically and in print. As part of this effort, WdW have established desks in Athens, Cairo, Istanbul, Jerusalem and Ramallah – five ‘ancient’ cities. vitalspace.org, founded by Danae Stratou and yours truly, was selected as WdW’s Athens desk. Our first contribution […]

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