Addressing Google staff on digital money & politics

, 03/05/2016

On 22nd April I had the pleasure of addressing Google staff on money, money’s digital future but also on the dangerous fantasy of apolitical money.

U.S. Foreign Policy Got In The Way Of Helping Greece, Varoufakis Says – The Huffington Post

, 03/05/2016

By Daniel Marans. Click here for the HP site or read on… WASHINGTON — The United States did not pressure Germany more heavily to give Greece debt relief because it needed Germany’s cooperation in higher-priority foreign policy matters, according to a former Greek finance minister.

Is a More Democratic Alternative to the EU Possible? James Carden in The Nation

, 03/05/2016

Yanis Varoufakis—the leftist former finance minister of Greece who experienced the crushing power of eurozone austerity firsthand—thinks so. By James Carden For The Nation website click here. Otherwise…

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